Thursday, April 17, 2014

Obama on Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis Latest 2

The White House: Reports on a readout of a telephone call between President Obama and Chancellor Merkel of Germany, the subject was the Ukraine, " The President and Chancellor Merkel of Germany spoke today regarding their deep concern about the situation in eastern Ukraine.  The President commended the government of Ukraine’s approach to today’s discussions in Geneva, where it put forward constructive proposals to expand local governance and ensure the rights of all Ukrainians are protected.  The leaders stressed that Russia needs to take immediate, concrete actions to de-escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine, including by using its influence over the irregular forces in eastern Ukraine to get them to lay down their arms and leave the buildings they have seized.  The President and the Chancellor agreed that the United States and Europe are prepared to take further measures if this de-escalation does not occur in short order.  The leaders also stressed their support for Ukraine’s May 25 presidential elections. ".

Lets Get Real: 

The readout of the call has a tone that suggests that neither the US or Germany TRUST the Russians when it comes to the Ukraine, they have been burned in the past by Russia, there is a difference between what Russia states and what it does, Putin is a skilled manipulator, he gets his Ministers to say what the West wants to hear then he does something else, as noted in his talk today the Russian President stated that he still had the authority to take action when it comes to a threat to Russians.   This weekend is VERY important, will the pro Russian protesters give up the buildings they have taken, and give up their arms, will Russia keep its bear nose out of the Ukraine, we should know by Sunday. 

Kerry on Geneva Ukraine DEAL - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real:

The above is the point, do pro Russian protesters in Easter Ukraine follow the public Moscow stand, or is the Geneva just PR for the Russians, gets the West off its back for few days then invades, is Moscow fully in control of the pro Russians protesters in East Ukraine, once you start something like this its very hard to turn back the clock, depends what the Russian intelligence has promised the Russians in Eastern Europe, will they go back to be run from Kiev, the weekend shall see the results of the DEAL, does it stick, one only has to recall Bosnia.  

The Geneva Deal on the Ukraine - Ukraine Latest

Lets Get Real:
IF the pro Russian protesters leave the taken building then we will know that Russia was behind the WHOLE business, on the other hand this could be a Russian faint to fool the West with the PR of a deal but tell its supporters to keep hold of the captured buildings.   Lets see if Moscow's word can be trusted, so far they have shown that their word can not be trusted.  Why would they back down, they can not be afraid of Obama, are the economic sanctions working, do Putin's rich friends fear tougher sanctions from the US and the EU, the Easter Weekend will tell, can the Russian Bear be trusted. 

Geneva Deal on Ukraine - Ukraine Latest

Lets Get Real:

Talk is CHEAP, lets see what actions the Russians take, do they get their men the hell out of East Ukraine, do the cease supporting native Russian speakers, do they keep their nose OUT of the affairs of the Ukraine.  There is always a BUT with the Russians, lets see what the others in the TALKS say about the meeting, the Russian bear always tries its lucky to far, that why it needs sometimes a slap on its nose.   This could be easy talk before an invasion, as Reagan said, Trust but Verify. 

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Oval Office and the Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real: 

At least the Oval Office is backing Kiev through words, even if its doing bugger all else, no arms, no intelligence,  just some basic food rations, that really going to help against the Russian army!  If Russia is going to ACT it will ACT NOW, its has a reason from its point of view, also Russian TV is pushing the Kremlin line, so what is the prediction of this blog, it is risky to make predictions in this game, but it can be postulated that Russian might move tonight or tomorrow, if it sees that its gains in East Ukraine could be lost, on other hand does Putin really want a short War with the Ukraine, this is not Georgia, it could get very bloody.  Thus out of 10, this blog is betting 6.5 of some kind of action by Russia. 

Is Ukraine heading for Civil War ? - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real:

If the Russians are going to invade the East Ukraine the above is a good reason as any, its the kind of incident that Russian TV will use to convince the Russian people that Kiev is under fascist control, echoes of World War 2 will be used, one should watch Russian TV and press just to see alternative world view, its nuts but its the one the Russian people are being fed, Putin has removed free press from Russia.   The Kremlin knows that the Russian people do not want the USSR back, they want the Tsarist Empire back, and that includes the Ukraine, thus if your in the Baltic States you have to be worried, in Poland one can see great FEAR developing, lets hope NATO would defend these Countries, the question is do you TRUST President Obama. 

Ukraine TAKES ON Pro Russian protesters in East Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real: 

About time that THE Kiev Government got off its backside and did something about these Russian inspired attacks in the East of the Ukraine, you never give way to a bully he just comes back for more, the common held view is that Kiev did not ACT because it did not want to give Moscow a reason to attack, that was a mistake, the Russian Bear can smell weakness and goes fore more honey, sometimes it needs a firm slap on its nose and its claws pushed back, Moscow might not like Kiev taking action, but it will respect some response, it might have 2nd thoughts about attacking East Ukraine, lets recall the East is majority Ukrainian, the native Russians are a minority, lets hope Kiev follows through, its tanks should not be stopped by single cars, if people will not move then roll over the cars, give the people a chance to get out, but follow through, always follow through with an action.