Thursday, August 27, 2015

Was Warren G. Harding a good President ?

Lets Get Real:

It is interesting how history treats US Presidents, how they look either good or bad after a few years. One has to say that Harding comes across as more fun that President Wilson and more forward thinking that most people of the age.   In the mind of this blogger, the best US President was Ronald Reagan, he hat it all, a spirit of hope for the US, he could manage the relationship between the White House and the Congress and he ended the Cold War with the help of President Gorbachev, not bad for a former actor.   The most over rated President is President Kennedy, his early death makes it hard to say what kind of President he could have been, but his action in Cuba and Vietnam hurt the US image.  The failed invasion at the Bay of Pigs lead to the Cuban Missile Crisis.   The one act of greatness by President Kennedy was not bombing the Cuban missile sites after the shoot down of the US plane, also doing the secret deal with USSR over the Turkish missiles.  The most under rated President is President Lyndon Johnson, he pushed for civil rights, and more government spending on the problems faced by the US, the major negative was of course Vietnam.   When you think of LBJ its Vietnam that you most connect with the LBJ period, the error was that LBJ knew the War was a mistake but did not know how to end it, that cost the lives of thousands of Americans. 

The Trump Factor - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The Bush campaign has to up its game, the Donald is running away with the nomination, they have to spend their hundred million of dollars in taking down Donald Trump, one can assume after his comments on women that the Trump will lose a majority of the female vote in 2016, his immigration plan will lose with those of an ethnic background, how can you throw out millions of people, it is not American.    On the other side Biden IF he is getting in to the race has to act, Iowa is not that far away in election terms, also there is the need for money.   2016 in its own right could be a very interesting race. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Daesh in War Crime - Daesh Crisis

BBC News: Reports " Islamic State (IS) has published images of what appears to be the destruction of the Temple of Baalshamin at the ancient ruins of Palmyra in Syria. "

Lets Get Real:

At some point the West will have to send in ground troops to take out Daesh, they are a threat to the civic and physical structure of the Middle East.   Daesh (IS) fighters have no concern about modern values of the West.   How many men, women, and children have to be killed by Daesh before the West gets its head out of the sand and does something that will lead to the destruction of Daesh.   Time to ACT is now, later might be to late for many people and buildings in Syria and Iraq. 

Tony Blair and Iraq - The Lessons of the Iraq War

Lets Get Real:

Thus we are now getting leaks from the the IRAQ Inquiry, this kind of leaking helps no one and makes the proceess look political.    The Iraq Inquiry needs to get its act together and publish a draft version of its review of the events leading up to the War, then a full text when all is finished.    The blog supported the Iraq War, thus has a different view from the Inquiry results.    The reason for this view is simple, Iraq was a regional threat that had to be dealt with, the failure by the Allies was was do to after victory.    Also at present it can be argued that the US and the UK has to go back to Iraq, Daesh has to be removed, thus the past is the past, we must look forward to the US and the UK going back in to Iraq. 

Friday, August 21, 2015

North Korea Update - North Korea " Crisis "

Lets Get Real:

Everyone shows their teeth, thus above the US side, and North Korea goes on its annual rant about WAR, the South Koreans will be told by the US not to start  a war over  PR loudspeakers. everyone then after a few days goes back in their natural boxes in till next year.   The North Korean Army is large but its military structure and machines are old hat, while the South Koreans have the latest US equipment.    One would assume that North Korea does not have a death wish. 

The Idiot in North Korea and his phony threats - North Korea

Lets Get Real:

Kim Jong- un is a spoiled child who rants when he is left alone, this latest development should be ignored, the North WILL NEVER attack South Korea, as the reaction from the US and its allies would be to wipe out North Korea, even China would never allow it to get that far, they do not need a nuclear disaster on their doorstep.    The North Koreans should carry on with their public PR over the border, they should tell North Korea to grow up or find a leader who is less of an idiot.    This annual rant from the North is boring, it only happens when the US and South Korea have pre planned military operations together.   The Idiot from the North should be told to get back in to his box, it does not want the West to see him as a real threat, then the US and it allies would have to act, and the loser would be North Korea and China. 

Clinton unsafe with British Security - Email Scandal - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

This story is like Chinese Water torture, drip by drip the Clinton PR on the email scandal is falling apart.   One has to assume, China, Russia, North Korea did try and might have been successful in any attempt to break the security on the secret Clinton server.  One would also has to assume that secrets on the server were read by the enemies of the US.   It can be argued that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has to consider her position.  How can it be right for others to see their careers wrecked and even jail time for lesser offences.   There needs to be a scapegoat from the Clinton Camp, if you're were or are on the Clinton staff you have to be worried that you will be thrown under the bus.