Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Trump on NATO - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The US is the leader of the free World, with that title comes the obligation to defend its allies against threats.    The present threat to Eastern Europe is Putin's Russia, the invasion of the Crimea and East Ukraine shows that the Russia bear has got its paws out, and needs to have its nails cut.  In the Middle East the the Western allies face the threat from Iran and Daesh, thus they need to be kept secure, one does not want to see Saudi Arabia go nuclear, that kind of action could lead to a nuclear exchange between SA and Iran.    US foreign policy after Obama needs a new agenda, that can only come from Hillary Clinton, Trump would be a disaster.

Cruz's VP Choice - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

This is a bold move by Senator Cruz, it allows Fiorina to be his attack dog while he can fight on policy.   Also it has already annoyed Trump, the friction between Trump and Fiorina is well known.  In declaring his VP choice he is following what Ronald Reagan did in 1976, lets see if it is more successful now than it was then, there will be pressure on Trump to declare his VP, to state so would be a mistake,  Trump needs to think careful about this choice, he needs someone to balance him, what about Kasich, that would end this long running game.

Trump on Foreign Policy - Election 2016

BBC News: Reports " Mr Trump, the frontrunner for the Republican candidacy in the 2016 presidential race, said he would pursue an "America First" policy. "

Lets Get Real:

The Trump foreign policy would be a disaster for Western security, his American First policy would weaken NATO, the EU countries can not afford to pay 2% of their budget to defence and NATO.   The Middle East allies, well those left could not be sure that Trump would come to their defence, while Eastern European allies in NATO would be concerned that Trump would sell them out to Putin's Russia.   THIS is why Hillary Clinton has to win in November. THE  Trump policy sounds of a Isolated US, the very same policy that lead to World War 2.

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Another Super Tuesday - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The QUESTION that must be asked are we going to have to accept that Donald Trump will be the Republican Nominee, as of now it looks like Trump will be the nominee, it is expected that he will have a good night tonight, will the deal between Cruz and Kasich do any difference, it might annoy voters, they do not like the idea of back room deals, it looks like the Establishment is trying to pull a fast one, thus voters if your a Republican and you supported Reagan the only way out is to VOTE for Hillary Clinton in November.   The domestic agenda of a HRC Administration will be LIBERAL, but one can expect a tougher foreign policy, in life you have to make the odd deal, and this is the case with HRC, hope that the supposed hawk turns up, no one with any honour could vote for Trump.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Hail Mary Pass by Cruz and Kasich - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

This is the LAST throw of the dice by Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich, if it does not work then Trump will be the Republican Nominee, and it has been suggested that a Trump ticket would lose as big as Barry Goldwater lost in 1964 to LBJ.    Let's recall the only bright spot of the Goldwater Campaign was the birth of Ronald Reagan as a serious candidate for 1968, 1976 and finally winning in 1980.   Thus from the ruins of 2016 we might to see a 2nd Reagan come along, not holding my breath but it is a hope. 

Trump on Syrian Refugees - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Thus more racist remarks by the Donald, one does really wonder what is happening to the Republican Party, Ike and Ronald  Reagan must be turning in their graves at the thought of Trump in THEIR Oval Office.   The Democrats should have an easy victory in November, IF Trump wins then the most darkest aspects of the American character will be on show for the World.   Thus HRC has to move to the centre, from there she can win the Presidency. 

Special Forces for Syria - Daesh War

Lets Get Real:

The Oval Office can call the troops whatever it wants, as long as US Special Forces are there to fight Daesh and train the local rebels, even if the battles in Syria are confusing, as to whom is fighting whom.   The Obama slow policy has worked, one should always give credit when its due, the Oval has taken its time, those caught up in the 24/7 news cycle wanted faster action, the best action is action that is considered.   Let's see what happens with the extra troops.