Sunday, July 02, 2017

Labour SPLIT over Brexit - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

THERE are splits within the Labour Party and the Conservative Party when it comes to Brexit, this was shown when a Labour backbencher tried to change the Queen's speech, the resolution called for the UK to stay in the single market, the Labour leadership told its members not to vote, thus the idea died a death in the House of Commons.  Jeremy Corbyn's one good idea in his entire political career is for the UK to get out of the EU.  That gives him a problem, as he tries to get support from those that want to Remain in the EU and those Northern members who want to leave.  The Brexit process will take two years, there will be more problems for both Parties over that time period. 

President Trump vs. CNN - Below the Dignity of the Oval Office

Lets Get Real:

This battle between the White House and the TV press is below the dignity of this blog never mind the Oval Office, one has to assume that there is a grown up in Washington D.C who could get the sides to back off, it does not help the Presidency or the press to be at this level of War, it is almost trench warfare, there are no winners, the only winners are the enemies of the US, and this could lead an enemy to miss read the warfare and do something stupid, think North Korea and you get the idea or even Iran.  The Trump Oval should LEARN how Presidents Kennedy and Reagan dealt with the press, the press covered for Kennedy's affairs as they liked and supported him, while Reagan tried to make friends with them, while the press should report the news not make it, CNN in its evening shows are out to get Trump, there is no hiding that FACT, that is not news!!  IF the press are going to play dirty then the Oval will fight fire with fire.   That is the modern way.

The Doctor Falls - Doctor Who Review ( Spoilers )

Lets Get Real:


Thus we find the Doctor at the mercies of the Master, he gets knocked out, but before being knocked out changes what the Cybermen are looking for, not people with one heart but two, e.g Time Lords, the Missy and the Master find that they need to be saved by the Doctor's other companion.   Next we find Bill in a Barn, she thinks she is still human, but then is shown a mirror and sees that she has become a cyberman.   Bill tells the Doctor that they are not going to get out of this one.  The she does not want to become a 100% Cyberman. The Doctor, Bill, Missy and the Master then fight Cybermen as a way to defend children from the Cybermen.   The Doctor asks Missy and the Master to stay with him, the Master with great relish says NO.  Missy is not too sure and they walk away.   The Doctor makes sure the children get away, while he and Bill have one final fight against the Cybermen, the Doctor goes through his past victories, but at the end he is killed by the Cybermen.   Bill finds his corpse in the war devastation, she hopes he is alive, then Heather turns up and offers her a get out, they return the Doctor to the TARDIS. Bill and Heather leave to travel the galaxy.   The Doctor recovers he does not want to change, he likes being the original in this new regeneration cycle, then the TARDIS lands and the Doctor starts to transform, he stops it, and who comes around the corner but the first Doctor, as that Doctor says he is a Doctor.  Thus the Christmas special to come.   This was a fantastic episode for the TARDIS crew, the Doctor got to fight the good fight against all the odds, Bill found a Mate, the Master and Missy killed each other, I think the Master will be back.   A thrilling show, if you were out, watch this episode on BBC I player.   The best thing on Saturday.