Sunday, June 18, 2017

Will PM May get the CHOP ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The PM is like a broken recording, saying the same thing in a loop, it can be argued that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make a better PM, he has the common tough but also went to the right public school, also he is for Brexit.   If PM May can be axed and BJ given the job that would be a good way to start, then have  a General Election after six months to a year.  The British people want to feel that there is a heart at No 10, the botched election and  reaction to Grenfell shows that May might have used up her get out of jail cards with the UK voter.  The Conservatives have to make sure that Jeremy Corbyn never gets the keys to No 10.

More Brexit - No Queen's Speech in 2018 - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

On Monday the Brexit talks start with the EU, it will be interesting to see what develops from that, also can the Conservatives get a deal with the Northern Irish DUP. Labour is deluded if it thinks that they could form a government with only 262 MPs, but then they do have a loony Leader.  If ALL the other Parties combined with the exception of the DUP the Labour coalition would still be short.  Let's recall Labour only has 262 MPs, were the Conservatives have 318.  The talks about Brexit have been off the news due to the Tower block tragedy in London, as the Queen has stated the UK is in a sombre mood of late, the Brexit talks are not going to up lift spirits, in fact it will create more division, that is the price of close election.   The young got off their smart phones to vote and what a mess they have done. 

The Eaters of Light - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

The Doctor was on a historical mission, to prove that knew what happened to the 9th Roman Legion, Bill thought she knew answer.  After the TARDIS arrived in rain swept Scotland, the Doctor and Bill split, allowing them to have their own adventures, Bill comes to understand that the TARDIS translates as to allow people to understand each other, and what was left of the 9th Legion was a few young Soldiers, fighting the locals and inter dimension monster.   It was nice to see Bill tell a Roman Soldier that she was gay, and how well the Roman Soldier took it, on gender issues the Romans were ahead of their times, they did not care, what ever was their view.   The Doctor and Bill meet up for the final fight, spoiler alert, then went back to the TARDIS, were Bill found that the Doctor had released Missy, or the Master as we old guys call her or Mistress, but that sounds so wrong.   Thus we are promised a meeting between Missy and the old Master, that should be a meeting of minds.  As to those that have not watched Doctor Who because of the SUN, shame on you, hot is bad, rain is good!!  Watch Doctor Who.