Wednesday, June 22, 2016



VOTE LEAVE for the UK to control its Borders

VOTE LEAVE for the UK Voter to decide UK Laws

VOTE LEAVE for the UK  as to allow Voters to control its own Welfare Sate



Monday, June 20, 2016

The FALL of Donald Trump? - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Campaign made a mistake in keeping its Campaign Manager after winning the nomination, the Donald needs staff who know how to run a General Campaign, of keeping the base happy and getting them money in, the mistakes of Trump are down to the fact that there is no one to tell him he is wrong and to shut up, every campaign needs a Robert Kennedy or a Nancy Reagan, people who understand the candidates and who can not get sacked.   It looks like the Trump is heading for one of the biggest political loses in history, think 1964 when it was LBJ vs. Goldwater or 1984 when it was Reagan vs. Mondale.   The ego of Trump will be its downfall. 

Sunday, June 19, 2016

Immigration Breaking Point = Nazi propaganda

Lets Get Real:
The Remain Camp has to be careful when using terms such as Nazi Propaganda when discussing the OUT Campaign.  IN supporting OUT a voter is not a racist, this comes across as the political elite not understanding the voter, it annoys them, this blog will vote OUT, because it knows that the Remain side will win, one does wonder if the Chancellor is looking to retire after the EU Vote, he is not making friends within the Conservative Party and he is not popular in the Country. 

Corbyn on Immigration - Live Update 2

Lets Get Real:

As noted in previous post the lose words by Jeremy Corbyn on Immigration will be used by the OUT campaign, there are still a few days to go, the Remain Camp could still lose if it is not tight in its language, the Remain camp should stress the economy and negative impact of a OUT vote.  The next few days will be interesting!   It will be interesting to see the polls over the next few days, let see if Remain can keep its ground and build on it. 

No Immigration Limits - Jeremy Corbyn

Lets Get Real:

The above remarks will be used by the Leave Campaign as an example how the UK political elite are out of touch with the UK voter.    The blog has made it clear that it is sure that the UK will remain and the polls are starting to show that trend, but these kind of remarks are political IED's and will stay in the memory of the voter.  The blog is going to bet that the margin of victory for the Remain campaign will be around 4% to 5%, any more of the above remarks and it could be very close.

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Trump on Guns - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

Thus the Donald has upset the Republicans again, this time with his call all for gun control, one has to wonder WHY NOW, why not yesterday, that is easy, the Trump Camp saw that the Donald was getting hit by the White House and Hillary Clinton and could not deal with the attacks, thus his new policy on guns.    In reality it could be argued that HRC, President Obama and the Donald are on the same side, the Republicans in the Senate and the House will not be happy, the NRA supports them with money, they do not want to see any threats to gun rights, they see liberal policy as the first step to remove weapons from US Citizens.   This blog supports tough gun control, there is no need for Americans to have guns, its the job of the police and State police to help and support people.   The only other body to have guns should be the National Guard and the US Army.    There is no need for guns in US at all.

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

The POLLS are WRONG, the UK will stay in the UK

Lets Get Real:

This BLOG hates to be wrong, even if it disagrees with the subject under discussion, thus the UK will vote to leave in the EU, the EU has made sure that smaller or poorer Countries such as Wales and Scotland get a lot of dosh, that is money to the great unwashed, thus neither Scotland or Wales are going to cut their economic throats, they will vote in, the major cities can be expected to vote in, there are various population trends that help the Remain Camp.  Thus it can be expected that that the Remain will have a victory of around 4% to 5% at the end of day.  The one way to make London listen is for it to be a close vote,. thus you can vote NO and be sure it does not cost, the UK will remain in the UK and you get to show that your anti EU.  THE POLLS ARE WRONG, thus the stock market should have a coffee and relax, as of the 24the the UK will still be in the EU.