Monday, March 06, 2017

The US and Refugees - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is why the US Law gives so more power to the President to decide who comes into the US.   It will be interesting to see if Judges are willing to take the risk that their views are better than the President and the FBI.   In many since respects since 9/11 there has not be a major Daesh or Al Qaeda attack on the US, there have been lone wolfs attacks but nothing like 9/11, in that terror event thousands were killed.   In many respects one must doff ones hat to President Obama, he used drones more than Bush 43 did to kill the terrorists before they could plan an attack on the US.   One will be interested to see the Trump record after four years, will he protect the US and did Obama and Bush 43.

President Trump vs. The White House Staff - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

At least POTUS vented in the Oval Office and not outside on tape.  It is the job of the White House staff to allow the President to vent, the everyday politics of D.C cause most Presidents to lose their cool one way or another.   The golden rule of the White House that anyone can be sacked to protect POTUS.   Thus when you have White House scandals it's the staff are the first in the firing line, as was the case with President Nixon over Watergate, after they have gone the President is the next target, thus the resignation of Nixon in 1974.  In the case of Iran - Contra and President Reagan, the Chief of Staff was fired, the NSA was replaced, but Reagan himself was more of a political expert and got away without any charges, if hurt feelings.  The case of Bill Clinton was more complicated, he lied for months, and it was Monica Lewinsky would got the worse end of the deal.   This is the time for the Trump WH to stand together, as lone they are shark food for the Washington D.C.

Trump's New Travel Ban - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

At least Iraq has been taken off the list, the original order which had Iraq on it went down like a lead balloon in Baghdad, the US needs the new Iraqi Army to fight Daesh on Mosul, they could hardly ask that if they were barring Iraqi's from travelling to the US.   It will be interesting to see how the liberal US Courts take the new ban, will they find it harder to revoke or will they let it pass.   The US liberal media will be up in arms, nothing new there, they protest everything Trump does, so the Democrats.