Monday, July 31, 2017

Turmoil in the Trump White House - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the shortest tenure for a Chief of Staff, now its the Director of Communications, Mr Scaramucci had made a splash with choice of words in an interview, expletive deleted comes to mind.  Also his attack on the Chief of Staff which lead to his resignation/sacking of that Chief of Staff.  Thus on the first day of the new Chief of Staff, Mr Scaramucci is out, who else will be thrown under the bus, the Trump White House is in turmoil, one can not think of a modern example.   One can see POTUS getting impeached sooner or later. 

North Korean Update 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Oval has to place the fear of God in to the North Korean leadership, the trick is to show that the US will defend South Korea and Japan, even if that means using nuclear weapons.   But not to make the North Koreans think that the US will attack early, that could lead to NK to taking action, and then you have a major crisis on your hand.   The NK leadership is upping the risk, they could over play their hand, and should be aware that a US President has more power abroad that at home, the Oval could start a War without Congress, thus NK has to be careful that it does not make Trump mad, the President is prone to take rash action. 

Trump's vs. North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The North Korean leadership must be sane enough to know that ANY attack on the US by North Korea would lead to the total destruction of North Korea, it would be ashes on ashes, there would be NO North Korea left, so why is NK is playing with FIRE.  The NK leadership must be hoping that the US will get fed up and do a deal with them, that is not going to happen, NK has shown it can not be trusted, thus what will be the result, well in less sanity breaks out in Asia, one can see conflict over the ridge, it would only take a mistake at the junior level for the US and North Korea to be at WAR. 

What does Brexit Mean - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

10 Downing Street needs to get firm control of the Cabinet, you can not have splits with the Cabinet played out in public, the Remainers will use any method to prevent the UK LEAVING the EU.  The PM needs to sack the lesser Remainers as a message to the high ranking Remainers, they can also be sacked.  The Leavers in the Cabinet have to argue their point ALL the time, just to keep the Remainers in check.   The UK voted to leave the UK, it is about time the Remainers accepted this FACT.   The Remainers are anti Democratic, if the result had been the other way around the Leavers would have gone quiet by now, there needs to be a firm HAND in 10 Downing Street. 

Friday, July 28, 2017

New White House Chief of Staff - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is the most shocking resignation/sacking since Ronald Reagan's Chief of Staff resigned as he was been blamed for Iran - Contra by those close to Reagan.  Even that shocking resignation was more diplomatic than the sacking of Reince Priebus, the poor man had more political arrows thrown at him that General Custer had at the Battle of Little Bighorn.    The style and class is missing from the Trump White House, Kennedy dealt better with the Bay of Pigs and Reagan took a political hit by stating that he was the Captain of the Ship, thus he took full responsibility for Iran Contra, and both Presidents are seen as great Presidents.  One can only hope that the new Chief of Staff, General John Kelly can get the US Trump back on course. 

North Korean ICBM Test - Part 3 - North Korean Crisis


Lets Get Real:

The REAL worry for China is that Japan would go nuclear with the help of the US, the Trump Oval might have to threaten China that its ancient enemy will get the bomb, weather they like or not.   Thus China would have two problems, it would have the North Korean on its border that could start a War at any time and the the threat that South Korea and Japan could go nuclear.  ON the Chinese side neither is a great option, thus they are stalling, waiting to see what happens and hoping nothing happens.   The worry is that Trump might want to divert attention from home for going after North Korea, as President he has a lot more power in foreign policy, thus the Democrats must be careful that they do not push Trump to take action in Asia. 

North Korean Update - Part 2 - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One doubts that North Korea would be as stupid as to harm a plane or a ship in its ICBM test.   The interesting question is why North Korea has not had a nuclear test, has it got the message that a nuclear test could force the US to act, so far the Trump Oval has accepted that North Korea has a ICBM capability, the red line would be if North Korea could place a small nuclear warhead on the ICBM.   One can assume China has made it clear that a nuclear test would be a step to far even for them, they do not want a War in Asia, as radiation does not respect borders.   It can be postulated that the US will send more ships to Asia as a warning, the question is will North Korea understand the message. 

