Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Russians on Trump and Clinton - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:
Thus it seems that the Russians on the whole have chosen their candidate and its not HRC.   The very pro Russian press see it as Trump who wants to talk and hit Daesh, while HRC who did the restart at the start of the Obama Presidency is more of a hawk.   It will be interesting to see if Moscow helps or hinders HRC during the election.

HRC Campaign on Trump and the Russians - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

This is spin by the HRC Campaign, but it is accurate spin, the Trump has justed asked the Russians to hack the former US Secretary of State and the first female nominee for either Party.   One doubts that even Richard Nixon would go that far, correction Nixon went further in 1968, he promised the South Vietnam Government  better terms if they did not go to the Paris Peace talks, LBJ was not happy!!   Donald Trump has no idea what he is doing, the hawks in the Republican Party must be going up the wall.  Who would have thought that the Democrats would worry Moscow, it normally the Republicans.

Trump ASKS for Putin's help - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

We are through the looking glass when a Republican Nominee asks for Russian help to bring down the Democratic Nominee.   Thus Russia must be afraid of HRC but less of the Donald. The New Cold War is all the doing of President Putin of Russia, a KGB man to his toes.   The lack of security for NATO and these latests requests show why Donald Trump is unfit to be President.  Out of a population of over three hundred million the US political system came up with two candidates with the highest negatives, a LSD trip would not be that bad when looking at the present US political system.

President Obama on Trump and Victory - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The above are wise words by President Obama, the Clinton Campaign should forget the convention and have in mind they are 10 points behind and have to win the news cycle ever day, the message should be that Trump is unfit to the President, that the World is complicated and needs a President who knows what he or she is doing and will not be bullied by either liberals or President Putin of Russia.   HRC has to be tougher than she has ever been before, she can not afford a day off, its trench warfare in till November 8th.

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Does Putin back Trump? - Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

As this blog tweeted last night, NBC News has reported that the cyber attack on the Democratic National Committee was undertaken by the Russian military and the new KGB, are the Russians in bed with Trump, whatever Trump might say it would be in the interest of Moscow for Trump to win, the restart relationship that HRC started in 209 has gone back to to being frozen.    Trump sees Putin as an ally to fight Daesh, while not being that concerned about the security of Western Europe with his threat not to protect NATO countries.   That would be good news to Moscow if not Poland and the Ukraine.

The HRC campaign should stress that Moscow would like to see a Trump Presidency, as they know that a HRC Presidency would be tougher on them and would protect NATO.   This spinning for HRC does have its fun moments.

Bill Clinton to Speak at DNC - Tea Time

Lets Get Real:

The problem with a star player like Bill Clinton is that it depends on the night, the old hound dog can go and on and on sometimes, lets hope HRC takes away his pen before the speech.  President Clinton has to replay his speech at the 2012 convention that helped in the re - election of President Obama.   The speech has to show that HRC will carry on with the Obama domestic agenda but also give her enough space to do her own foreign policy.   The latest Gallup Poll has President Obama at 49% Approval, thus HRC needs to stay close to the President to get the African - American vote out, but also has to show that she brings something new to the table, it should not be seen as a third term for either Bill Clinton or President Obama.   The old hound dog will have to be strict with himself.

Another Terror Attack by Daesh - Terror Update

Lets Get Real:

The French Government has to get NATO to take action, if necessary shame the Obama Oval, the French and Allies should go after Daesh and finish them off, the more time they have the more attacks there will be, PARIS has to be firm with the Oval Office, Obama is on the way out, the French President faces elections, the French people and Western Europe will support the direct use of troops in Syria and Iraq.   The time for waiting is over, time for action by Paris.