Monday, July 06, 2015

Are Greek Banks under THREAT - Greek Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The European Central Bank, the lender of last resort can see Spain, Italy and others coming for money if they throw the rule book out to help Greece.    The value of Greek assents has to been in the context of a corrupt political structure, they have gone back on agreements, they play games, and so what is the worth Greek  collateral.  This blog would rather take collateral from the Assad Government in Syria and the Baghdad Government, yes this blog does not trust the Greeks.   The Greek crisis could become a cancer for the whole Euro, this would damage the UK economy, thus it would be better to cut off the damaged part, that is Greece and make sure that the rest of the Euro goes on. Tough outcomes are sometimes hard. 


ECB: Press release:  " ELA to Greek banks maintained
The Governing Council is closely monitoring the situation in financial markets and the potential implications for the monetary policy stance and for the balance of risks to price stability in the euro area. The Governing Council is determined to use all the instruments available within its mandate.  "

Lets Get Real: 

BBC News - Greece Live: Reports in its 7.04pm post the following on the above, The European Central Bank (ECB) will not be adjusting the amount of funding available to Greek banks.. "  In other words the Greek banks will need to get a new rich sugar daddy to keep them going, could this allow Russia to come to the support of the Greeks, that would make Putin even more of a threat to the EU and the West. 

Germany and Greece - Greece Crisis

Lets Get Real:

It is clear that Chancellor Merkel is not putting HER head on the line to save Greece at the expense of her own political future, that is the problem with any new call for a bailout of Greece, there are other leaders within Euro who will have to go back to their Parliaments to ask for more money for Greece, also there elections coming up in Spain, any relaxing of the Euro rules would mean that the extreme left could run on anti austerity message and get the Germans to pay the cost.   Thus expect tense days ahead, Germany is no push over, the Chancellor has to worry what her own Party might think if she tries to push another Greek bailout. 

Sunday, July 05, 2015

Shares will tank tomorrow - Greek Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The first signs should be the Asia markets, it can be expected with the trouble with China markets to add to the pressure, the UK and US markets should see a sell off due to the Asian results and the latest news from the EU and Greece.   The Greeks are deluded if they think that their banks will be open on Tuesday, they will be lucky if they are opened at the end of the week.   As stated the final decision is down to the ECB, do they throw out their tough rules on lending or do they throw the rules out of the window.   The Germans might have problems with the French, the French left it can be argued has more in common with the Greek left than mainstream French politics.   Also the Countries that have done austerity will be asking why Greece is given a pass when they went through tough economic reform.   Interesting days ahead. 

Greek PM looks for political lifeboat - Greece Crisis

Lets Get Rea:

The Greek PM will try to split France from Germany, also Italy, the government in Paris is left wing, thus one can expect that the Greek PM will play that up, one doubt that Paris will go against the will of Germany, it knows who has the cash in that relationship.    The European Central Bank could decide the fate of Greece, if the Bank does not give more money to the Greek banks they will go bust, thus the call for the return of the Greeks to a native currency.   The EU/IMF will not allow themselves to be blackmailed by Athens, there are tough rules for the problem of Athens, if the above throw them out then Spain and Italy will be next, then the whole system would go bankrupt.  Time for the Germans to stand tough against Greece. 

The Result of the Greek Referendum - Greek Crisis

Lets Get Real:
The Greeks might find that the Referendum was the easy thing to get pass, the German political class and the voters do not want to to get their wallets out to bailout the Greeks, the Greeks have to be thrown out of the Euro, its a murky toilet with no clean water in sight.   The Greek economic system needs a total reform from the role of the State to when people retire.  This will be harsh on the Greek in the short term, but in the long run it will benefit Greece. 

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

The Greek Referendum Vote - Greek Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Greek PM is bonkers, if the Greek people vote NO on July 5th they are out of the Euro even the EU.   The Germans will not put up with any more BS from the Athens or its PM.   The Germans are fed up with the Greeks, if the Greeks are not insulting them, the have their hand out for more money.    It seems that the Greek government and half the population are not living in the REAL WORLD.    The Greeks have to understand that they are owned by the Germans, without German Euros the Greeks would be international beggars, and why should the German tax payer pay for the political promises of a left wing government in Greece.   It time for the Greeks to find their classical dignity before its to late, VOTE YES ON THE 5TH.