Thursday, June 01, 2017

Trump vs. Paris Climate Accord - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is GOOD news, Climate change is a racket, it is not real, the Earth has gone through various climate changes without HUMANS being around.  Thus this GOOD news from the Trump Oval.   The US needs to drill for more oil, and other resources, liberals will have to wait in till the next election to moan about how much damage the human race is doing to the earth. A win for President Trump.

The Democrats vs. Hillary Clinton - 2016 Campaign - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats will have a nervous breakdown if HRC thinks she can run again in 2020, a President Trump would be HARDER to beat, of course that depends if the Special Prosecutor can find anything that links Trump to Russia, if he does then it could be President Pence, a true Conservative, even harder to beat.  The Democrats need a fresh leader, one not in his or her 70s.   There must be a younger generation of Democrats out there that want to be President.  The age of the Clintons is OVER, just they seem not to have gotten the message!!

Hillary Clinton vs. The Rest of the World - Trump - Russian Connections - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The HRC camp should think about making an intervention, HRC is losing the plot, she is blaming everybody, and by blaming the DNC she is blaming President Obama.  This blog has had its issues with President Obama, but he did go out and fight for HRC, stating his legacy was on the line.  At the end of the day the loss was down to HRC not putting enough resources in to the Rust Belt States.  Bill Clinton stated that HRC had to go after the white vote, but she did not listen, she used the Obama team of 2012 to run her campaign and she lost.  The Clinton family needs to have a word with HRC, she is making herself look silly, the best thing to do when defeated is to take it on the chin, and learn your lessons.  Otherwise if HRC does run again the press will just laugh at her, learn and move on Mrs C. 

The Coalition of Chaos - Campaign Trail 65 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus we see the REAL face of LABOUR, they will force the SNP to support them to keep the Conservatives and then give them their 2nd Independence vote, and if it goes the SNP way call another election.   The UK voter if it want peace and not endless elections will vote for the Conservative Party.   A Coalition of Labour and SNP would cause great damage to the UK, if you vote for any other Party than Conservative you are giving No 10 to Jeremy Corbyn.  GROW UP UK voter, the future is in your hands.  Do you want to pay more taxes, and you will under Labour, do you want the Labour Government to allow the trade unions the power they had in the 70s.  The UK would no longer have a nuclear defence, think before you vote, it could be the most important vote of your life. 

May vs. Corbyn on Brexit - Campaign Trail 64 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports " Theresa May and Jeremy Corbyn have set out competing visions of what they want for Britain after it has left the EU, with a week to go until polling day. "

Lets Get Real:

IF you want to really leave the EU, there  is only one Party to vote for, that is the Conservative Party, a Corbyn Labour Government would take ANY deal offered by the EU, they would pay the 100 billion that the EU wants, it would be a slave to the EU.   The UK under a May Government would be a Sovereign Country again, the laws of the land would be decided by the UK Parliament, of course Scotland would be LOST, that would mean that the Labour Coalition Government would fall and we would have another election.  IF you want a STABLE GOVERNMENT and no more elections for 5 years you must vote Conservative. 

New UK Polls - Labour increasing Share Vote - Campaign Trail 63 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The first poll would give the UK another hung Parliament, with the Conservatives on 317 Seats, the biggest Party but without a majority.  One could assume the Unionist Parties would support the Conservatives, giving them a majority.  The 2nd poll has the Conservatives on 8% lead over Labour, thus giving them a good majority.    When it comes to the polls you take your pic, as for this blog it started out thinking that the Conservatives would win with a big majority, NOW it has a different view, that the Conservatives will win but could lose out on a absolute majority or have a narrow majority over all the other Parties.  The weekend polls will be interesting.   

Clinton vs. The Russians - The Trump - Russian Conspiracy - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This blog supported HRC through the General Election against President Trump, and has some understanding at how it must feel be to lose the Presidency twice, once to Obama and know to Trump.   On the other hand whatever the Russians did or did not do, it has to be stated that HRC lost the election by herself, she did not go after the White Vote in the Rust Belt States, did not visit Wisconsin when it was important, allowed Trump to define her before she could define herself.   HRC in simple language was a BAD candidate, just because she married Bill Clinton and stayed with him when his affair broke does not mean you have a VIP route to the Oval Office.  One has to suggest that HRC take a few months off, get a shrink, and allow herself to see the truth, the common factor between 2008 and 2016 was HER, it was her campaign to lose and she lost it, that is the HARD TRUTH. 

Conservatives and Labour Neck and Neck in new Poll - Campaign Trail 62 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports on a new Times poll that has Labour 3% behind the Conservatives.

Lets Get Real:

Given the normal margin of error of 3% that could mean the Parties are tied.  The Conservatives could LOSE this election, it would be a disaster if they go from a 20 point lead in some polls to losing.   The PM has to go into trench warfare, she has to state she will fight for the British interest when it comes to the Brexit talks, that she is quite willing to walk away.   May should state that she would rather give the 100 billion the EU wants to the NHS and Education, force Corbyn to state at what level he is willing to pay the EU.   The next few days are going to be fraught for the Conservatives.   The UK VOTER has to wake up, you could have PM Corbyn on June 9th.   That would be a disaster for the United Kingdom.