Friday, June 09, 2017

Sorry Dear Reader - Wrong Again!!!

Subjective Review:  This blog got it wrong again, last year it was HRC and the US election, I will not blame the Russians and the FBI, this year was the view that Comrade Corbyn could never get elected. The Labour Party had its highest share of the vote since 1945, it gained 40.0% of the vote and got the youth vote out and got older voters to return to the Labour Party after the OAP tax of the Conservative manifesto.   The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a connection, how Labour got this vote will be looked at for years, but lets be clear, CORBY did NOT WIN the election.  As mentioned in previous post Corbyn got nearly the same level of Seats as Gordon Brown got in 2010. The BBC is treating the Corbyn surge as if he WON, they are so biased you need a sick bag.

This blog has to learn a major lesson, do not trust the polls, after the 2015 election, Brexit, the Trump victory, and now 2017. One should have learned that lesson, but then how are you to view the political landscape without polls, I found my local pub landlords were more accurate than the polls, and I DID NOT LISTEN, SORRY.


The STORMY PRESENT - The Future of PM May - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

PM May will have to make sure that the has the DUP on side for her most important votes, also the Chief Whip should make it clear to Conservatives MPs if they play about they could end up with Jeremy Corbyn in power.  The next few weeks and months will be stormy, some House of Commons votes will be close, but and here is the but, the Conservatives if they have any brains will make sure that they are on the winning side.  PM May has to develop a close working relationship with the DUP, try to keep close to their views when it comes to Brexit and make sure that her Cabinet is loyal, that might be difficult with the exception of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, this means that if the Government fell the Labour Party would get the chance to form a government.   The thought of that should keep Conservative MPs loyal for the present.  Of course we could be back to 1974, when there were two general elections, the UK voter is tired of elections, one can only hope that the Conservative Party does not mess this up as they did the general election. 

The Revenge of the Brexit Young - GE2017

BBC News: Reports on the final results of the General Election, with one Seat outstanding, Conservatives 318, Labour 261, Liberal Democrats 12, SNP 35, DUP 10.

Lets Get Real:

This was a shocking election, ALL the polls got it wrong, with the honourable exception of Survation, even this blog got it WRONG.  The General Election of 2017 saw the young get active in politics, okay they voted for Labour and without a smartphone could not find themselves out of a paper bag!!!  The Conservative manifesto on a tax on the old really hit the Conservatives HARD, it will be interesting to see how many older voters voted Labour or returned to Labour.  It has to be said that Jeremy Corbyn had a good night, but he only gained a few seats more that Gordon Brown got in 2010, the BBC are acting as if he WON the election, he did not, and the Conservatives should make sure that they keep the DUP on side as to keep themselves in power and keep Corbyn out.  The Conservatives should try to wear down the young vote, once they get the FACT that Labour will not be forming a Government they might lose interest.  On Brexit the Conservatives should be tough, NO ONE wants to see a land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, thus on this the both the DUP and the Conservatives are on the same side, also after that the DUP and the Conservatives want the same thing, the UK controlling its laws, leaving the single market and allowing the UK to make its own trade deals.  The BBC are acting as if a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP is the worse thing that has even happened, we shall see.  The next few weeks and months will be interesting.