Thursday, August 17, 2017

The Latest Terror Attack in Spain - Barcelona Update

Lets Get Real:

The attacked has been claimed by Daesh, this is the result of the US and Iraq winning in Iraq, and US allies taking the fight to Daesh in it's Capital in Syria.   It can be expected that Daesh will try to cause havoc in the West as to counter the success of the West in the Middle East.   It is open question if the attack came directly from Daesh or its a lone wolf or wolfs who have become supporters through the internet. The US and Europe should be on guard, there will be more terrorist attacks, the left will try to blame Trump, what ever else Trump is he has pushed Daesh hard in the Middle East, there has been no let up since the Obama Administration.  With North Korea and the Daesh the Oval should have a full desk, but this being Trump he has gone bonkers, the Washington D.C Elite Establishment has come out against him over the tragic events in Virginia, while Trump has come out in the defence of Confederate Statues, the US has bigger problems, Trump should grow up, or least say nothing that damages US race relationships in the US.   Interesting days ahead!!

Trump and Confederate Statues - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One would think that POTUS would be hiding in the Oval Office at this moment in time, of course he is not, he is back to his infamous tweets and is not helping the matter at all.  As a WHITE blogger it is hard to understand why the Confederate Statues are causing this much fuzz, on the other hand if your a African - American you must see the Statues as honouring a course that enslaved your ancestors, it would be offencive to black Americans.  If the statues were placed on a museum and explained in their context that would be a better solutions, with pics of slaves being held in the South in the 19th Century, how the Southern economy was based on slavery.   Or as they have done in India, they have placed Imperial Statues in the Parks were the weeds are taking over, they do not have to face their past of being the Jewel in the Crown, also we need a trade deal with the modern India.   After the break up of the USS the old USSR monuments were torn down and discarded, this has caused friction between Modern Russia and its former Satellite Countries   This is interesting as modern Russia manages to have it both ways, the last Tsar Nicholas 11 is now admired in Russia, but they also keep Lenin in Red Square, no wonder Russians drink a lot, two different icons celebrated at the same time and representing different agendas, one does not see Nicholas 11 sharing a tea with Lenin in heaven.   The US must deal with the issue of race, the drugs in the inner cities, the violence, how African - Americans tend to be jailed more than white defendants, African - Americans have real problems today, some of that is based on the fact that Blacks did not get their full rights in till the 1960s under LBJ.  A President must be President of ALL the people, Trump is fast becoming a President of his base, and its only been six months. 

The Trump White House and Race - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Elite liberal press have to careful that they are not being played, this could be a strategic move by the Trump White House to keeps moderates in the Trump base happy, also it pushes the left NEVER to be happy, they have never accepted a Trump Presidency.   This blog has made it clear its views on POTUS and Race, the left has to be careful that their constant critical view turns off moderate white voters, the left think and lets be honest, you are the following if your a Conservative, of course you are " racist, anti green, wont pay tax to help the poor, anti gay, etc " of course its rubbish and there only so much self hate the TV viewer can take, one starts to feel sorry for Trump, and that should NEVER be the case, the man has sexist views on women, and needs a course on race relations in the US.   The left must not over play its hand, so far the usual Republican critics of Trump have come out, the base and most Republicans are keeping their heads, down, the left has to learn to play politics, they should have a talk with Francis Underwood, President Underwood has his faults, but he understands politics. 

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

The Class of President Obama when compared to Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In the tweet President Obama quotes Nelson Mandela on race, the views should have been those that President Trump should have used the first time when he reacted to the tragic events in Virginia, the former President speaks for all those can not stand racism or any other form of hatred, from religion to gender.  The question is WHAT NEXT, will the issue go away, for a time, yes, there is always North Korea or tax cuts a major part of the Trump Agenda.  Race is and will always be a flashpoint in US culture and politics, that was one of the failures of the Obama Administration, the first African - American President could not resolve an issue that is a tragic aspect of modern America. 

Donald Trump on Race in the US - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Republican Leadership should tell President Trump to resign or he will be impeached.  The VP, Mike Pence then could take over and try to repair the damage that Trump has done to race relationship in the US, under President Obama the first African - American President, who tried to be President of ALL the people, one would think that Obama would have handled this tragic mess in a better manner.   It is really time to tell the base it's OVER, and that Trump was not fit to be President.

Tuesday, August 15, 2017

The Left Wing Guardian and Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

IF the left wing Guardian is having a go at, it must be alright, there will need to be a transition period, one would not expect World trade to stop because the UK has left the EU.   The question is how LONG, it should be a few years,  there needs to be an end date, it can not be used to keep the UK in the EU.   Also the UK should not pay a farthing to the EU, as stated they need us more than we need them, the EU Countries will know be dominated by the Germans and their Bank.   The Kaiser would have loved the idea.

The UK post Brexit - UK and the EU Talks

Lets Get Real:

The EU should be grateful that we are offering them such a good deal, they export more to the UK than we export to the EU.   The EU has to learn that the gravy days of the UK paying billions to the EU is OVER, the remainers have to get the FACT that we are out of the EU. The act as if they are the elite, what they think is more important than what the people voted for in 2016.   As to giving cash to the EU, this blog is totally opposed, they owe us, we have given them billions over the years and for what, nothing much but bent bananas.   This is the time for the UK to stand up for itself, the EU needs us more than we need the EU.