Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Obama TRIES to handcuff Trump over Iran - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

More double dealing from the Obama White House, the Oval does not seem to get the fact that the US voter has rejected the Obama legacy.   The US/Iran deal is DEAD in the water once President Trump becomes President, also it can be hoped that Israel get a better relationship with Trump than it did with Obama.   The 44th President should be thinking about writing his memories, setting up his Presidential Library, or even running for office again, he could run for Governor or back to the Senate, or just become a TV chat show host, he has a lot of Hollywood friends.   It said that President Obama thinks a lot, well he should try to understand why his legacy was rejected by the US voter.

Network's Birthday = 40 - Modern TV News

Lets Get Real:

IF you are a real news junkie you have seen Network, if you have not seen Network then you are not a news junkie, it showed the future from 1970s, it misses out on the Internet but then nothing is perfect.    It shows how ratings is the game, or today clicks on websites, how news would be sexed up, it should have a fast pace, and in your face as represented by the main character in the movie.  Over this holiday period try to watch it again or buy the DVD.  To the modern viewer it will shock you how close it is to reality, I would tell you end but that would be a spoiler even after so many decades, it does shock.

Nikki Haley New UN Ambassador - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This shows that President Trump is willing to overlook past critical views of him, and could be a good indicator that Governor Romney might be made Secretary of State.   The UN should expect a tougher Trump Administration, Russia will have a weary eye in New York if Romney is appointed as he sees Russia as the major threat to the US.   The new Administration will have to deal with the crisis that is Syria and the on going battle in Iraq to get Daesh out of Mosul.   The new Secretary of State and those appointed by Trump will have a lot of reading to do and to keep the international community happy.