Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Foul Murder in East Ukraine, Linked to Russian Protesters - Ukraine Latest

Lets Get Real:

The Geneva agreement is DEAD, the Russians are not leaving East Ukraine, President Putin sees this as his chance to reform the old Russian Empire, or a more limited USSR, he wants to go down in history as the man that bought back the glory to Russia after the fall of the USSR.   Thus it can be argued that Putin does not care about the sanctions of the West or what the Western media call him, he runs the media in Russia, that ALL that matters to him, the Oval does not have the backbone to help Ukraine and the military forces of the Ukraine are never going to be strong enough to defend its homeland.   Thus Putin has gained the Crimea and now East Ukraine all under the watch of President Obama, one wonders what history will say of the Obama Era. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

The Obama Strategy on Russia - Ukraine Crisis 3

The New York Times: Reports that President Obama is looking to follow a new policy of containment mark 2 when it comes to Russia, the article notes the following, " by cutting off its economic and political ties to the outside world, limiting its expansionist ambitions in its own neighborhood and effectively making it a pariah state. ".

Lets Get Real:

The article gives the impression that President Obama has no interest in Foreign Policy, its almost a bore, that he wants to in the last two hand half years if Office deal with other areas, if this is the TRUTH of the article, then the World is in BIG trouble, AN American President might want a lot of things, the World is does not wait for POTUS to get his finger out, also Putin is not just going to accept what Obama wants, he could cause problems in Afghanistan, with Iran and Syria, and since the US does not have Space Shuttle any more what if Russia says no to taking Americans in to Space and other joint co - operations end, Obama can not go deaf because he wants too, Obama really needs his own Leo ( West Wing ) someone who he trusts but also can take the bark off, someone who can tell him some home truths he might not like to hear. 

End of the Geneva Deal on Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis Latest 2

Lets Get Real:

The Russian Bear has  either lost control of these pro Russian protesters or it has opened a box it can not control, either KGB Putin can bring the pro Russian protesters to the DEAL or the world will know his and Russia's word is no good,   The question does Putin want to the protesters to STOP, this is chance to being back part of the old USSR.   If this happens President Obama will not have a good historical record after 2017, the old World order that stopped with the demise of the old USSR would be bought back or a more limited scale but it would be back, the idea that the old threats were over would require serious review, those old Kremlin hands would have their jobs back at the Universities, at least Putin is not a Communist, also this blog has seen TV footage of him with his mother in a Cathedral, so Putin is a man of faith, depends of course if he has gone nuts, if that is the case then ALL bets are off. 

Incident in East Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real:

This has the smell of a set up, the Russians were playing the West at the Geneva meeting, they are going for a policy of annexation of East Ukraine, then the entire Ukraine, the West, and this means the US and the EU have to impose harsh sanctions on the Kremlin, it has to get the message, this is not the days of the old Cold War, Russia is NOT a super power as is the US and a growing EU, its a Country will the oil, if not much else, IT lost the Cold War, POTUS might be right, its ONLY a regional power, who is fighting above its weight, time it grew up and its people got a backbone and threw OUT Putin. 

Friday, April 18, 2014

What does Putin want in Eastern Ukraine? - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real:

This is Russian testing the US and the EU, the Kremlin is waiting to see if the West has the bottle to place painful sanctions on Russia, if not then the Kremlin will see it as the green light to take the whole of the Ukraine.   The Russians have one ACE, they supply gas to Germany and other close States, if they turn the tap off then these Countries will suffer on the economic front, the long term loser would be Russia, a break of gas would force these Countries to get other supplies or start to produce their own, its a one shot deal for Russia, if the West calls its bluff then Russia  might be the biggest loser. 

US and the UK on the Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis Latest

The White House: Readout of telephone call between President Obama and PM Cameron of the UK, The President and Prime Minister Cameron of the United Kingdom spoke today regarding their deep concern about the situation in eastern Ukraine.  The President commended the government of Ukraine’s approach to today’s discussions in Geneva, where it put forward constructive proposals to expand local governance and ensure the rights of all Ukrainians are protected.  The leaders stressed that Russia needs to take immediate, concrete actions to de-escalate the situation in eastern Ukraine, including by using its influence over the irregular forces in eastern Ukraine to get them to lay down their arms and leave the buildings they have seized.  As the President has said, we will look for the Russians to quickly follow through on their commitments in Geneva in this regard.  The President and the Prime Minister agreed that the United States and Europe are prepared to take further measures to impose costs on Russia if this de-escalation does not occur in short order. ".

Lets Get Real:

The EU main players, Germany, France and the UK, have to take action if Russia fails to get its supporters to leave the buildings they hold in East Ukraine, the EU could forbid EU companies from doing business in Russia, also freeze the assets of rich Russians who have residence in the EU.   The Putin Regime can be bought  down, the EU and the US have to have the backbone to get REAL, take the economic pain and force Putin to face the results of his actions, otherwise the EU and NATO will have to safeguard its Eastern Allies with troops. 

Is the Geneva Ukraine DEAL, DOA on Arrival - Ukraine Crisis Latest

Lets Get Real:

If the pro Russian protesters in the East of Ukraine do not give up the buildings they have taken and give back the guns they stole then we know that Russia was playing games in Geneva, of course there could be an internal struggle between the Kremlin and its Foreign Office, it would not be the first country to have that problem, it has happened in the UK and the USA.  President Putin does not come across as a guy that likes his orders questioned, thus one has to assume that it was a Kremlin play to get the West to back off, thus the agreement by the Russians to the Geneva Agreement, pure PR, the Russians want the entire Ukraine.   Thus WHAT NEXT, the West has to be serious, thus more sanctions, the kind that really hurt, ban US business from Russia and also EU Countries will have to accept pain, Putin has to be bought to heel and fast.