Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Obama and Assad - The Odd Couple - 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

Odd bed fellows are no that unusual when it comes to WAR, in World War One, you had Republican France and Tsarist Russia as allies against Germany, then in World War 2 there was the alliance between Hitler's Germany and Stalin's Russia before Germany invaded Russia.   Then Russia become an ally of the Democratic West, e.g the US and the British.   What ever rhetoric that is used by the Oval any attacks by the US on IS will help Assad in Syria.   One would presume there are back channels to Assad, the Oval would not want Assad's air defences to shoot down a US plane when it is attacking IS.   Of course the back channel will be secret, nothing formal for a Congressional Committee to request an investigation.    Wars are a dirty business, not  just the fighting, your allies can be a mixed bag of relationships, even if you do not want them, the US could do a twin strike, hitting IS and Assad, that would be a brave and bold decision by the Oval. 

Obama and Syria Part 3 - 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

All politics is local as a famous Democrat Speaker once said, thus how will any US strikes effect US politics in the short and long term, the left of the Democratic Party will go nuts, the Oval should have the support of Republicans and moderates, the US voter on the other hand is WAR WEARY, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya now Syria, it never seems to end, endless War, also if there is blowback the Mid Terms could be a disaster for the Oval, liberal and left wing voters might not go out to vote, thus helping Republicans gain the Senate.   The political name calling has already started, Senator Paul has called Secretary Clinton a WAR HAWK, yes a Republican calling a Democrat that, that should help in the military States.    If the Wars are still going badly in 2016 and the Republican nominee is for less or no American action he could win, being called a War Hawk might not go down well with weary voters.   That is for the future, we shall see what develops. 

Obama and Syria Part 2- 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

The politics of the Middle East is murky, just look at Iran - Contra scandal during the 2nd term of the Reagan Administration, arming US enemies in this case Iran with arms while using funds from the sale to arm the Contra freedom fighters.   As the article notes a year ago the Oval wanted to bomb Assad but didn't, now it might end up bombing the enemies of Assad and helping the evil Assad Regime.   If your British you smile at the irony!! If your the Oval you are not smiling, history will record that Obama was the Hamlet of the Oval, one minute he wants the US and the UK to attack Syria and bring down the Assad Regime,  then he saves the Assad Regime by taking out IS or limiting its power to threaten.   IS will of course strike back, mission creep anyone!   

Obama and Syria - 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

The Obama Oval is sending out mix signals, as this blog tweeted yesterday the Obama White House is trying to scale back the rhetoric on IS, but as any one with a brain cell could see that if the Oval sees IS as a major threat to the Middle East and the US it has to take out IS in Syria.   There have been conflicting reporting on this issue by the papers, the liberal New York Times in a article quoted Middle East experts who stated that IS just wants to increase its presence in Iraq and Syria and is not a threat to the US, the future is a different issue.   Thus we have this article that sets up the Oval for strikes on Syria, it seems with President Obama we have a President who can not make up his mind, if he does not strike Syria this will be the second time he has bottled the issue.   The future of the Obama legacy after 2017 might depend on what action POTUS takes on Syria. 

Libya and Obama's 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

The most shocking thing about this attack as noted by the article is the FACT that neither Egypt or the UAE told the Oval, it shows how much a lame duck the Obama Presidency is to the rest of the World.   This might give others ideas, Israel will be looking to see how the Oval reacts to this news, does it place sanctions on these two Countries or more likely DO NOTHING, one could postulate that Oval will do nothing, the US State Department will issue a stern Statement then let it go, the Oval needs these ALL the friends it can get in the Middle East, thus more of passive policy by the Oval. 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Deep Breath - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real: 

Deep Breath was a fantastic intro to the 12/13.1 Doctor, even while the Doctor slept he was translating the words of the SPOILER, the relationship between the Doctor and Clara had to change due to the new Doctor being older, well if your have been around for two thousand years you might get old a bit, but that did not stop his interest in everything new, he would rather get out of a house through the window than through a door, that would be boring.   Thus we have a new DOCTOR in Peter Capaldi, the Doctor is in secure hands, edgy, wiser, willing to confront his past, always the DOCTOR, brave, more talking than fighting, but also somewhat cynical, but fun.   In many respects it was really joint intro, Clara played by Jenna Coleman, reacted as any would react if someone they liked suddenly changed, it took time for her get used to the new Doctor, I look forward to their bickering, like father and daughter.   Lets hope we have many years of Capaldi and Coleman, but with the Doctor you never know. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Will POTUS Strike Syria ? - Syria Crisis

Lets Get Real:

President Obama will get a 2nd chance to correct a mistake when he didn't bomb Syria when the Assad Regime used WMD on its people, this time it will not be Assad that gets bombed it will be IS.   The Oval can not bottle a 2nd chance to strike Syria, yes the action will have risks, but the lack of action will help IS.    The downside for the US and the poor Syria people is that by bombing IS it will help the Assad Regime, there is no way around that, all choices when it comes to Iraq and Syria are lesser evil choices.   If POTUS had armed the secular rebels at the start then it can be argued that IS might  not be the threat it is now, but that debate is for the history books, the Oval has to ACT and soon, IS is to much of a threat to the Middle East and the West.