Friday, October 18, 2019

Has POTUS gone MAD ? - US Election 2020

Lets Get Real:

It can be argued that POTUS has shown that he is unfit for the Oval Office, Turkey invading Northern Syria is not a school yard fight, the US has betrayed its Kurdish Allies, the same Allies that fought Daesh and now face Syrian backed military that have Daesh and Al Qaeda supports among them.   The article reports that five hundred people have been killed and 300,000 civilians displaced within Syria, this is not a game, this is about life and death.  The Vice President and the US Cabinet should consider the 25th Amendment for the suspension of the President.   President Trump by his actions in the Ukraine and Syria have shown that he is unfit for the great office he holds, one doubts that the US Senate will remove him after impeachment, they are afraid of him, well his base.  US national security is being destroyed, one hopes that Trump gets defeated in 2020, otherwise god help the West. 

A New poll on Brexit - PASS IT - Brexit Update 3 - General Election 2019

Guido Fawkes: Reports in its 12.16pm post the following, " Important snap poll from YouGov. Top lines:

Lets Get Real:

At the end of the day it is about politics, as an old Democratic Speaker once said, " ALL  POLITICS IS LOCAL ". those in Leave Seats will face pressure to vote with the Government, while they will also face the threat of de-selection or having the whip removed, meaning that they can not stand as Labour Candidates if they vote with PM Boris.  Let's recall these brave souls voted for Jeremy Corbyn to be the LEADER of the Labour Party, thus one has to question their sanity and their political judgement, it can be postulated that they will fall in line with the Labour Leadership and find some weasel words to cover for their vote.  Thus we have a 3 month or more extension, we face a general election or another Brexit vote. 

Labour MPs and Brexit - Brexit Update 2 - General Election 2019

Lets Get Real:

This blog's confidence in LABOUR MPs doing the right thing and voting for BREXIT is LOW, let's recalled they voted for Jeremy Corbyn as leader and have failed to get rid of him, they have shown they do not have the guts to leave the LABOUR PARTY, they are more concerned about their political careers and are fearful of getting de-selected by left wing members of their seats.   It would be brave if Labour MPs did vote for Brexit, it would go down well in Northern Seats and help them get re-elected.  Of course if they vote for the deal and get de-selected they could get a peerage from a very happy PM Boris, just thought for LABOUR MPs to think about before they vote, they will get nothing out of Jeremy Corbyn. 

The House of Commons Tomorrow - Brexit Update 1 - General Election 2019

Lets Get Real:

It is a fool who would make a prediction, but then this is the internet, why not, one can postulate that PM Boris will come up short by a few votes, that he will have to send an letter to the EU asking for an extension, after that who knows, a general election or a 2nd Brexit vote.   This ZOMBIE Government and the " Dead " Parliament can not carry on like this, the UK system can not work like this.  One does hope that Corbyn has the guts to call a NO CONFIDENCE vote in the Government and then we can have a GENERAL ELECTION, to clear the House of Commons of the DEAD WOOD.   The House of Commons has become a RUMP Parliament, when is there a Charles 1 or a Cromwell to dismiss them, at least they were leaders. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

House Rebukes POTUS over Syria and Turkey - 2020 US Election

The Hill: Reports the following on the resolution, " The measure passed in a 354-60 vote "

Lets Get Real:

One assumes this resolution will be passed by the US Senate or something like it.  The Trump White House can not afford to burn its bridges with the Republicans in the US Senate, POTUS will need them to find him not guilty when he is impeached.  The Trump foreign policy is just madness, it undercuts US security  and Trump is doing what Obama did in Iraq, the removal of US troops lead to the formation of Daesh.  The Trump Oval is coming across as weak and with no long term policy goals at all, with the exception of getting Trump re-elected in 2020.   The way POTUS is acting, it cast serious doubts of him getting re-elected, Senator Warren just might have a chance in 2020. 

Trump's Madness over Syria and Turkey - US Election 2020

Lets Get Real:

The late Presidents Kennedy and Reagan must be turning in their graves, an American President has removed troops from Syria and welcomes that the Russians are taking over.  The OLD Republican Party of Reagan was about strong national security, the Trump Republican Party is about appeasing the enemy and not supporting US allies.   At their debate last night the Democrats sounded more hawkish than Trump, let's get real, if asked in 1975 would these candidates have supporting keeping troops in Southern Vietnam, many hundreds of thousands of US allies were left in the Country when the LIBERAL US Congress cut off monies to help Southern Vietnam fighting, while it was a LIBERAL Congress that cut off military support to the Contra freedom fighters in Nicaragua.   The Democrats are only hawks in name only, do you really trust them with US security, look at Obama taking US troops out of Iraq and the formation of Daesh, the US has to send troops back in to Iraq.   The World needs US leadership, thus far neither Republicans or Democrats seem to get that message. 

A Brexit Deal Update - Brexit Update 2 - General Election 2019

Lets Get Real:

Thus one can see the plan, a long night for diplomats, Cabine tomorrow and then a PM statement in the afternoon, or course this depends on no last minute hangups, and when it comes to Northern Ireland, there always problems. If PM Boris can get a deal and get it through the House of Commons, then he will be seen as a political great, of course he has to be lucky, we shall if the wannabe successor to Churchill and Thatcher can be that successful. It seems very tense few hours for the poor UK voter.