Monday, July 24, 2017

POTUS and the US Attorney General - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This could be POTUS being sneaky, he wants the AG to go but does not want to be seen as a hatched man, the idea one can postulate is that POTUS wants the AG to get fed up and leave, then POTUS would hire a new Attorney General, one who would run the Russian investigation and keep the Oval Office informed of any developments.  The Democrats have a problem, they have complained that the AG did not inform them of ALL his Russian meetings, on the other hand they do not want to allow POTUS to chose a new AG.   The Democrats still have not got a a smoking gun over Russia, and if they place too much pressure on the AG they could be helping POTUS.   This is a reality show on the big stage, and Trump is the Master of that form. 

Civil War in Labour over Brexit - Post Brexit Debate

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Party is divided as the Conservatives when it comes to the EU, it will be interesting to see in September how the Labour Party will vote when it comes to the repeal of the EU Treaty.  If Corbyn tells his MPs to abstain when it comes to the vote how many will obey and how many will vote to block the move.  In a odd way it works for the Conservatives to have Corbyn as the Leader of Labour, he has never supported the EU, and thus can be expected not to oppose the Government when it comes to Brexit.  Those in the Conservative Party that want to replace PM May have only this one chance to ACT, otherwise she could be there for the duration.   It will be interesting to see what August silly stories come up, they always happen in this holiday period. 

The Trump White House - Congressional Investigation

Lets Get Real:

The Trump son and son in law should be in the CLEAR if nothing else comes out, the Democrats are seeking a smoking gun, anything that connects POTUS to the Russians.   The Democrats have to be careful, the US voter so far do not see a scandal, and there is no information that shows that POTUS changed US foreign policy because of Russian pressure.   One finds it hard to understand WHY POTUS has been so defensive about Russia, either he can see a global strategy that includes Russia or the FSB has something on Trump, but and here is the but there is no proof that POTUS is under Russian influence.   US Media has gone after this story for months, and thus far there is NOTHING, random meetings, no PROOF that the Trump Campaign was in partnership with the Russians.   On the special consul side, the investigation has developed to go after the Trump finances, are there any Russian connections, does Russia hold Trump Debt, thus far nothing.   This issue will last weeks if not months.