Sunday, November 29, 2015

Doctor Who Review - Heaven Sent

Lets Get Real:

This was cracking episode, the whole review is a spoiler, we end up stuck in the Doctor's worse nightmare, endless corridors in his own mind, and that mind wants the truth, thus the Doctor has a endless day, and each day is the passing is time travelling in to the future. Thus why why did the Doctor leave his home, we finally get the truth, he saw himself as a threat.   The mystery of WHO the Doctor is of course still a mystery.   Then we get the final shock, the Doctor is home.   This review is short, as any long review would give the story away.  IF you watch only one episode of Doctor Who this year, watch this , it tells you more about the Doctor in a hour than in the few decades. 

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Jeremy Corbyn vs. The Labour Shadow Cabinet

Lets Get Real:

This could be the moment that the Labour Party splits, one would advice Mr Corbyn to allow his MPs a free vote otherwise he could lose most of his Shadow Cabinet and face a majority of his MPs going with the government.   The left wing will place pressure on Labour to oppose the Syrian air strikes, as stated in previous post one would hope that Labour MPs find their inner Churchill.   The Labour Party needs to find a new Leader, this mess on the domestic front and now international is no way to run a Party. 

The Internal WAR in Labour - Syrian Strikes

Lets Get Real:

The Labour left is trying to place pressure on MPs even before the Shadow Cabinet have a discussion on the issue on Monday, this is typical of the double dealing of the Labour left, they want the MPs to face pressure from their local parties as these parties have been in some cases taken over by extreme left wingers.   Lets hope Labour MPs find their inner Churchill otherwise it would show that Labour was out to lunch when it comes to the national security of the UK.   The Labour Party is not trusted on domestic issues, it does not want to be seen as a Party that will appease evil.

Labour Leader Opposes Syrian Strikes

Lets Get Real:

This is typical for left wing polices of Jeremy Corbyn, its hard to think of any reason that Corbyn would go to WAR, does the Labour Leader want to be lead by such a weak leader. Lets hope more moderate MPs join with the government and allowing the House of Commons to approve air strikes.  In a Jeremy Corbyn World the terrorists would have a free lunch, there would be no security, the UK and the Western alliance could be blackmailed by any rogue nation.  Thus the time for the House of Commons to finds tough gut and support PM Cameron. 

PM Cameron on Syria - Syrian Crisis

Lets Get Real:
It would PR gold for Daesh if the House of Commons did not agree to striking Daesh in Syria, the House of Commons can not appease Syria, it can not talk to Daesh, there is only one option left, that is to go to War with Daesh, the sooner the better.   It is time for MPs to find their Churchill backbone and support the PM.