Another North Korean Nuclear Test - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THUS far the Trump Oval has done NOTHING since North Korea has developed a ICBM missile technology.  In of his infamous tweets, POTUS said this would never happen, well its happened twice under President Trump.   The US has two policy options, bomb North Korea or start talks with North Korea, a War between the US and North Korea, South Korea would be a blood bath, the North Koreans would level the South Korean Capital, killing hundreds of thousands and of course it could use it nuclear ability, on the other hand if the US started talks with North Korea it would accept a nuclear armed North Korea, that could push IRAN to get the bomb, thus more trouble in the Middle East.   Either option IS bad, how will the Trump Oval go, considering the political mess that the Trump White House is at the moment it is hard to judge.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tie Breaker Voted on by US VP - ObamaCare

Lets Get Real:

Many pundits thought that the Republicans could get his far, let's see what they can do within a week.  In many respects they only need 50 Votes as in a tied vote in the US Senate the US Vice - President casts the deciding vote, thus the OVAL OFFICE can promise that no Republican Senator will pay for the repeal of ObamaCare.   Of course POTUS has dwarfed his victory by his WAR with his own Attorney General, it is easy to see what POTUS is up to, he wants Sessions to resign, then while the US Congress in recess he can appoint a loyal AG, who will do has he is told, sack his Deputy and the Special Consul.   Interesting week ahead for the OVAL OFFICE and the Congress, 

UK Courts to decide EU Citizens Rights in the UK - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government has to be firm about this policy of the UK Courts having the final say about the rights of EU Citizens in the UK, the UK VOTED to leave the EU, it did not vote for there to be two laws for different people.  This is the remainers and the EU trying to thwart the will of the UK voter.  The UK has to be firm that any transition date is short, the UK wants the EU out of UK law, the Queen in the House of Commons in Sovereign.   The EU is full of EU civil servants who want to retire on a FAT pension.   That has to end. 

AG Sessions on the way OUT ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus POTUS wants AG Sessions either to resign or they will fire him, once the Congress goes in to recess the President can appoint man or woman who will stall the Special Prosecutor.   One can see the logic, a new AG who is loyal to Trump will make sure the SP does not go in to Trump's financial records to see if he has any links with Russia.  Of course the Democrats will have a furious reaction, but they do not control the Congress, the 2018 Mid Terms could be about Impeaching the President. 

Monday, July 24, 2017

POTUS and the US Attorney General - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This could be POTUS being sneaky, he wants the AG to go but does not want to be seen as a hatched man, the idea one can postulate is that POTUS wants the AG to get fed up and leave, then POTUS would hire a new Attorney General, one who would run the Russian investigation and keep the Oval Office informed of any developments.  The Democrats have a problem, they have complained that the AG did not inform them of ALL his Russian meetings, on the other hand they do not want to allow POTUS to chose a new AG.   The Democrats still have not got a a smoking gun over Russia, and if they place too much pressure on the AG they could be helping POTUS.   This is a reality show on the big stage, and Trump is the Master of that form. 

Civil War in Labour over Brexit - Post Brexit Debate

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Party is divided as the Conservatives when it comes to the EU, it will be interesting to see in September how the Labour Party will vote when it comes to the repeal of the EU Treaty.  If Corbyn tells his MPs to abstain when it comes to the vote how many will obey and how many will vote to block the move.  In a odd way it works for the Conservatives to have Corbyn as the Leader of Labour, he has never supported the EU, and thus can be expected not to oppose the Government when it comes to Brexit.  Those in the Conservative Party that want to replace PM May have only this one chance to ACT, otherwise she could be there for the duration.   It will be interesting to see what August silly stories come up, they always happen in this holiday period. 

