Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Russians BREAK INF Treaty - 2nd Term Blues

The New York Times: Reports that Russia has violated the INF Treaty signed by President Reagan and President Gorbachev in 1987, the article notes the following on the INF Treaty, " ..helped seal the end of the Cold War and has been regarded as a cornerstone of American-Russian arms control efforts. "

Lets Get Real:

When it came to the Russians the Gipper stated Trust but verify, it seems that the Russians are back sliding on a Treaty, the Oval should place pressure on the Kremlin to keep to this important Treaty, if the Russian word can not be trusted then the West will have to increase defence spending and place more troops in East Europe and the Baltic States, the US should give Russia time to get back on board when it comes to INF, but a limited time.   President Putin plays games, he sees the lack of resolve in the West, thus time for the West to consider a massive increase in defence spending, the Post Cold War period IS OVER, its a NEW COLD WAR 2.    At the end of the day the Putin's Russia breaks treaties, allows it powerful weapons to shoot down planes, is shelling the East of Ukraine, time to clip the claws of the Russian bear, before he gets out of total control. 

Israel and the US - 2nd Term Blues

Lets Get Real:

The Oval has a problem, it can threaten the relationship between Israel and the US, but in reality NOTHING is going to change, the Democrats needs the money from the Israeli lobby, and it has been made clear by House Democrats, if its a choice between President Obama and Israel, then the President who thinks he can do what he wants will find himself alone.   Presidents come and go, the Israeli Lobby is always there,  both Jimmy Carter and Ronald Reagan asked about the power of this lobby before taking over the Presidency, since leaving office Carter has a fraught relationship with Israel, and it was President Reagan who told the Israeli Government if they did not back off in Lebanon then the relationship between Israel and the US would come under threat.   Reagan could win because he was seen as a friend of Israel, thus the threat was real, while Obama has never gotten on with the Israeli PM.     One can assume before the 2014 Mid Terms that Democrats will seek some distance between them and the Oval and the Republicans will use the issue to show that Obama does not understand foreign policy. 

Ukraine and Flight MH17 - Update

Lets Get Real:

This is the time to hit the Russian bear in his neither regions, the Kremlin thinks it can take over Crime and there IS no real backlash, it's Russian rebels in East Ukraine either shot down a plane or they had help from the Russian military, and the US and EU place sanctions that look weak.    Then the Russians shoot shells in to East Ukraine, this seems in the tipping point, lets hope these new sanctions really cut the claws of Putin and Russia.   The World is is a new Cold War 2,  Russia is not a friend ITS a threat to Eastern and Westerm Europe.   A real line in the sand has to be drawn, lets hope these sanctions hurt Putin and Russia, make them think about their next move. 

Gaza Update - Middle East Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Israeli Government has ONE job, it has to protect the security of Israel, those outside being critical of Israel do not face the constant rocket attacks, and even worse the tunnels that Hamas has built from Gaza to Israel.   No other Country would tolerate that kind of violence, the people of Gaza voted for Hamas, thus they must face the results, the terrorist group Hamas wants the destruction of Israel, how is ANY Israeli Government meant to deal with such a threat, it has to remove this cancer, in other words the deaths caused in Gaza are the fault of the electors of Gaza, thye voted for Hamas, thus the result.  Hamas hides IN UN buildings, and uses its people as shields, they are nothing but terrorist criminals.    Thus Israel must wipe them out. 

Friday, July 25, 2014

Western Troops in Ukraine - Ukraine Crisis

Telegraph - Ukraine Live: Reports " Netherlands & Australia to send troops to secure crash site "

Lets Get Real:

If the our close cousins the Australians go we of the UK have to be ready to support them, God knows what kind of trouble the Australians might get in to, there is an active War going on between Russian rebels and the Kiev Government, the Russians are sending heavy equipment over, also they are hitting the Ukraine from Russian soil.   Also since the Netherlands are in NATO, we have to support them, IF WE GO, the US goes, it does not matter what Obama likes or wants, he has to support his close allies, he cant backstab Israel, the UK and its Western allies.   Time for action from the US. 

Israel Plans BIGGER MOVEMENT IN Gaza - Middle East Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is the time for Israel to take firm and hard action, sometimes the rules of war have to be thrown out, its matters who of who is still standing at the end of the day, and it has to be Israel. Lets be honest here, Kerry is the front man for Obama, who has shown that he has no understanding of the Middle East, and tends to support the Arabs against Israel.  The Oval weakness when it comes to Iran has not gone down well with the Israeli Government or people. The Israeli Government has to throw Hamas out of Gaza once and for all, they are a mortal threat to Israel, what if they get their hands on heavy and more powerful rockets, that is not the kind of threat that Israel can tolerate.   Thus this blog's total support for Israel. 

Israel SAYS NO to US - Middle East Crisis

Lets Get Real:

In the past US Presidents could click their fingers and Israel would back off, in the mid 80s Reagan threatened the US and Israeli relationship if they did not stop killing local Palestinians with heavy arms in Lebanon.  The then Government of Israel got the message and backed off, the Gipper was somewhat surprised that he had that much power through the use of a telephone.   One gets the impression that if Obama called Israeli he would be placed on hold, the relationship is icy between the White House and Israeli Government, when your POTUS and your approval rating by Gallup is 39% you might think your the most powerful man in the World but your quite reverse, you might just be the weakest POTUS there has ever been in the Oval.