Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Here is your Brexit Story for the Day - Update - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The above is operation fear by the hard remainers, all future figures are up to debate.  This blog has made it clear that it has come around to the fact that the UK should stay in the Customs Union and the single market, this kind of fear reports makes this blog think it should go back to being a hard Brexit supporter.  In the 2016 vote on Brexit the Hard remainers pressed the fact that the UK would fall of a cliff if it voted to leave the EU, it did not happen, thus the hard remainers can not be trusted.   The Government should get on with Brexit, Labour can be used to get the Customs Union passed, also the single market, May has to show that SHE is the PM, and that she will not be lead by the nose. 

Trump and Iran - Iran Crisis

Sky News: Reports on what POTUS really wants with IRAN, " But it is clear what the Trump administration wants in Iran is regime change.  "

Lets Get Real:

The US has promised the strongest sanctions ever against Iran, this long term plan could undermine the Tehran Regime, it of course rises the question of what Iran will do when faced with these sanctions.   The hardliners in Tehran could start their nuclear process again, this would require the US to think about military strikes against Iran and the regime.  In the present crisis mode of the White House, the OVAL is very unlikely to think about another War in the Middle East.   Thus the end result is that the Obama/Iran deal is off the table and Iran in due course will go nuclear.   One only hopes that the Mossad of Israel will keep the World informed of any nuclear armed Iran. 

Pay to Play - The Ukraine and President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In Chicago they call the above alleged allegations Pay to Play, the question is how much did the President KNOW and when DID HE KNOW IT.  The above allegation is VERY SERIOUS, and if proven that POTUS knew about the deal, then you have the grounds for impeachment of the President.  The World of Trump is very murky, so many much MONEY washing about, let's see if any of it sticks to the President.  One can expect that the Special Prosecutor is hoping that Michael Cohen will turn on Trump for a lesser charge, this is a minefield for the Trump White House, expect the elite press to go after this story. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

US and North Korea Summit - Update 3 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It will be interesting to see what North Korea says about the above statement, they could use it as a way to get out of the Summit.  The US and North Korea could have had different ideas about the Summit since the start.   The North Koreans want a gradual reduction of their nuclear forces as the US withdraws its troops from South Korea, something the US will not do.   This is the problem when you have a new President who has no history of diplomacy, building in New York is not the same as building a diplomatic relationship.   Interesting few days ahead. 

Brexit Leader suspects the PM on Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

This is a threat from the hard Brexit supporters, they have the numbers to bring down the PM.  The PM has to stand firm, a SOFT Brexit is goods for the UK and for the Conservative Party.  A soft Brexit of the UK staying within the Customs Union and Single Market would prevent a future PM Corbyn from taking over large areas of the UK economy, the Conservatives have to think of the future.  In the House of Commons there are the number to keep the UK in both, it is a matter of leadership, PM May has to find her inner Thatcher has this blog stated many times. 

US and the North Korean Summit - Update 2 - Trump Era

Sky News: Reports on the prospect that the US and North Korean Summit will be delayed, " The event had been planned for 12 June but there have been concerns that Mr Kim is not committed to denuclearisation. "

Lets Get Real:

The North Koreans want the US to withdraw it troops from South Korea, cancel its security cover for Japan, while the US wants the North Koreans to give up its nuclear weapons and accept the US on South Korean soil.   The Summit PR would be good for the leaders, North Korea would see itself as accepted on the international stage as a nuclear power, while Trump's diplomacy would seem to have worked.   The problem comes in the final result, North Korea wants to keep most of its nuclear weapons, while the Trump Oval needs North Korea to give up its weapons.   A bad Summit can cause more problems that no Summit, the US needs to be firm with North Korea, it can not play its games, the US and its Allies will not be divided. 

The US and North Korean Summit - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Oval might be thinking that the North Koreans are playing their typical game, promising talks then stalling to see if there are any concessions out of the US.  The Trump Oval has to be firm with North Koreans, no concessions in till they turn up to the Summit and offer to do away with their nuclear weapons.   North Korea has a history of over promising and then doing the reverse from 1994 onwards.   President Trump is clever enough to see how past Presidents have been played, he does not want to look like a useful for North Korea, has Reagan said on the USSR, Trust but Verify.