Monday, November 20, 2017

Not 1992 but 2016 - The Clinton Legacy

Lets Get Real:

HRC expected to win in 2016, the Crown was there for the taking, and she failed.   Whatever you think of President Trump he had his finger on the pulse of the US voter, the same as Bill Clinton had in 1992.   The sexual allegations against Bill Clinton should have taken him down in 1992 and they didn't,  the US voter wanted someone who would fix the economy, the same with Trump,   The Clintons created Trump in way in 1998, the liberal defence of Bill Clinton at its core was that the affair with the intern did not stop him doing his job, the US Presidency in their eyes did not mean you had to have a morale President, well then you have Trump in 2016.  On Fox News it was reported that Bill Clinton asked HRC why she was not doing polling and going to the rust belt States, HRC it is stated told the Old Hound Dog that he didn't understand modern politics or how data was used as a tool in modern elections.   A pastor on CNN stated a wise thought, " Data does not vote ".   HRC did not need the FBI to lose in 2016, that is a lesson that some ultra loyal Clinton supporters do not understand, HRC is a BAD CANDIDATE, she learned nothing from the Old Hound Dog. 

Brexit Ministers want details on the divorce bill from the EU - Brexit Talks

Lets Get Real:

Forty billion pounds could be shared between the different parts of the UK, Northern Ireland could use the money to get the Assembly going again, Wales could spend the money on the Welsh NHS, while Scotland it could help with the poor, of course England itself would get a big amount to spend on the NHS.    If the PM was devious she should place a bill in the House of Commons that would request that the Commons either approve or say no to a divorce bill, thus placing pressure on Labour under Jeremy Corbyn.   The Brexit Ministers and backbench MPs should threaten to bring down the PM, 40 billion is 0.01p to much, the EU is being greedy!!  TIME TO WALK OUT OF THE EU. 

EU BLACKMAILS the UK - Post Brexit Talks

Lets Get Real:

The UK PM has lost the plot, she now wants to give 40 billion pounds to the EU, IF it is  a choice of between a trade deal and no deal this blog supports no deal.  The UK PM should argue that she is going to give 40 billion pounds to the NHS or for the defence of the UK.   The hard Brexit Ministers of the Cabinet should resign as a way to show protest.   Those backbench MPs who want to stop this foolish move should threaten to get a new leader, the UK wants out, these endless talks are seeing the UK make all the concessions.  Time for the UK Government to wake up, leave the EU and leave it NOW.

Friday, November 17, 2017

EU Threatens UK - Brexit Talks

Lets Get Real:

In between the EU fanatics within the Conservative Party and the threats from the EU the UK PM should walk away from the EU talks.  One would think that Europe had learned what happens when you threaten the UK, we always win, plus we can also join NAFTA or something new with the Americans.   The EU will lose out if the UK just walks away, also it will put the EU fanatics in the Conservative Party in their place, a UK PM has to be strong, as a former UK PM once said, you have to be a good political butcher.   IF PM May is tough the Conservative Party and the EU will do as they are told.   TIME TO WALK AWAY FROM THE EU. 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The LIBERAL Establishment vs. Republicans - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It is interesting how the uber liberal Department of Justice does not want to investigate the Obama Administration and the Clintons.   POTUS is right to pressure his Attorney General to sanction a special counsel into the Clintons, they have been given a free ride for years, one can say that the uber liberal defence of Bill Clinton in 1998 has allowed for the present sexual allegations hitting the US Establishment.   In 1998 Liberals argued that Clinton's sexual allegations did not affect his job as President, thus they defend him, even in their heart of hearts they must have know there was smoke with the fire.   The Liberal Establishment first has to throw Bill Clinton under the bus before they can face the American people when it comes to other allegations. 

The GHOSTS of Bill Clinton - Investigating the Clintons

Lets Get Real:

The reason that this blog has such loathing for the Democrats is how they defended Bill Clinton in 1990s, they were willing to trash various women who had made allegations against Bill Clinton, while throwing today uber liberal supports under the bus over any allegation.  What makes Bill Clinton different from the other that have been accused, that is simple as the above article states liberals cared more about abortion rights than sexual allegations against Bill Clinton.   The glee that uber liberals  in Congress and CNN are taking in the Russian investigations shows their double standards, the Clinton links via business or their charity foundations should be under investigation.   The uber liberal press makes you sick. 

Investigating the Clintons - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It is typical of the uber LIBERAL NYT to support the Clintons, the Clintons and their actions are red meat to the Republicans.  When they see Trump under investigation for doing far less than the Clintons, they wonder why the uber liberal Department of Justice is not going after the Clinton link to the Russians, the paid for the dirty dossier, the natural resources give to the Russians to control, and the fact that foreign governments gave millions to the Clinton foundation, and how it dried up once Hillary Clinton lost in 2016.   The Swamp in the D.C has its roots in the uber liberal nature of the Washington Establishment, everyone knows each other, they dine together, one is shocked they do not share the same toilet, the usual same rubbish comes out both ways.   Time for AG Sessions to appoint a new special prosecutor in to the Clintons, and time for that investigation to dig hard.