Sunday, July 16, 2017

The 13th Doctor is a Woman - Jodie Whittaker

Lets Get Real:

I was somewhat shocked to see that the next Doctor would be a woman, it hard to think what the First Doctor would have said, it would be curious to hear what the other Doctor's think of the idea.   As to the concept that the Doctor can be male or female that has been develop over a time, thus is should not be a shock to the viewer.. One does wonder what will River, or Rose say about the development if they appear in the new series.   On the other hand we Doctor Who fans can be fickle, once we get used to the idea we say Peter Who ( twice ), Tom, David, Christopher,... you get the idea. Ms Whittaker was in Broadchurch and was excellent, thus except great new shows that pushes Doctor Who along, there is always the unknown, interesting days ahead for the good old/young Doctor. 

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