The Trump White House - Congressional Investigation

Lets Get Real:

The Trump son and son in law should be in the CLEAR if nothing else comes out, the Democrats are seeking a smoking gun, anything that connects POTUS to the Russians.   The Democrats have to be careful, the US voter so far do not see a scandal, and there is no information that shows that POTUS changed US foreign policy because of Russian pressure.   One finds it hard to understand WHY POTUS has been so defensive about Russia, either he can see a global strategy that includes Russia or the FSB has something on Trump, but and here is the but there is no proof that POTUS is under Russian influence.   US Media has gone after this story for months, and thus far there is NOTHING, random meetings, no PROOF that the Trump Campaign was in partnership with the Russians.   On the special consul side, the investigation has developed to go after the Trump finances, are there any Russian connections, does Russia hold Trump Debt, thus far nothing.   This issue will last weeks if not months. 

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Trump and Iran - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The FACT that the Uber liberal New York Times carried water for Stalin and the USSR should tell if you should trust the NYT with US foreign policy, the NYT is defending the legacy of President Obama, after eight years of the Obama, the Administration had two real victories, health care and Iran, the Trump Administration is trying to write President Obama out of history.    The Tehran Regime supports terrorism in the Middle East and is a threat to Israel, thus the US and its allies should not be fooled by Iran, they are threat that is needed to be watched, action might be needed if they break the Nuclear Agreement, time will only tell.

Trump vs. AG Sessions - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US AG can not be sacked by President Trump as this would unite Republicans and Democrats in calls to impeach the President.  It was reported on the news last night that Sessions had offered to resign many times but that POTUS has refused the resignation.   The Oval might be minded to have Sessions sack his Deputy and the special consul, would Sessions follow such an order to get back in to the good books of the Oval Office.   A Pence Administration looks like the outcome, Trump will not give way when it comes to Russia, either he is a political fool or the Russians have something on him, either way it hurts the US.   These investigations could go on for years. 

The Troubles with the EU - Post EU Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK has to be CLEAR with the EU, the UK will become sovereign after the UK leaves the EU, its Courts will decide cases that connect the UK with EU.   The EU will not have a role in UK law.   As paying for leaving, that is a non starter, in fact it can be argued that the EU owes the UK billions.   It is time to be tough with the EU, do not waffle British Government, tell the Germans and the French, if they want to keep the EU they will have to pay for it, the UK has voted for the EXIT. 

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

HRC does worse in the polls than President Trump - Post Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

I know what I have said about the polls, but if your a political geek you have to work with something, the above poll shows that the LEFT in the US, like the LEFT in the UK is on the rise, the young voters were not born in the 1970s, they have not seen what mighty out of control government can do, they read history but do not understand.  Let's be HONEST the young are thick and naive, thick you can understand, but naivety is a great SIN in the books of this blog.   They do not understand that the Reagan/Thatcher broke the political establishment idea of what government should do and not do, they were great leaders, while their successors have not been great.   One is starting to think that the young should not get the vote in till they are 25, even then they should be tested by exam by those that understand history and politics. 

No Holiday - President Trump

Lets Get Real:

The President has been all over the place when it comes to ObamaCare, repeal, repeal and replace, let fail by itself.   The Senate Republicans are turning the Master of the Deal in to a failed Presidency.   The White House jumps views depending on who the President has spoken too, thank goodness President Putin does not have a view of ObamaCare.  The President should make the US Congress stay in place in till something comes out, make the Congress own the problem, let them have to tell the voters why they refused to get rid of ObamaCare. 

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The EU Divorce Bill - NAFF OFF EU

Lets Get Real:

IF the sum is anywhere near as reported the UK should just walk out and challenge Labour for its reaction, would they rather spend 36 billion pounds on the NHS or on pensions for the fat civil service in the EU.   The UK should not pay a FARTHING not a penny.   The UK has given billions to the EU over the years, we should ask for it back with interest.   IF UK voter will oppose any such sums, even die hard EU remainers would it find it hard to defend.  It time for the UK Cabinet to find its Churchill spirit, NO to Europe.   The Conservatives could call a snap election on the issue, should the UK pay that kind of sum to the EU, this blog thinks that the UK Voter would oppose such a move, let the UK stand up for its rights. 

