Sunday, December 21, 2014

IS Update - Middle East Crisis

Lets Get Real

Thus far the Obama strategy for Syria and Iraq is working, the success of IS has been stalled, the Kurds are equall to the IS, they are of course helped by the US and Allies mastery of the Sky.   If the Kurds can hold the land they recover then the War could be turning.   IS since the start of the air campaign has not had the success it had before, of course IS are ruthless terrorists, they need progress on the PR front to get more fighters, one would have to be stupid not to notice that the US airforce and its allies are pushing back IS, also IS can not take the US on in the air.    Lets not ge ahead of ourselfs the fighting is going to be hard and it will take years, but the Western supported side will win, it can wait IS out. 

North Korea and the Sony Hack - 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

At the end of the day North Korea attacked a film company, they didn't attack South Korea or threaten US troops.   The above action by President Obama is about right.   The film the Interview should be released by Sony to private websites or bloggers, will not mind putting the film on their own sites, if Sony is that afraid.    The film should be released as a rebuke to North Korea and its loopy leader.   The next time North Korea might attack the US Government or the US military, the North Koreans have to be shown that threats from Korea are only worth a belly laugh.  The Regime is a joke, the leader is a nut job in need for a better hairdresser. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

North Korea, Russia, Iran vs. US - Cyber Warfare

Lets Get Real:

North Korea might think because Sony folded over this move then they might try someone, the NSA has to come down hard on North Korea and so does the Oval Office, what if there is a book, TV show, film, Internet project that upsets the North Koreans and they threaten cyber warfare on banks, the power grid, planes, etc you get the idea, you do not give a fool like the leader of North Korea that thought.    Thus the US should come out with tough sanctions, even tougher that the tough sanctions on North Korea already.  Evil should never be appeased, so lets put two fingers up to North Korea and its prat leder. 

The FBI and Sony Hack - 2nd Term Blues

Guardian - Live on NKorea: Reports the following in its 5.49pm post from the FBI, " The FBI now has enough information to conclude that the North Korean government is responsible for these actions. While the need to protect sensitive sources and methods precludes us from sharing [all the details of its evidence], ..."

Lets Get Real:

The question is what should the US do, well after a 9/11 type threat from the Sony hackers the Oval has to DO SOMETHING, if North Korea can take down Sony who else might their eyes turn too.    The US should tighten the security around US Government computers, also increase the presence of NSA in protecting private security.    Then the NSA should take down the computer services in North Korea, also make it clear to North Korea, the film will be shown in US, any terror threat will be seen as a threat on the US, thus military action, time to back down the idiot in North Korea.   Think would North Korea have tried this with Kennedy or Reagan or even Bush 43. 

North Korea and SONY Hack - New Warfare Cyber Security

Lets Get Real:

This shows what happens to the US when you have a weak President, North Korea can force a major film studio to drop a film.   If SONY is not tough then it should release the movie on the Internet for free, that would at least show that the studio was not going to be bullied by the IDIOT in North Korea, if SONY does not have the backbone it should release the film to private bloggers who will take the risk and publish it on their own websites.   Lets be clear here, Kim Jong-un is evil, mad, self centered idiot, with the bomb.   The West has to stand up to this small idiot, with the bomb, or next time the price will be something that the Oval can not cave too.   COME ON SONY and the US, take down the idiot in North Korea, show some backbone. 

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

The US Congress and Cuba - 2016 Race

Lets Get  Real:

Every time someone is arrested in Cuba now when protesting the Castro Government the blame will be placed on the WEAK Oval.   The Oval Office has placed its Foreign Policy at the hands of the Castro brothers.   Obama can only get away with this ONCE, by doing this deal with the Castro brothers he has blocked ANY DEAL WITH IRAN, there is only so much political weight that the Democrats can carry, they do not want to lose the Cuban American vote, or worse the Jewish vote.  As stated the Obama move is BOLD, but it only works if there are followers, the elite liberal press will love this move, but what happens next is important, a leader can lead but if there are no troops behind, it does leave the Oval Office on a edgy cliff.  One blow of wind from Cuba or Iran could taken down the Obama Presidency. 

The Cuban Move, Rubio vs. Obama - 2016 Race

Lets Get Real:

This  move by President Obama when it comes to Cuba could be a spring board for Marco Rubio, a Cuban - American to launch his campaign for 2016.    Unlike the West Wing TV Series the Oval needs the US Congress to lift the sanctions against Cuba, and the new Republican Congress will no doubt block any such moves by the Oval.  If the Oval Office tries to go around the US Congress then the Congress could impeach the President.   When it comes to Cuba and US politics the best policy by any President is to keep at arms length, now Obama owns the Cuba policy, the Republicans and critics will jump on the Oval if there is any repression on Cuba by the Castro brothers.    Historic or a Bad policy by Obama depends on the reader.