Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Senator Warren for the Democratic Nomination - Election 2016

The New York Times: Reports on the growing support from Republicans for Senator Warren to be the Democratic nominee in 2016, the article notes the following " Ms. Warren represents Republicans’ best hope for an expensive, prolonged battle for the Democratic nomination, weakening Mrs. Clinton along the way, political operatives on both sides say. "

Lets Get Real:

In reality its only 2015,  and we have  nearly a year of this kind of commentary to come, the VERY LIBERAL NYT it seems is supporting the Clinton Camp, not by choice really but due to hard politics, they think that Hillary Clinton will be the nominee, thus they want to build bridges.   If they could really chose they would go with Senator Warren or another Democratic African - American candidate.   The NYT will spend the next two years trying to make sure that the Democrats pick their kind of Democrat or someone they can work with in the future.   Thus expect calls for no one to challenge HC, that Party unity is important.  On the other hand should Senator Warren run it will be hard for the liberal NYT, they will want to support her, but will know she would never get elected President, IF Warren runs and catches fire with the liberal base of the Democratic Party she could give HC a run for her money.   THUS WARREN FOR THE DEMOCRAT NOMINATION 

Ukraine vs. Russia - The Cold War 2

Lets Get Real:

The Kremlin is putting two fingers up to the West and the Obama Oval, the sneaky Russian bear is placing its troops in the Ukraine to fight the Kiev Government.   The West should go hard on Russia, as suggested by one Fox anchor, the US should block all credit transactions from Russia.   Thus would cut people going to Russia to visit and reduce Western interest in any business in Russia.   The Russians think that the Obama Oval is weak and only has two years to go, so they have decided to play him.    The Obama Oval has given its hand out to Moscow, but all that the Oval gets is a snub.    The Russian bear respects an enemy who stands up to it, then the game is understood by both sides, the look of weakness by the Obama Oval could cause a major crisis within the next two years, think Cuba and 1962.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The FUTURE of Greece - Euro Crisis Update

Lets Get Real:

Either the EU holds the line or every Country with election will have Parties of the extreme spending German money on their own promises.  The EU can make the loans to Greece on a longer period, but they can not write off billions, it would make the Euro in the long term a dagger in the heart of those Countries that do not have a corrupt political system, the German tax payer is not going to pay for the political promises of Greece, Spain or Italy.   Of course in typical EU style they might find a solution that no one understands and push the issue down the road, lets see what the Germans say over the next few days.

POTUS on 50% Approval - 2nd Term Blues

Gallup: Reports in its daily tracking that President Obama has gained a 50% Approval rating, while 45% Disapprove of the Obama record

Lets Get Real:

The Oval Office is having a good session, as noted the Kurds have pushed IS out of Kobane, the US economy is showing growth, the Oval has tried outreach to Cuba, and the Iran talks are still going on.  Of course its January, lets see what the Oval numbers are at the end of the year, if POTUS has strong numbers then VP Biden might take the risk and run against Hillary Clinton, yes its funny, but other odd things have happened in Presidential Elections.   The Oval Office should use his high poll numbers as political cash to get his Agenda through the Republican Congress, its not going to happen but it will define the race for the year and for 2016. 

Kurds BEAT IS in Kobane - New War on Terror

Lets Get Real:

This is a great PR win for the Kurds and the Obama Oval, it shows that in the fight for Kobane the best policy was to use US planes in the air and Kurds on the ground.   As the article notes IS has actually gained more land since the US started bombing and to be fair to the Obama Oval it has stated that the fight will take years.   Thus a good day for President Obama and the people of Kobane. 

Monday, January 26, 2015

The Greek Banks - Greek Crisis Part 3

Lets Get Real:

The new Greek Government has to start to worry that the people of Greece on the safe side will take their money out of the banks, leading to a banking economic crisis, the people of Greece are wise, they will understand that either the EU has to buckle or the new Greek Government has to go back on its promises.   The EU can move a bit, but Germany will not pay for the promises of a left wing Party in Greece, that opens as stated for other Governments within the EU to back on their deals.   The coming days and weeks should show how strong the new Greek Government is, can it keep its promises or does it have to row back, at present it could either way, poor Greece. 

What NEXT for Greece Part 2 - The Greek Crisis

Lets Get Real:

IF Germany pulls the plug on Greece what should Greece do, that is simple, it should go back to its old home made currency, yes there will be serious economic results, people will take their money out of the banks in Euros and then keep them to see what happens with the new currency.   The prices in the shops will go up, but better than kind of quick pain than a cancer that grows on the body politic of Greece.   If Greece prints it own money it can control the economy better, and write off some of the money it owes to the banks.   Better the hard road taken now, than one that leads to more pain.  What the classical Greeks would make of this, is any ones guess, the birth place of Democracy has failed its people and the system.