Wednesday, March 08, 2017

ObamaCare on the Hill - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The UBER Liberal NYT will attack the Republicans no matter what kind of reform they bring to US health system, ObamaCare is falling apart, the US insurance companies are running away from ObamaCare, the costs have gone up for the customers, and in some States there are no choices.   The Trump Administration has to put some political capital as risk to force through a repeal and replacement.  The elite media will come out with hard luck stories, patients that will suffer, what about the millions that lost their cover and Doctor because of ObamaCare.   The elite press see ObamaCare and the Iran deal as the main benefits of the Obama Administration, if you lose ObamaCare then you are left with the US deal with Iran, one doubts that will last four years.  It is time for the Republicans to be united, push through health reform, make it work and tell the Dems to run off a cliff. 

Trump vs. Obama - The Never Ending Battle

Lets Get Real:

IT is interesting that Former President Obama has not a made a public statement, there have been a statement and leaks from his sources, BUT why no public appearance, what is he hiding from, either there were tapps on Trump or there were not, he should now, he was the President of the United States.   Is Obama worried that there might have been tapps that no one told him about, does happen, he would look foolish if that was the case.   Let us be honest Obama is does not have a phobia about talking about himself, so why the no show, and why are reporters not asking this question, IS THE FORMER POTUS HIDING something?

Trump and the FBI - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The article states that the White House thinks that if POTUS talked to the FBI Director it would be seen as interfering in the process, the Democrats would then ask what did the President discuss with the Director.   It is an endless hole of investigations that lead to nothing.  IF President Obama did tapp Trump it would be because of his Russian ties, of course the former Director of National Intelligence has denied it took place, but then the US Government is full of people who have the authority to get  tapp, without the approval of the Federal Court.   One assumes the NSA tapps everyone, it could be the NSA or other US intelligence networks.   OF course it could be a major diversion on the part of Trump, if so very smart, the Democrats do not want find that they end up going after President Obama. These open committee hearing will go nowhere, that is best on the whole.