Sunday, December 10, 2017

Slim Chance of a No Brexit Deal - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

As long as power comes back to the House of Commons and the Law Courts decide UK Law and that the UK Government can make trade deals then this blog supports the agreement, it is about the return of power from the EU to the UK.   The moaning remainers want overturn the vote of 2016, they do not believe in Democracy.   The papers have to keep an eye  on these moaning remainers, and when there is a general election the papers must make sure that the voters know how their MPs voted when it came to Brexit.  This will be a long year of politics, the talks on the trade agreement do not start in till March of 2018, and the EU wants it finished by October, so that means in FACT that the Government needs an agreement by September.    Interesting months ahead. 

Moaning Remainers TRY TO BLOCK BREXIT - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The moaning remainers do not believe in DEMOCRACY, that old thing by which the UK votes for something and it is done by Parliament, the people voted by 52 - 48 to leave the EU, the remainers are trying to block the UK from leaving the EU, they are using Parliament and its rules to reject the will of the British people.   Thus it is time for the voter to mail, phone text, Twitter or Facebook their MP to get them to follow the will of the people.   The Chief Whips have to be ruthless, they must have something on the MPs, they are MPs after all, just below 2nd hand Car salesmen IN TRUST.   The Government has to win, it might need to talk to Labour MPs who want to leave, get them to counter balance the moaning remainers in the House of Commons. 

The FUTURE of Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus we come to the hard part of phase 2 of the Brexit talks, in this phase we want to arrange a trade deal that will allow the UK to trade with the EU as of now, also granting the right of the UK to do deal with others Countries, POTUS has suggested we would get  a warm reception from the US if we want a trade deal.  Labour now states it wants to stay in the single market and the customs union, but also pay more to the EU.   The Chief Whip has to come down hard on those moaning remainers, they have to be told to get back in line or face being placed on the Boar War Committee ( we British never throw away a good committee ! )  or the most boring committee that can be found.  The heavy lifting for Brexit starts after the New Year, in March 2018 we will be a year away from leaving the EU. 

Friday, December 08, 2017

What happens in March 2019 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus the next phase is very important, it could be argued that we require a specific deal for the UK after the we leave the EU, in some sectors we shall need to follow closely the rules of the EU as to allow for free movement of products.   On the other hand we must be free to make a new deals and create more jobs after the UK  leaves the EU.   The cost of the divorce should be between 20 - 30 billion pounds, why should the UK pay for new EU policy decisions.   The firm Brexit supporters need to keep No 10 on its toes, they should make sure that the DUP remains firm with the PM May.  Thus a interesting year ahead.

Brexit and Phase 2 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

On the whole the Brexit members of the Cabinet have come out in support of the PM, but let us not forget that the real hard part of talks start now, well in the New Year.   In the phase 2 the final part the UK  has to discuss the final divorce bill, how long the European Court Justice has power over UK courts and its citizens, and of course the final trade treaty with the EU.  Any trade deal should keep us close the EU but allow us to make other trade deals, this policy could cause a major flare up.   Thus expect more heated discussion between pro anti EU Conservative MPs, even Labour is split on the EU.    This is just the start of the end, but there are still major fights ahead. 

Brexit - Phase 1 of the Divorce Agreement - Brexit Deal

BBC News: Reports " PM Theresa May has struck a last-minute deal with the EU in a bid to move Brexit talks on to the next phase.  "

Lets Get Real:

Thus phase 1 of the Brexit Deal has been achieved by the PM, the tone from Brexit supporters in the Cabinet is good, the monies to be given to the EU is down on published reports, the article states it is between 35 - 40 billion pounds, down from a 100 billion, and there is no border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.   The rights of UK Citizens and EU is protected.   If there is no deal after the year of talks for the Brexit date then the UK will follow the EU closely, but that is down for discussion in phase 2. 

Thus in phase 2 we come to trade talks and the final divorce bill and how long the UK follows the European Courts while the UK is in transition.   If there is no deal then the UK will follow the EU closely.   The Shadow Brexit Secretary was very clear, it is in phase 2 that we get the final agreements on the above, thus the importance of getting to phase 2.   It will be interesting to see the tone of the left and right as the day unfolds. 

Thursday, December 07, 2017

The SELLOUT - Part 2 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

So the PM wants to run to Brussels before hard Brexit supporters can read new deal, this is smart, the last time they had a deal it was leaked and the DUP was up in arms, let's hope the DUP and Brexit supporters in the House of Commons have seen the deal and support it, the deal is only good if the pro EU MPs do not like it, that would mean that PM May had followed the will of the British people.   This blog is projecting a sellout, the PM is weak and gives concessions without the fear that she will walk away.  The reader will know if it is a bad deal by the tone of the BBC and the Guardian, if they are happy it is a very bad deal.