Friday, October 13, 2017

President Trump on ObamaCare, Iran and North Korea - Trump Era

Trump on Iran - For the Historical Record

Trump on ObamaCare - Part 4 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

POTUS is placing the future of US care in the hands of Democrats, they are of course opposed to the latest moves by the Oval Office, well if they want to save aspects of ObamaCare then they should DEAL.    The base of the Democratic Party will not want any deals with a Trump Presidency, it will be interesting to see what the Democratic leadership do, they can be real politic or do something that actually helps Americans.   The Republicans are divided, this move by POTUS should force them to think can they get behind a united deal, interesting times on the Hill. 

Trump on ObamaCare - Part 3 - Trump Era

Guardian: Reports further on President Trump's knocking down of ObamaCare from within, " the president issued a surprise notice ....scrapping federal subsidies underpinning the system. "

Lets Get Real:

At first glance it looks like that POTUS is taking a wrecking ball to all things Obama, from Iran to ObamaCare, but that is too simple, on Iran he has pushed the issue to Congress, either do something that works or POTUS will withdraw from the Iran deal, while with ObamaCare the President has been very honest, he wants Democrats to make a deal, thus this pressure on them.  Whatever you think about POTUS is not a fool, he has made some money as a Hotel developer, are we are talking billions HERE, so do not think he is a fool.  ObamaCare was an over step by President Obama and LIBERALS.  This is an interesting development, we shall see how the US Congress reacts to this new developments out of the Trump Oval. 

The UK Chancellor and Brexit - Post Brexit Deal

Lets Get Real:

When one thinks of Philip Hammond, when one has to, you think about a BORING Bank Manager, that is the point, the Chancellor is the money man but also he is a politician, it seems Hammond has taken the Bank Manager routine to far, the Brexiteers do not trust him, his own PM does not like him, and he has to deal with the EU.   A good PM needs to be a good political butcher, it is time that Hammond went back to the backbenches, you need a bit of charisma when your Chancellor, why not Borish Johnson for Chancellor, that should keep the leavers happy, the remainers will have to find a new standard bearer in the Cabinet. 

Trump on Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This decision by President Trump is a two step process, he has refused to certify the Iran deal, and has pushed the issue to the US Congress, the general feeling by commentators is that the Hill will do NOTHING, if this is the case the President has stated he will walk away from the DEAL.   The Allies and the EU  do not matter, if Trump imposes sanctions on Iran, and makes it clear that companies that deal with Iran can not deal with the US then there will be limited business transactions between the EU and Iran.    This blog has stated in the past that is supports the view of the US Defence Secretary, if MAD DOG is for it, then this blog can live with it, of course it depends on the reaction of Iran, what will they do, thus more tensions over the next few months before either Trump or the US Congress has made a decision. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump on ObamaCare Part 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is one headline on CNN that President Trump will like, he wants the base of his support to know that he is following through on his election pledge to get rid of ObamaCare, tomorrow it's Obama's Iran deal, this will show Democrats what happens when you lose power, thus they will try ever harder to regain either the House or Senate in the 2018 Mid Terms.   ObamaCare was a liberal over step, since the US Congress is stalled on the ISSUE, Trump is using his powers as President to attack ObamaCare from within, liberal Democrats and the elite press will be seething.