Sunday, February 19, 2017

New Immigration Rules - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This blog follows the Reagan line when it comes to immigration, that is amnesty, on the other hand it supports the policy of getting rid of those that have broken the law or are in custody.   Those with families who have never committed any crime should not be thrown out, also those bought to the US when young should be allowed to stay if they are cleared by the above.   It is important in a liberal democracy to show Christian compassion, it says something about us if we show that we can think and come to a fair decision, not every decision has to be set by an agenda, doing the right thing can also be doing the moral thing to do.

The White House, A Mess or a Well Oiled Machine ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

There was no way that the uber left wing Guardian was ever going to support a Trump Administration, from the, re- introduction of the ban of the US supporting abortion abroad, the travel ban on Muslim countries, to the lifting of green regulations, the new sanctions on Iran,  the proposed plan to remove ObamaCare, and the the threat to get the US out of NAFTA.   This reader would not mind the critical view if the main stream media was honest with itself, the MSM loved and kissed the backside of President Obama, he could no wrong, even as he droned Al Qaeda out of the Middle East and other areas.   Bush 43 just waterboarded a few terrorists and the left had a nervous breakdown.   It matter of giving a underdog a chance, it's a British thing. 

REAL News or FAKE News ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus CNN really has to wonder why POTUS does not like them, this is old news and not confirmed news, no sources. The elite press in D.C have to get around the fact that Obama is no longer in power, their candidate, HRC was defeated in the rust belt.   This is not to argue for great positive news about Trump, but at least give POTUS a chance, he has only done a few weeks, an agenda takes time to roll out, and the Democrats are using every blocking trick they can, so give Trump a chance, if he is a disaster it will show, the press do not need to tell the reader if POTUS is failing, time will tell, it always does.

McCain defends the Press - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In this this blog supports Senator McCain, the old War hero knows about real enemies as he was a POW in North Vietnam.   That is not to say that the Senator is always right, he suggested the hacking by the Russians was an act of war, this US voter does not want to go to War with Russia over their hacking.    As President Trump stated he would be popular if he blew up a Russian ship that is close the the US shore, but he was not going to do it, but then he goes and has a rant about the press.   The press what ever their faults keeps Democratic leaders on their toes, there is no free press in Russia, the Oval needs to recall the US is a democracy, there will be critics. 

POTUS vs. The Press - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Oval has to get over its obsession with the press, he WON, this is the time for government.   ALL Presidents get fed up with leaks, even the great Gipper.   The way to win over the press is to be successful in Congress, thus President Trump should get going on his agenda.   Thus the new Administration has been slow in getting rid of ObamaCare, that process should get going, also the Administration needs to be tough on Iran and Russia.   Attacking press will get old very fast to the US voter, they want success on their concerns, jobs, the economy. 

Friday, February 17, 2017

The LEFT WING NYT wants a Special Prosecutor - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One does wonder if the editorial staff at the uber liberal NYT has a paid staff, you know what they are going to say before they say it, they want a Special Prosecutor to investigate Trump and do some political fishing while he is at it, this is not going to happen, the leaders on both sides, Republicans and Democrats have done that and have the T-Shirt, the last SP looked at Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky, both sides agreed after that they did not want a constant political warfare, as when the shoe is on the other foot the Opposition would call for a SP, then when it was their side in trouble, the SP card would be used.    It times the NYT grew up, no one cares what they think, they have sold out their soul to the extreme left wing.  Poor once a great paper. 

Trump Leakers - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It would be interesting if the press asked former President Obama if he is aware of any leaks by his former Staff when it comes to the Flynn case and other areas.   The leakers have to be careful, if they are not in office in any more they can be charged like anyone else, the US DoJ is under a Trump man, thus no protection if they have leaked.   One can only hope the FBI go really hard after these leakers, it is a threat to US National Security.   The uber liberal elite think they above the law, it about time they were shown they are like anyone else in the US.   On the other hand it should be noted that in the modern era the press loves leaks, the question is how damaging are they and how to stop them.  Let us recall that it was leaks that started the Watergate scandal.