President Trump on Obama Care and Taxes - US Domestic Agenda

Fox News: Reports " President Trump said Tuesday he's prepared “let ObamaCare fail” after the collapse of Senate Republicans' latest health care bill, indicating he's willing to move on to tax reform and other issues – and deal with an Affordable Care Act fix down the road. "

Lets Get Real:

The Trum Oval should move fast on to tax cuts, even moderate Republicans can not oppose tax cuts, this will help after the failure over ObamaCare.   The tax cuts should be deep and help the middle class, welfare also has to be cut, the Trump Oval has to recall who voted for Trump, they are Conservatives in Conservatives States now, they can go back to supporting liberal Democrats.   The Republicans need to push tax cuts down the throats of Democrats, make them oppose such a move, it might be liked by the uber liberal NYT, but the liberals of the NYT are not the fly over States, they want tax cuts and welfare cuts. 

Why Hillary Clinton LOST in 2016 - What people told Gallup

Lets Get Real:

The Trump should not have bothered going after political dirt on HRC, she created her own scandal by having a private email server and not getting out in front of the story, in fact it took time for the Clinton Campaign to get the fact that the Clinton " Truth " about her email was not quite the truth as found by the US Congress or the FBI.   If your the Russians it works either way, you support Trump and expect better relations with the Trump in the OVAL.   While if HRC wins she has made sure that the Republicans will take months if not years to investigate her when it comes to her email server, thus undercutting her first term.  The Democrats if they are SMART will chose a  moderate next time, liberal as you like on domestic issues, but to the right when it comes to Defence and terrorism.   If the Democrats chose a liberal on domestic and international issues the Republicans headed by Trump or Pence will beat them again in 2020. 

The ObamaCare Legacy - ObamaCare

Lets Get Real:

The failure of President Trump to repeal and replace ObamaCare undercuts his promise that he was a great deal maker, what ever you think about Obama, he got his legacy with ObamaCare, he worked with the Democratic leadership to get it through. The Republicans have the Oval Office, the House and Senate and they still failed, it can be postulated that the Democrats have a good chance of taking the House and Senate in the 2018 Mid Terms.   If the investigations by the Congress and the Special Consul drive Trump mad, the Democrats will make sure that they double the pressure.  Thus far what can Trump run on in 2020, he has placed a Conservative on the Supreme Court, he is cutting down on Obama regulations, he has walked away from the Paris deal on climate change.   Thus far he has done NOTHING on North Korea, the Russians think he is a push over, there has been success in Syria and Iraq when it comes to Daesh, but that is more down to the local forces not US forces.  A good moderate Democrat who is tough on Defence has a good chance against Trump in 2020.

Monday, July 17, 2017

The SPLITS within the Conservative Party over Brexit - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

The one MAJOR fault line within the Conservative Party is EU, it has long been so, EU waves caused problems for Lady Thatcher and Sir John Major.  The point of the 2016 Vote was for the UK voter to decide, and guess what happened, they told the Elite to get lost, the Remainers are those Elite that lost in 2016, to them there should be a 2nd Vote, and if that does not work, then another vote.   THE Elites never accept the spirit of Democracy, it is time they grew up and worked for the UK, not for the EU. 

The BREXIT Talks - Update

Lets Get Real:

The open warfare in the UK Cabinet shows that the UK Cabinet is divided over the issue of UK leaving the EU and how.   The UK PM needs a firm whip in the House of Commons, very much the like original UK version of House of Cards.   The Conservative MPs who want a leadership contest needs a good talking too, or the Chief Whip should have a world with the Chairman of the Conservative branch of the Seat of the MP.   The UK has decided on Brexit, those trying to stall are going against the Democratic will of the UK electorate.   Brexit should mean Brexit. 

Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 13th Doctor is a Woman - Jodie Whittaker

Lets Get Real:

I was somewhat shocked to see that the next Doctor would be a woman, it hard to think what the First Doctor would have said, it would be curious to hear what the other Doctor's think of the idea.   As to the concept that the Doctor can be male or female that has been develop over a time, thus is should not be a shock to the viewer.. One does wonder what will River, or Rose say about the development if they appear in the new series.   On the other hand we Doctor Who fans can be fickle, once we get used to the idea we say Peter Who ( twice ), Tom, David, Christopher,... you get the idea. Ms Whittaker was in Broadchurch and was excellent, thus except great new shows that pushes Doctor Who along, there is always the unknown, interesting days ahead for the good old/young Doctor. 

