Monday, October 20, 2014

IS in Turkey, WHERE ELSE? - War on Terror 2

Lets Get Real:

The EU and NATO should have their intelligence bodies on the look out for IS within, as the US and its Allies carry on bombing one would not be surprised if IS tries something in the West, the terrorist group can not take on the US in the air, even if it does have planes,  thus it will look for weak spots in the West.   IS is as much of a threat as Al Qaeda, it has control of vast areas of Syria and Iraq, and is a State in may ways, that is why its a threat, it can not be allowed to control the oil of Iraq, and become a regional threat to the other States in the region, even Iran.    The only good news is that Iran and IS hate each other, on the other hand this places the West on the same page as Iran, not great.   The Middle East is a bomb that could go off at any time, lets hope we have wise leaders in the West. 

US Weapons Drop on Kobane - War on Terror 2

Lets Get Real:

Thus the US had bombed IS with the help of the Kurds, now its is dropping arms and other military equipment to help the Kurds, IN the above Secretary Kerry makes them out to be the plucky underdog, one can see the dots now, what if the Kurds of Kobane need US military presence on the ground or face losing to the IS.   This would place the Oval in real political trouble, after the red lines disaster the Oval might have not choice but to help the Kurds.  One wonders what the Turks would make of that, of course IS wants the US to place troops in Syria and Iraq, the fight would be more equal, the US would lose troops.   The US voter is not ready for that yet, it might be never ready, but that will be the end result, the US back in Iraq, in the air and ground. 

Turkey MOVES on Kobane - War on Terror 2

BBC News: Reports " In a policy reversal, Turkey is to allow Iraqi Kurdish fighters to cross the Syrian border to fight Islamic State (IS) militants in Kobane. "

Lets Get Real:

The Oval must have placed a lot of pressure on Turkey to allow this, also the home politics of Turkey might have also added to this decision, there HAVE been many Kurds in Turkey who have protested that they have not been allowed to fight with their fellow Kurds.   Also Kobane has become the symbol for the Oval of the fight against IS.   As the article notes the US had dropped weapons and other equipment for the Kurds.    The Oval and its allies can not afford to see Kobane fall, there has not been that much success in the bombing of Syria and Iraq, a win of Kobane by IS would be a PR disaster.   There will be a lot more bombing of Kobane before it ends. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Kobane Update 2 - War on Terror 2

Lets Get Real:

At least this report gives hope that the airstrikes are working, the question is how long the US and its allies will have to bomb Kobane, at what point will IS give up and allow Kobane to come back under the control of the Kurds.    The US can not bomb Kobane forever, at some point the Kurds will need to get extra troops to Kobane and the US and its allies will have to help, this means more pressure on Turkey, to  get off their backsides and help its Western allies if it ever want to get into the EU.   Lets hope Kobane is not a strategic diversion, that IS throwing their own men to death as way to divert attention as they get closer to Baghdad and taking Iraq. 

Kobane Update - War on Terror 2

Lets Get Real:

On the Kobane front no real movement as such, IS is still in Kobane, even if reports from last week gave the impression that one more push or airstrike would force them out.   The IS are getting constant airstrikes and are still there, the above headlines is what you get when you do not have Western spotters on the ground with the Kurds.    One can see that there will more reports of the innocent being killed, that does not help the Western course, the West needs to keep Arab opinion that supports the airstrikes on its side, thus the blog is advising the Oval to get US Special Forces in to Kobane, this would limit the innocent being killed, thus limiting any success from the view of IS.    Kobane has become central to Western success, if IS takes Kobane it would control the border between Turkey and Syria.  The Turks just wait, are they afraid to fight or on holiday.   The Oval needs to place 100% pressure on Turkey to get off its backside and ACT, this is not the time to play games. 

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Will Afghanistan become the " New " South Vietnam - War on Terror 2

Lets Get Real:

As this blog and experts on Afghanistan have stated the Taliban will use the withdrawal of Western troops as a way to claim victory over the West, as Afghanistan rebels have done with the removal of the British Empire and the old USSR from Afghanistan.   After the majority of Western troops have left Afghanistan by the end of 2014 the Taliban and its allies will increase attacks on the new Government as a way to show that they are really in charge of the Country outside Kabul.    The US can expect that the Taliban will try to increase attacks on the US Embassy and US Personnel in Afghanistan, this is just the start of a low level war in Afghanistan, peace and Afghanistan is not something that goes together, pity the poor Afghans in the middle.