Saturday, December 03, 2022

The Latest Sanctions on Russia - Ukraine - Russian War - Biden Era

Lets Get Real:

The point of this move by the EU and other Western hemisphere powers is to curb the amount of money that Russia gets for its oil and restrict its actions in the Ukraine.  A total ban on Russia oil would be to risky for the West, as it is now, Putin can pull the plug anytime he wants, and one expects this kind of move in the WINTER should it be bad.  It is reported that the this WINTER will be mild, one never knows with British weather ( this blog went through three phases on a bus trip, rain, snow and the sun at the end ) thus one can hope, but the UK Government should make sure that the UK  and the West has enough reserve oil for the winter should it be rough.  A harsh winter in the Ukraine should lead to a WAR of ATTRITION between the Ukraine and Russia, the Ukraine and Russian trenches remid one of World War 1, one can only hope that the WAR does not escalate into WW3.

Biden FIXING the Democratic Nomination for himself in 2024 - Biden Era/Candidate for 2024

Lets Get Real:

This could be POTUS stacking the nomination process for himself, as stated above Biden did not do well in Iowa and New Hampshire in 2020, this could be POTUS creating a field for himself should he run, but also getting even with these two states.  The problem might be down the road, on the Democratic Side, the good people of IOWA and NEW HAMPSHIRE might decide to jump the Biden calendar,  and have their time in the SUN.  Also overall the people of these States might vote for the Republican Nominee who respect their right to be at the head of the calendar in 2024.  If POTUS does not run ( he will run, otherwise why FIX the Field ) the other candidates might want these two States to keep their position, it might help them win in that State, thus in 1980 Bush 41 won Iowa, but Reagan took New Hampshire and won from there on.  The 2024 has started with this latest development, while Trump is burning his nomination attempt before it starts. 

Friday, December 02, 2022

Moscow is angry with Paris over War Crimes Trials SUPPORT - Ukraine - Russian War - Biden Era

Lets Get Real:

The Russians will go up the wall over the French supporting WAR CRIMES TRIALS, the French and the Germans are seen as the weak points in the Western WALL.  The last thing that Putin wants is to be dragged to a European Court and to face he the crimes he has committed in Russia and outside Russia.  One does hope that this idea is a WESTERN PLAN to get the attention of the Kremlin, to make them consider WESTERN TERMS for the end of the WAR IN THE UKRAINE.  One can see a DEAL, were the Russians get out of the Ukraine proper, but stay in the CRIMEA ( it can be argued that the Crimea is a long term Russian interest, the Crimean War in the 19th Century, Russians against the Brits )  The benefit for the Russians, is they get to keep the CRIMEA, and its accepted by the WEST and no WAR CRIME TRIALS, while the Ukraine is allowed to join the EU and NATO in time. That would be real politic at its best. 

Russia MAKES DEMANDS before talks with the West - Ukraine - Russian War - Biden Era

Lets Get Real:

As the above article notes any talks between POTUS and Putin would be conditional on Putin wanting to end the WAR IN THE UKRAINE.  The West will never force the Kyiv Governemtn to give land to the Russians, and the Russians will have to show they mean peace by getting out of the whole of the Ukraine, the sticking point might be the Ukraine.  The West has to much invested in the Ukraine to allow the Russians to have a win, a Putin win would allow him to move his eyes to the Baltic States and Poland, that would lead to WW3.  The Kremlin knows that if it was really honest with the Russian people about the loses that the Russian Army has faced in the Ukraine, then the Putin regime would come under threat.  Those Russian Soldiers killed in the Ukraine is thousands more than those killed in the Afghanistan War from 1979 - 1989, that helped bring down the USSR.  One does worry there are appeasers in the US State Department and that the US NSA wants to keep lines open with Moscow, that might be seen as a weakness by Putin and his Court. 

Wednesday, November 30, 2022

High Level US and Russian Talks - Ukraine - Russian War - Biden Era

Lets Get Real:

It can be postulated that the US and Russia had such high level talks is good, it would be interesting to know who asked for the talks, and what in detail they asked for.  On the other hand the Biden Oval should be careful it is not played by the Kremlin, the Russians do not want the US and vice versa for both sides to start fighting each other, but the talks allow the Russians to mislead the Biden Oval as to what it wants and might bluff the US that it will never use a dirty bomb and then it does effect use a dirty bomb in Kherson, or starts another front to take KYIV.   The people of the Ukraine are being tested, the Russians are hitting the energy infrastructure of the Ukraine, they are trying to WEAR the people down, they do not a long term WAR in the Ukraine, they have the manpower but the West and NATO have the weapons, in the end Putin cannot win, and he knows that, he also knows that he is toast if he loses the WAR.  Thus what will Putin do is the sixty four thousand question, when his back is against the WALL, he hopes it is not a firing squad. 

Tuesday, November 29, 2022

US and NATO to support the Ukraine over the Winter Period - Ukraine - Russian War - Biden Era

Guardian - Live Blog: Reports in its 3.55pm post the following, "  US and Nato allies pledge continued support for Ukraine....Nato foreign ministers today pledged to step up support to Ukraine and help repair its energy infrastructure amid a wave of Russian attacks that have repeatedly knocked out power supplies and heating for millions of Ukrainians, Reuters reports.  "

Lets Get Real:

The winter war in the Ukraine will be tough, the Russians want to keep the people of the Ukraine in the dark and very cold.  One can expect more attacks from the Russians, they want to keep the WHOLE Ukraine DARK at night.  Also Western Europe should expect cyber attacks on their own infrastructure, the Russians want to make the West pay for its support of the Ukraine.  One hopes the CIA, NSA in the US is on form to prevent such attacks, also the MI5/6 in the UK and GCHQ have their ears open.  It might be a MILD winter in Europe, one hopes, but one has to plan for the worse.  The Russian plan for a quick war has turned into something out of World War one, the Ukraine and Russian Forces are in the trenches, keeping each other at bay.  There is no time for a Christmas truce as in 1914, the Russians cannot be trusted, well Putin might try something, he really needs as win in the Ukraine or he is finished. Games of Thrones had it right, Winter is Coming!

Biden and the Domestic Economy - Biden Era/2024 Candidate for POTUS

Lets Get Real:

This move by a DEMOCRATIC President will not go down well with some of the trade unions that backed Biden in 2020, if he decides to run he might have to rebuild his relationship with the LABOUR movement in the US.  It should be noted that when the Air Traffic Controllers went on strike in the 1980s, President Reagan gave them a date to return to work or they were fired, when the day came, those that didn't give up the strike were fired by Presidential Decree.   This might look like a small issue, but the events got the attention of the Kremlin, they saw Reagan was tough and would follow through.  Of course Biden cannot fire all the train workers who want to go on strike, it would take time to train new people, also he has to look at 2024 and also he cannot look weak to Putin, let's be honest no one has really called Biden OUT YET, this blog is waiting for North Korea to have another nuclear test, or Iran to declare it has the bomb, or for Putin to use a dirty bomb in the Ukraine or some other violent action that would require Biden to act.  One does really wonder what Ronald Reagan would make of Biden, in his diaries Reagan had not time for Biden and called him demagogue, let's see how Biden gets out of this domestic threat to the economy.