Friday, July 14, 2017

The Trump Russian Scandal - Latest Development

Lets Get Real:

This 20 minute meeting seems to have attracted a LOT of people.  The US Congress should get ALL those at the meeting to attend a open hearing, a close door event would give the wrong impression.  The Republicans have to ask how much water can they carry for the Trump Oval, before they go over and tell Trump its time to retire.   The Republican Party has to be careful of the Trump supporters, they do not want those supporters to vote against them in 2018.   Thus the Republicans have to deal with Trump and his various views on the truth and the Democrats who smell blood in the water, trick time to be a Republican. 

The Clinton Administration that NEVER was - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is what we call a puff article, the elite loving the fellow elite, the main message being look at how good the Clinton people could have been when compared to the Trump Administration.   The uber liberal elite is alive and well in the Washington Post.   The Post and the NYT represent what is wrong with the US, their opinions are supported by other elites, they fly over States to get to the East Coast.   The Clinton Campaign failed because HRC did not have a good enough reason to run, she left that to her Campaign, and they failed to come up with a voter attracting message.   The uber liberal elite of the print media and TV are going to go after Trump every day for the next four years, of course Trump has not helped, also to that list it must be added is Trump Junior.   It is the Elites vs.  Main Street America. 

The Repeal of ObamaCare - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The UBER liberal NYT was never going to give the Republicans a fare hearing on the replacement of ObamaCare, they are trying to protect the Obama legacy at all COSTS, they do not care that ObamaCare is destroying itself and many Americans do not have any health cover at all because the insurance companies have done the runner, as they are not sure what the Trump and a Republican Congress will do with the present ObamaCare.    The President should use ALL his influence to get the new reform passed or it will look like the great deal maker can not make it in the big leagues of US politics.   The Democrats are looking to gain the House and Senate in 2018, they will say NO to any reform, the Republicans have to do the work by themselves.  

What Part did the FSB Play in the Trump Junior's Russian Meeting? - Trump's Russian Scandal

Lets Get Real:

The US House of Cards and the 1970s Washington Behind Closed Doors has nothing on the present Trump Russian scandal.   The meeting between Trump Junior and a Russian lawyer was bad enough, but now we drag someone in who has worked for Russian intelligence, the writers of political drama in the US must be fed, they think they have gone far and in reality its worse.   The President can not sack his son, but his security clearance must come under review.   The Democrats are playing it for all its worth, they have to be careful as this blog stated yesterday that they do no over play their hand, the US voter know the US media is uber liberal and is out to get Trump, thus they are iffy of any news broke by the main stream media.   This scandal will last for months if not years, this blog has suggested that Trump retire on medical grounds, and then VP Pence can take over, that would resolve the present crisis.

The EU Repeal Bill and the UK Nations - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

The UK PM should be firm with Wales and Scotland, the Welsh voted out, the Labour Government in Cardiff does not represent the will of Wales, and in Scotland the SNP lost House of Commons Seats with its anti Union arguments.   The House of Commons can give or take away powers from the different nations that make up the UK.  The House of Commons should decide the fate of the UK, and that means a HARD Brexit.   The wobbly remainers are a pain in the backside, when will they accept the EU vote of 2016.

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump on Trump Junior, Part 3 - Trump's Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats have to be careful that they do not make the same mistake the Democrats did in the 1970s when they went after Nixon over Watergate, that lead to Congressional investigations that found that JFK had affairs and this damaged the Kennedy legend.   The press and political elites knew about the Kennedy affairs but the general public were not told. Thus the Democrats have to careful what they ask for, if there is any damaging information on the Clintons it would come out, both political parties are using scorched earth policies, they can come back and bite. 

