Monday, September 15, 2014

Al Qaeda and IS - The Terror Threat

Lets Get Real:

As much as a threat to the West that IS is, one should never take one's eyes off the constant threat from Al Qaeda, they want another major terror event to place themselves back on the map, thus Western intelligence should have their eyes and ears open for chatter.   As 9/11 and 7/7 has shown it only takes a few men to cause major destruction and damage.    IS and Al Qaeda share the same terrorist mind set, one can not say that IS would not give Al Qaeda Western men with clean passports as to mount another 9/11 operation.  The above is the reason that the NSA has to bug everybody, its for the security of the West and to save people. 

Hillary Clinton and Iowa - 2016 Race

Lets Get Real:

The race is on folks for the Democratic nomination in 2016, at this stage it has to be Hillary Clinton is the only runner, and in less some brave Democrat raises to the challenge she will be the Democratic Nominee in 2016.  Lets recall Hillary was fav in 2008 and she lost to then Senator Obama, so the Clinton brand can lose, the Democratic left does not trust  Hillary, thus it can be expected that someone will run to her left, what about Biden, sorry that was a joke, then there is Senator Warren the darling of the liberal left, that would be great for the Republicans if she beat Clinton, the Republicans would destroy a liberal left candidate for President, the US wants a strong right wing leader, thus the need for the Republicans to get another Ronald Reagan, that is not easy in the present field.   Thus it will be interesting to see the twist and turns in the race, its going to be a long two and half years of polls, elections, great if your a political geek. 

NATO and the Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is of symbolic importance, it tells the Russian Bear that NATO is serious when it come so the security of the Ukraine, the Russians will see from this deployment that the West when pushed can match its rhetoric.   Lets hope that the Russians get this message, and do not cause an incident that would bring Russians troops in to conflict with the West, mistakes occur, the fog of war, can lead to events developing out of the control of leaders.   One can expect that Moscow will keep a firm hand over its troops in Eastern Ukraine, even if it can not control the Russian rebels all the time. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Obama vs. Reagan and the Middle East

Lets Get Real:

They ALL want to be Reagan, when in the Oval and you see what President Reagan got away with and how much the critics jump on you if you make even small mistakes, you can really get annoyed by Reagan and the myth of Reagan.  What must really get under the skin of POTUS is the fact the he was supposed to be the liberal Reagan.   That has not happened, he now has the same poll ratings as Bush 43, the President that Obama has been critical of for the past six years, that must be a tough scar.    The difference between Reagan and Obama is the fact, that one was a good politician, knew how to deal, worked with Congress, while Obama only seems happy if people are fainting at his feet, when the applause goes away and people are looking for the next President the job can make you old before your time, just look at the  hair of POTUS its gone white, Reagan looked great at the end of his Presidency.   The Great Communicator was a Master on how to use the Oval to get his agenda across, he dealt with Congress very much like LBJ, while Obama has no interest in the Hill, one can almost say he hates the Hill, he can not deal or has no interest in dealing.   One can postulate that Obama thinks he is an Imperial President, but again they all think that after some time, its the nature of the job, but at least Gipper could laugh at himself, one has seen that POTUS does not have much of a sense of humour, that could be his FLAW. 

President Obama on the Murder of David Haines - New War on Terror

Lets Get Real:

The idea that air strikes alone will take down IS is WRONG, at the end of the day it will take US/UK Special Forces, the air planes need spotters for the targets, the local secular rebels need to be trained in Syria and the Iraq Army has to be built from scratch, it will take that dreadful word to leaders, boots on the ground to finish the job, anything else is just a plaster. On the non military side the CIA and MI6 should take down the oil fields the control of IS and also make sure they do not make any money from the selling of this illegal oil, there is always a market for cheap oil.   IS it has been stated has about 1 billion dollars in reserve, lets hope that is WRONG also, they could buy lot of weapons on the black market for that mind of cash.   This is going to be a VERY long War, some Wars never end, there are just high and lows, were at a high moment at this moment, what will IS do when it has killed ALL its hostages, take more, use terror on Western Europe, time will only tell the future. 

Will Scotland leave the UK ? - VOTE NO

BBC - Referendum Vote Live: Report on the latest poll of polls  from Scotland, the No campaign leads by 51% to 49%.

Lets Get Real:

In my political black soul I want Scotland to leave, that makes a political sense to a Conservative, it would mean Labour could never form a majority Government in London, if in 2015 Labour does win by having Scottish MPs while they are leaving it will make a government weak, you could not have departing Scots telling the rest of the UK what government it should  have for the next five years.  It is the political interest of Labour to get their bloody vote out, time to makes those calls, knock on doors, get those people out, but the fear of God in to them, once Scotland leaves that IS IT.  There is no coming back with your tail between your legs when it turns out to be a disaster.    Make my black political smile and leave, but as am loyal subject of the Crown, stay even if it means a Labour Government.  YOUR CHOICE, DO YOU WANT YOUR WALLET AT THE DISPOSAL OF THE SNP.


ls puts "No" on 51% and "Yes" on 49%ThThlatesolf polls puts "No" on 51% and "Yes" on 49%e latest poll of polls puts "No" on 51% and "Yes" 

The Murder of David Haines - UK Reaction

No 10: Reports on the reaction of UK PM David Cameron to the murder of aid worker David Haines,, here are the main points of the Statement " Today, the whole country will want to express its deep sympathy for David Haines’ family. They have endured the last 18 months of David’s captivity with extraordinary courage.
Lets Get Real:
The IS terrorists are cowards and are evil, they have to be wiped from the face of the earth, the US and the UK have to take the fight to IS in Iraq and Syria, this means air attacks and special forces on the ground.   This group is a threat to the Middle East and Western interests, also they have Western recruits that have clean passports that allow them to travel and cause terror act in Europe and the US.   No more talking, lets kill these SOB's.