Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump and Republicans on the Hill - Trump Era

The Hill: Reports on the different views held by the Trump Campaign and Republicans on the Hill when it comes to Russian hacking, the article states the following, " But the president-elect’s counteroffensive has been undercut by other Republicans who are calling for a congressional investigation into the matter. "

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans on the Hill are looking at a different election cycle, yes 2018, they can not be seen as weak on Russia when it comes to the base, the Trump Administration one hopes does have a long term plan for Russia and its threats to Western and Middle East security. The Congress should investigate what the Russians were up too, but not in away that give arrows the the Democrats, they LOST 2016 with having a BAD CANDIDATE, HRC did not connect to white working class voters, the old Reagan Democrats, they have seen Main Street go down hill while Wall Street has done well out of the Obama years.   The Democrats will throw any kind of mud as long as it sticks, the Republicans should work with Trump but also secure their base for the next election cycle.   The Democrats are already looking to the future.

The New York Times on the Trump State Department - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Well the uber liberal New York Times has gone to Republican bashing, there will no longer be any fawning over the President as has been the case over the past eight years.   The above editorial will be seen as great by Trump Tower, nothing unites the Republicans better than being attacked by the NYT.    It also shows that the NYT does not remember it own history, when it covered up for Stalin in the 1930s, and now wants  a tough policy on Russia, if it was a Democrat President - Elect she could no wrong.  The left has to grow up and smell the coffee, and hire good balanced reporters, not hacks.

President Obama and the Russian Hacking - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The answer to the above question is simple, HRC was a bad candidate who did not help herself when it came out that HRC had her own private server, a server that could have been open to attack from the enemies of the US.   Also President Obama and HRC did not make it  a major issue, think about his reader, you had the Democrats taking a tough line on Russia, while Trump was playing nice, in any other cycle the Democrats would have won on that issue, but the Democrat nominee had undercut herself with the server, she could hardly go on about national security after having a private server.   The Democrats have to dump the Clintons, they have had their time in power, a party and country have to move on, that is called Democracy.

US Intelligence and the Russian hacking claims - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Trump Tower will be happy that there is division in the Obama Administration about the extent of Russian hacking.  The problem these days, it could have been the Russians, out of 100% we could say the Russian level was about 90%.   On the other hand it could have been China, North Korea, take your pick.   Also there is the outside chance it was a hacking group doing the hacking, they know how to create false flags, so here we are, on the whole the intelligence networks think it was the Russians, but the reason why is another matter.   That is the game of intelligence.

The WAR CRIME that is Aleppo - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Syrian and Russian Governments are committing war crimes in Aleppo, this is not new from either Regimes, one has to say that President Putin and Assad as major war criminals who are using the threat of terrorism to extend the power of the Assad regime in Syria and to give the impression to the Russian people that Russia is fighting the bad guys.   Both Russia and Syria leadership is rotten to the core, let us hope one day that both leaders face TRIAL for their WAR CRIMES.  One does wonder how President Trump can be so nice about the Russians, is he aware of the real world outside of Trump Tower.   The BBC says that a deal has been reached for the rebels to leave Aleppo, let us see how long the agreement lasts before Syria and Russia resume the fighting.