Trump on Trump Junior Part 2 - Trump's Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The uber liberal NYT thinks it can get Trump senior through Trump junior, the NYT has to be careful that the reading public see such a move as iffy to say the least.   The NYT would have to have information that Junior told senior, either through email or through a witness being there.   The NYT does not want to make people have some sympathy with the Trump Oval.   The readers are not fools what ever the uber lite in New York think, they know that the TV and liberal press are after Trump and will use any method.   The Trump Oval can make this a VERY long game, in less there is more to this story, so what that Trump Junior meet with a Russian lawyer, meeting and getting negative information are two different things.   The Trumps are new politics, they might not understand the legal small print, also who is foolish to but something in email that gets them in to legal trouble.

The Uber liberal press has to make sure it doe not bore the reader, there has to be a connection between the President and Russia, going after his family is low ball politics and is seen for what it is, dirty political pool for the sake of dirty political pool.   This is going to be a long game, after all this one has a soft spot for President Underwood!!! 

Trump on Trump Junior - Trump's Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The President is going for the Nixon approach when dealing with Watergate, fight the Uber liberal media, never give in on anything in till they can prove it's wrong and go for the long haul.   The President should fight and fight, make it a  VERY LONG FIGHT, while using the Clinton method by stating that he wakes up every day fighting for the American people, it might not be true, but it is a good way to combat the press.  The President might need to fire his son, send him to run the European branch of Trump Empire, somewhere it is hard to get too and the media would hate having to go there.    Also hire the best lawyers, it going to get harder, let us hope there are no more meetings that happened in the past, or email trail, who in their right mind puts something down in email!!

Even God might not be able to HELP - Trump Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THE US President might have to wait for God to help him, the big man has other bigger problems to deal with in this World.  The President should follow the Reagan example, hire the best lawyers, make sure he is popular with the base, attack the uber liberal press and when asked a question by a lawyer he should say he can not recall, they can not get you for perjury if you can not recall, it might make you look foolish but if you can not recall that is a problem for the Special Prosecutor, the President should not think he is more clever than them, that leads to impeachment, just ask Bill Clinton.   The President has another problem, the smoking gun in the case could be his own son, did Donald Junior tell his father that he had meet a Russian lawyer acting for the Russian Government, if he says no, then the SP has to find information that is counter to that statement.   The President needs to play the long game like Bill Clinton, bore the Country with the story, and hope there are no other emails. 

EU Citizen Rights after Brexit - After EU Process

Lets Get Real:

The point of Brexit for the UK voter was that British Courts would decide what British law meant and how it affected individuals and companies, the EU want two levels of UK law, UK and EU Law, thus meaning that the same case would be judged in different ways, that is a legal nightmare.   The UK has to be firm, UK law only.  As for giving the EU money, the can get stuffed to be diplomatic.   The UK should demand money back, the EU is for civil servants with fat pension pots, the UK should not give a farthing.   Time for the UK to be tough.  

Tuesday, July 11, 2017

NYT Goes After Donald Junior - Post Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Donald Trump Junior has made himself a target, the uber liberal NYT will go after any Trump, they see it as a way to get to President Trump.   The uber liberal left has still not gotten over the fact that Hillary Clinton lost in 2016, when ALL the polls suggested she would win. The Republicans should tell the Donald to throw in the towel, retire with some grace and allow VP Pence to take over, in a few years time there might be a chance for Trump to be Ambassador where he likes, but only if he has the grace to get out before the Sheriff comes along with Jail time. 

The Trump Russian Scandal - Part 2 - Post Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Even reality shows end, thus President Trump should consider the interests of the Country, if he were to retire due to health grounds, it can be postulated that the US Congress will end its investigations of the Trumps and the Russians.   IF need be President Pence could grant a pardon to the Trump family.   Otherwise we will have years of investigations, very much like Watergate, does the Trump want that kind of spotlight, it should be noted that Nixon gained some credit after his resignation, it took a few years but at the end he was seen as  elder Statesman, Nixon new foreign policy, whatever his faults.   The Donald could go back to building Hotels other such buildings, he is rich enough to be well off, and the US voter likes someone who comes back after a fall. 

