Monday, July 27, 2015

The US, Turkey vs. The Kurds and Daesh

Lets Get Real:

The US should place US troops in the buffer zone within Syria, this could seen as the US protecting its ally Turkey, but also making sure that Turkey does not think its a free fire zone to target the Kurds.    The Obama obsession with a Iran deal has come through, thus its time for the Oval Office to deal with Daesh in Syria and Iraq.    The Western allies could use the buffer zone as away to place special forces in Syria, take the fight to IS and keep an eye on what the Syrians get up to, to check any use of WMD that Assad still has when the war reaches crisis point for his regime.    Of course the devil is in the details!

Buffer Zone in Syria - Daesh Threat

Lets Get Real:

This is an excellent development, the US and Turkey can now have a grown up strategy to deal with IS, the worry is that Turkey will go after the Kurds for internal Turkish reasons.   The US should offer to guard the buffer zone, this should ease the worries of the Kurds and also allow the US to place ground troops IN Syria to fight IS.   This is going to be a long WAR, the above development allows for a full strategy to deal with Daesh in Syria and Iraq. 

Sunday, July 26, 2015

Trump LEADS Republican Field in a new Poll

Lets Get Real:

It is early voter, no need to worry yet, one can see the ego of Trump fraying after months on the Campaign trail, and then there are the debates to go through.   The Republicans should choose either Governors Bush or Walker as their nominee, this blog favours Jeb Bush, he has been a Governor and has a family that he can fall back on in a crisis.   Thus watch the race its fun, the serious business starts later on in the year. 

Clinton email scandal is Criminal - Trump

Lets Get Real:

The Clintons have to hand over their server to clear ALL this mess, the idea that the World should take the word of Hillary Clinton would be funny if it was not so serious.   The Trump is right, if this was anyone else the liberal media would be  ALL over it, just think Richard Nixon and how the press would have reacted if he had burned half his tapes, by stating that they were just personal stuff, it would be on the news 24/7.  On the other and this blog has made it clear if Trump gets the Republican nomination it will support HRC 24/7.    The world is to serious at this moment to help the Trump ego. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

The Clinton Email Scandal - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

This shows that Secretary Hillary Clinton is unfit to be the next President of the United States, one can assume that enemy powers will have tried to break the security of the server and might have had success, the Clinton Camp should have over the server to be checked to see how much classified information was sent and to see if it was hacked.   The Clintons will claim its a right wing attack, but that is not true, this mess is down to Hillary Clinton and her campaign team.    The Democrats need a new prospects to be their nominee. 

UK Soldier Dies of Afghan wounds - Afghan War

Lets Get Real:

This should be the last soldier to die of his wounds sustained in Afghanistan, let our thoughts go to the family of Lance Corporal Campbell at this sad time.   As of 2001 the UK has lost 454 of its Armed Forces Personnel in Afghanistan, of that total it has lost 405 in combat action, while 49 have lost due to illness, accidents or other incidents. 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Turkey to allow US to strike Daesh from Turkey - Daesh Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The US should now be able  to hit Daesh hard, the War on Daesh has gone off the news of late, the US needs to consider the sending of ground troops, that is the only way to bring down Daesh.   The US and the UK should use its special forces to undermine Daesh, the War in Syria is messy, you have Assad supported by Iran and Russia, then you have various Islamic groups, which includes Daesh, then you have the forces that are being developed by the West to fight Daesh, this is going very slow, its time to get going, the next US President will have to deal with the mess that Obama has left in the region, the Oval Office could help by rethinking its only air policy, it will not work and risks the shooting down of a pilot.  The Obama Administration has to take the War in Syria and Iraq and develop a good strategy, so far not great on that front.   Lets hope the above helps.