Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Vote Conservative - Election Day June 8th - GE 2017


For Brexit 

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For Security 

Labour Vote

Higher Taxes

The UK the Laughing Stock of the World, worse than Trump in the US

No Security for the State

Terrorists would have a field day with Labour in Power

Think PM Corbyn Nightmare and Home Secretary Abbott

Vote for the only Party that is for YOU and the UK

Vote Conservative

The Abbott Drama rolls on - Campaign Trail 73 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Call me a Cynic but after a few car crash interviews the Labour leadership has decided to bench Ms Abbott.  This blog wants to see a sick note, then followed by a lie detector and in Doctor Who Terms, the MIND PROBE.  Of course if Ms Abbott is really  ill this blog hopes she gets better and returns to the political fight, she gives a few votes to the Conservatives every time she is on the TV.  The election is nearly over thank goodness. 

New UK Polls - Conservatives LEAD - Campaign Trail 72 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus between the two polls you have a Conservative LEAD of 2% to 7%, none of the polls have had Labour ahead, the main difference is on how much of a lead the Conservatives have.   Thus my projection is a Conservative victory with about 370 Seats.  It could go few seats up or down.  As to the chance of Labour winning the election, that is down 0.  Of course the UK voter could do something odd and vote for a hung Parliament.   That could allow Labour with the support of the SNP to form a Coalition of Chaos.  The domestic and security of the State would be under threat, let's hope the UK voter has not joined the left wing loons that that lead the Labour Party at present.