The SMOKING GUN, the Trumps and the Russians - Post Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

This blog is calling for the resignation of President Donald Trump, any time the Russians are supporting your campaign shows that Putin sees Trump as a roll over and weak.  If Donald Junior was told that the Russians had negative information on HRC, this blog finds it hard to fathom that Trump senior was not told.   What the Trump Campaign did might not be illegal, we shall leave that up to the lawyers, but VERY fact that Putin supported Trump shows that Trump is not fit to be President.   Thus far the VP has not been implicated, Pence Presidency might not be that far away.   The US Congress should investigate this affair, find the truth, and if Trump is at fault the Republicans have to tell him to go, the security of the US comes first. 

The EU can get Stuffed - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

The UK should not pay a farthing to the EU, the EU has cost the UK billions over the years.    The Remainers are bending the knee to the EU, they treat the EU has a sovereign body, in fact its a club for rich civil servants to get fat pensions from the citizens of the EU.   Even if the EU demands a small exit fee the UK should say NO, NO again, we did not save Europe in World War 2 to give them billions of the back of the UK taxpayer.    The UK Government has to be firm, NO to Europe.   The EU should ask the Irish or the Greeks to bail them out, the IRISH have had billions from the EU and want a open border with the UK and the Greeks just pay for the mistakes of their Governments, not that smart.   Again NO, the UK must be firm and resolute. 

Thursday, July 06, 2017

Amelia Earhart Mystery

Lets Get Real:

Some mysteries should be left alone, does it really matter how Ms Earhart died, her career should be celebrated, her achievement in the air should be celebrated, also one does not need a nasty international incident at the present, we have the problem of North Korea, the Oval might need Japan to go nuclear, it would not look good if Japan had to admit that it had Ms Earhart as a prisoner and killed her, one suspects that Japan would have deep sixed any information on that case, that what shredders are for and the deep water.  ALSO if Japan had taken Ms Earhart it would have been a get out of jail card for any prisoner held by the US after WW2.   The case of Amelia Earhart and her end, should remain a mystery.

More Rubbish from EU - Brexit Talks

Lets Get Real:

This is the EU trying to be a RHINO is a china shop, it wants to make its presence felt.   The UK should go for a HARD Brexit, the quicker we are out of the EU the better, then the House of Commons will draw up UK law and the UK Courts will decide what the laws mean.   The people have spoken in 2016, the moaning remainers are an insult to democracy, the Conservative Government should go with its plan of a hard exit if the EU does not smell the coffee.    One has noticed, that Guardian, BBC News and even Sky News has been taken over by remainers, they do not believe in Democracy. 

US VS. North Korea - North Korean Update 2

Lets Get Real:

As stated the US has two real choices, accept that North Korea as a armed nuclear power or to take military action, the use of force is the last choice, as thousands would be killed in Asia, on the other hand SOMETHING must be done.   Talks are a no go, it would make the West look weak, so what next, the US should consider sending a CLEAR message to North Korea, it might sent former President Clinton with simple message, that the US will shoot down any more missile tests by North Korea, that the US is willing and ready to take military force.   That if North Korea does another missile test or a nuclear test the US will see it as a green light to take action tough military action.   One also hopes that Trump would have a private word with CHINA, either get North Korea to obey or the US will give the bomb to South Korea, Japan AND Taiwan. 

Trump vs. North Korea - North Korean Crisis Update 1

Lets Get Real:

The US has two choices, either to accept a nuclear armed North Korea that can use its missiles to hit the USA or it can take action.   The question what could the US do, well for starters it could push for South Korea and Japan to go nuclear, this would wake up China, they see Japan as an ancient enemy, they would consider a nuclear armed Japan a threat, thus the US would leave it up to China, does it want a nuclear armed North Korea or Japan, it would have to choose.   Any kind of weakness from the West, well the US will be seen as WEAK, so the US has to stand tough and make a hard decision.   The choice of military action would be tough, thousands could be killed in South Korea and in ASIA, THE use of force should be the last resort, the US could start with shooting  down North Korean missiles, dare them to take any action, that would be a extreme step, is the Oval tough enough to make that kind of call.