Tuesday, May 24, 2016

How to deal with Trump and the sexual assault claims against Bill Clinton

Guardian: Reports on the new Trump Advert against Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Lets Get Real:

The Clintons should wait before striking back, first go for the business failures of Trump, then when it debate go for the his issues with women.   The Clinton Camp should stress the economic record of the 1990s and how Clinton Administration had a good record when it came to international affairs. The negative tones should come from the campaign staff, one feels after the allegations that one needs a shower, to get rid of the gutter nature of the claims.   The Clintons can fight back, and thus should win in November. 

US Dirty Politics - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Thus the 2016 Presidential Election is getting in to the gutter from the start.   The Clintons are looking at the Donald's business record as they should, while the Trump is hitting Bill and Hillary Clintons with the scandals from the 1990s.   One could have hoped to have a high level discussion on the political issues, like hell, if its the gutter now, what will it be like in November?   An election is based on the future, lets see which candidate can place a political manifesto in front of the US voter that is liked, because neither candidates are liked or trusted, it could be 1968 all over again on the Democratic side, the Sanders supporters will feel that they were robbed, it promises to be a hot convention for the Democrats. 

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Falluja AND Daesh - Daesh Threat

Lets Get Real:

When the US fought in Falluja it was hard and bitter fight, thus the new Iraq forces can expect a tough and bloody fight, it will be door to door, street to street fighting with IED's thrown in ALL over the place.  One can only hope that US and UK Special Forces can help in a quick victory with, also the Iraqi Forces will have Allied air cover.   The influence of Daesh is getting limited in Syria and Iraq, thus their move to create terror in the West and in other African failed States.   The BATTLE FOR MOSUL will decide the fate of Daesh is Iraq.

Friday, May 20, 2016

Trump to VISIT London - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

One would guess that the Foreign Office is behind this move, they want to make sure that should Trump win that there is still a special relationship, this is why the FCO is not trusted by No 10.   10 Downing Street should have been firm with the FCO, that Trump is neither liked or wanted, HRC would be a different story, at least she supports NATO and the US leading from the front.   One can only hope that HRC becomes a better candidate or she could lose to Trump, then it would really be time to buy a 2nd hand nuclear bunker. 

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

The Democratic Civil War - The Bern will NOT STOP!

Lets Get Real:

It was thought that the Republican Convention would be contested and ALL the fun was on the Republicans, now the liberal elite is starting to feel that the chances of HRC winning are under threat from Sanders and that his supporters  could cause problems in their Convention.   The liberal elite has to be careful it does not make active enemies of Sanders supporters, it has been trailed that HRC has a problem with the YOUTH vote, well that vote could go to Trump or stay at home in November, nothing is a given, HRC is not Bill, she is not that great a candidate.   The Democrats have to be careful when throwing Sanders out it he does not take his supporters with him, it could happen. 

Republicans on Hillary and Bill Clinton - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans can fight fire with fire, the Super Pacs and the Clinton Campaign has to be careful that it starts a WAR it can not win, there are so many scandals with the Clintons, that when campaigns start to throw stones they should be careful that those stones do not come back and hit your glass house.    The Clinton Campaign thinks Sanders has been rough, wait in till the Republicans and Donald Trump start on the real fight, a good campaign should not give ground to the other side, the election should be about policy, one doubts that will come up.

Trump on North Korea - Asia Threat

Lets Get Real:

Thus even President Obama could not get a deal with North Korea, so what would South Korea, Japan make of this suggestion by Trump, they would be worried that they would be sold out, as Obama sold out US allies in the Middle East.   The more Trump speaks the more worried US allies should be, he wants to return the US back to its 1920s and 30s isolation policy, after Woodrow Wilson and his failure to get the the US Senate to back an active role for the US in World affairs the US returned inward, well with Afghanistan and Iraq/Syria Wars still going on the US voter feels that his/her Country are in endless Wars, while the US is in trillion of debt and this hurts the Middle Class.   That is why HRC has to win, she is a hawk, after the appeaser Obama we need someone who actually will fight for Western/US interests and security.