Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Troops and the General Election - Campaign Trail 49 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

One hopes for no soldiers on the streets, but if need be the whole Army should be out, if the security services believe that there is a critical threat, the Army should be in every City in the UK, in till the ALL CLEAR IS GIVEN.   If the cell can be traced back to Daesh in the Middle East and Africa then the Military should be sent to take them out, this kind of terror threat has to be removed, not one ounce of it can be allowed to survive, IF prisoners can be taken they should be sent to GITMO for tough interviews.   The UK does not want to be France, it has suffered many terrorist attacks, the UK should make a clean sweep of any Daesh threat coming from the outside the UK.  While in the UK our multi cultured society must work better as a structure, those that are Daesh supporters should be outed by their communities, the police are there to hear of any threat. 

The Election Resumes - Campaign Trail 48 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus the General Election gets going, it will be odd to see an election going on while the security level for the Country is at critical, the Police will have  a lot on their hands if they have to control concerts, plays, sporting events and political meetings, the Army will be needed, one can only hope that the Police and MI5 can get make quick arrests, and any more threats are removed.  As we are back to the election, and everything is political, that is the cynic in this blog, one will be interested to see the polls, with the terror attack help the Government Party, strong and steady has been the message, is the Country likely to trust Jeremy Corbyn with the security of the nation, this blog has its doubts.  As this blog stated, times moves on. 

Remember those Killed at Manchester - Update 3 - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

As the days, weeks, months and years pass let us never forget what happened in Manchester, as distance grows the memories get pushed back, people get on with their daily lives, there is always another terrorist attack, some other breaking news, let us remember the victims and their loved ones in our thoughts, those that died had their lives stolen from them, so we should try to remember them.  It is a part of human nature not to try to think of such tragic events, its so depressing and does not say a lot about the human condition, that we try to move on, it is not that we do not care, all humans with any soul care, its just we try to see the positive, sadness the seeking of happiness is part of human nature.  Just as the years pass as they will, let us never forget Manchester. #WeStandTogether. 

Manchester Terror Attack - Update 2 - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

The upgrade of the threat level shows that the UK intelligence is not sure if the attack on Manchester was a lone wolf or part of cell.  Thus the UK people in the major towns and events will see soldiers with guns, this shows how worried the Government is that there could be follow on attacks.  This blog recalls the days when there was police without guns, sitting in their panda cars, we live in a different age, terrorism has almost become the new normal, here in the UK and in Europe.   If the EU is good for anything it should try to form a policy that will reduce the threat of terrorism from the Middle East. #WeStandTogether. 

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Terror Attack - Update - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

What can one say, one prays for those that have been killed, for their families and for those that are injured in Hospital.  The THREAT from Daesh has increased since the US/UK have started to target Daesh in Iraq and Syria, Iraqi Forces have taken half control of Mosul and in Syria there is an expected attack on the Capital of Daesh.  Thus one can expect more attacks, as has been said, Western Security have to be right ALL the time, while the terrorists have to be lucky just that once.   In future the security services and the Police will have to give advice to those holding concerts or musical festivals, how to be secure without terrorists holding the West to ransom.  If there is link to Daesh in the Middle East, the UK should increase its attacks on Daesh, this evil body has to be destroyed.  Our prays are with those in Manchester on this SAD day. #WeStandTogether

Monday, May 22, 2017

May does a U - Turn on Social Care - Campaign Trail 47 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The general election of 2017 got interesting in the past few days, the reason is that PM May did not discuss SOCIAL CARE POLICY with her Cabinet, also the FACT that Scotland will not have any welfare cuts, there will be no means testing the winter fuel allowance.  One can only hope that this MASSIVE U - TURN by the PM will prevent Labour from having a chance of winning the election.   The mistake was self inflicted, the PM should have discussed the issue when the Cabinet, one is sure someone would have called it a dementia TAX, one only hope that the polls improve for the Conservatives, other wise this  blog is moving to Ireland. 

The NEW Conservative promise on SOCIAL CARE - Campaign Trail 46 - GE 2017

Lets Get Real:

This shows that the PM can hear the political winds, the Labour Party from the various polls has gained 5 points, thus narrowing the Conservative lead, the PM should stress that the old will have limited costs and that they after their death can give some of their assets over to their family.   The Labour Party has had a field day with this blunder by the Conservatives, the PM should have had more of a discussion on the issue, the Dementia Tax could be her Poll Tax is she is not careful.   The PM should try to move the issue on to Brexit, stress that Labour betray the vote of 2016.