Sunday, February 26, 2017

Divisions within the Democratic Party - Post Obama

Lets Get Real:

The above contest shows how split the Democratic Party is, it was not meant to be like this, in the uber liberal view, HRC was supported to win the 2016 election and Sanders supporters were meant to get in line with the rest of the Party.   The shock defeat of HRC and the Republicans holding Congress has left the Dems without power and seeking a new direction after 2016.   The extreme liberal base wants the Party to move LEFT, while the Moderates, by Moderates in the real world, less Liberal, want to keep the Party the Obama Party.  One does wonder how HRC feels about the latest development, one can assumed that she had drawn up her list of the Cabinet and the White House, and for it all to go away must be hard.

Trump and the Press - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the latest development in the fight between POTUS and the press, one can understand WHY Trump is not going, why give the enemy cheap laughs at your expense, the press has shown that it is the enemy of the Trump Administration.   This blog has not seen one positive story about Trump in the US or UK press, no one wonder the poor man feels attacked.   The difference this time is that Trump sees himself as representing what Nixon called his Silent majority, those that do not live on the West or East Coast's, those on Main Street.   The press these days are uber liberal in the extreme, one sometimes worries about the 4th Estate.

Brexit fights in the House of Lords - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

IF the House of Lords amends the Bill passed by the House of Commons then the PM should call a snap election, based on two points, to abolish the House of Lords and for the UK to immediately withdraw from the EU.   The pro Remainers do not care about Democracy, they just support the EU without thinking about the will of the British people. One can only hope that saner minds in the Lords carry the day, it would be sad for the Lords to go out in a rebellion against the wish of the British people.