Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Brexit Talks in Mexican Standoff - Brexit Update 2 - Transitional Talks

Lets Get Real:

It is a pity that the LEFT WING Guardian is not as TOUGH on the EU as it is on Dominic Cummings.  The HARD REMAINERS at the Guardian and the EU want to lock the UK in a deal that would tie the hands of the UK when it comes to OUR FISH.  The EU must be TOLD, it's our way or the highway for the EU.  If they want to fish in our waters they must agree to our terms.  The BBC/Guardian Mob will turn to BREXIT once the Cummings story ends, one way or another.  At the end of the day it is about BREXIT, both the EU talks and the Cummings mess.  The PM should stand firm.  Do what Thatcher would do, stand your ground PM. 

Conservative MPs demand that Cummings GOES - Health/Politics

Sky News: Reports in its 5.41pm post the following, " More than 30 Tory MPs want Cummings to go  "

Lets Get Real:

Those Conservative MPs that have added to the chorus demanding that Dominic Cummings be sacked need to be seen by the Chief Whip, the PM needs a tough whip who has files on ALL MPs, and should remind them that they were elected by the Boris Mandeate and if they want to get re-elected they should either shut up or find a mic and express their total support for the PM.   These MPs have to much time on their hands, they needed back in the House of Commons, were they can viewed and if needed a firm talk by the Chief Whip.  What local associations give can be taken away by Central Office if they do not have the Whip.

EU/UK Talks Update - Brexit Update 1 - Transitional Talks

Lets Get Real:

It seems the effects of COVID - 19 on the EU economy has finally gotten in to the brains of Ministers in Paris and Germany.  Let's see if the EU does relax its view, the UK as stated has to be firm with the EU, our WATERS and OUR FISH.  Take it or leave it.  If a free trade agreement can be made that is good, that benefits the UK and the EU, the UK should not take ANY DEAL, that is what the hard remainers want, PM Boris can not be diverted by the Dominic Cummings mess, or the rebels on the backbenches, all they are need to do is, hit their mark, eg turn up to the HOUSE OF COMMONS and vote for Conservative Bills.   There are hardly any Churchills or Thatchers in this group or even a Harold Wilson who resigned from the 1945 Labour Government over health policy.  KEEP FIRM BORIS.

Monday, May 25, 2020

Joe Biden's apology TOUR - US Election 2020

Lets Get Real:

As stated the LIBERAL MEDIA, and this blog includes SKY NEWS in that covers for Biden by having his record of support for African - Americans.   The Trump Campaign will use this throw away remark to try to hurt Biden, the question will it work, for the majority of African - Americans not, but on the margins it might, and if it's a close election that margin could be very important.   Biden is known to have a foot in mouth problem, what will he be like with the constant campaign, he can not campaign in his basement forever, he needs to get out to shake hands and to show people that he is not old and a moron to boot.   The 2020 campaign will be the dirties on record, this is no Reagan' up beat campaign in 1984.  It is trench warfare in 2020.

Back off being critical of Dominic Cummings - COVID - 19 - Health/Politics

Lets Get Real:

Those Conservatives calling for the head of Mr Cummings should recall that he got them BREXIT in 2016 and helped Boris Johnson win the 2019 General Election.  The MPs are back in town next week, the Chief Whip needs to get his WHIP out, get people back in to line, the Conservative backbenchers are always up in arms over something, that is why a good Chief Whip is needed.  Mr Cummings is great at strategy, that can cause problems for lesser people.  The PM should keep Mr Cummings no matter what others think, he needs him to sell his NO BREXIT OUTCOME if that is the result of the UK/EU talks.   SUPPORT MR CUMMINGS, he is what the Conservative Party needs.

Friday, May 22, 2020

Joe Biden foot in mouth over African Americans - US Presidential Election 2020

Lets Get Real:

This will be used by the Republicans to say that Democrats take the African - American vote for granted.  " Creepy " Joe Biden who is faces an alleged sexual assault charge has a habit of a foot in mouth problem, in the late 1980s he had to withdraw from the race when it was found that he had nicked a speech from then Labour Leader in the UK.  One can expect that the LIBERAL MEDIA will bury this story, CNN and other liberal platforms hate Trump so much they will cover for their candidate.  Let's recall the liberal New York Times cover for Stalin in the 1930s.  It is always the same, the media covered up for JFK while he had his numerous affairs.  It is always one rule for Democrats and another for everyone else, even more so if you are  a Republican or a Conservative. 

COVID - 19 Update 1 - Health

Lets Get Real:

One has to ask WHY NOW?, the official reason is that if the quarantine had placed at a early period then it would have not worked as the virus was in the community, after weeks of self isolation the R number is now down below 1.  Thus with the R number down it is an effective tool to counter COVID - 19.   The airline industry will not be happy and they might need a bailout from the Government, one doubts that there will be many people taking a holiday abroad at the moment, not if they have to self -isolate for two weeks after coming home.   The Government really must get the economy and the UK moving, the UK citizens are starting to get peeved with the Government and the restrictions.  If the US is opening and so is Europe the UK will should open soon, we need to be able to have a pint without being under the threat of arrest.