Thursday, May 18, 2017

Special Prosecutor for Trump Scandals - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats have got what they wanted, but that could cause them problems, as it is expected that the Special Prosecutor will not show boat or leak.   Also what happens to the Congressional Investigations.   The House and Senate will want public hearings, those called might want immunity from prosecution, thus this could be granted by the US Congress, thus preventing charges coming from the Special Prosecutor.   Lets look at the record of Special Prosecutors, lets start with the most famous, Watergate, that lead in the end to the Resignation of Richard Nixon and many of his White House Staff in jail.  The next one is Iran - Contra, that was a failure, as the US Congress got in the way, gave immunity, when the Special Prosecutor tried to charge individuals they found that the Courts would not uphold any charges on appeal.   Also Bush 41 at the end of his Presidency gave a pardon those in the cross hairs of the prosecutor.   In the case of Bill Clinton, the prosecutor went after the affair of Bill Clinton with Monica Lewinsky, he was impeached by the House and found not guilty by the US Senate.  In the case of Bush 43, a staffer on the staff on of the VP was convicted not of the original crime but for having a bad memory, when the name of CIA agent was given to the public.   It can be argued that Trump should now control himself, no more tweets, no more threats, he should act Presidential, that means push his agenda, push the Congress to act on his Agenda, the OVAL should use the example of Bill Clinton who said he was working for the US people, 24/7, give the special prosecutor no problems, this could be a long investigation.