Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Bloody HOT Weather - Summer Madness

Lets Get Real:

This blog recalls the Summer of 1976, it was bloody hot, the people had to get water from old wells as there was no water.   The British as a people can not cope with very hot weather, or extreme cold, we can cope with constant rain and wind.  The climate is getting hotter, and the World Governments have to do something about it, on the other hand this blog does not believe that it all human actions that are causing the freak weather changes.   The Earth through the Centuries has gone through drastic weather pattern changes, the old Earth is OLD.  People are new!!! in the great scope of time.   I HATE THE HOT WEATHER. 

The Conservative and DUP Deal - Part 2 - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The DUP has to understand that the Conservative Party has had to deal with three terrorists attacks from Daesh supporting terrorists, one allegedly from the extreme right and also deal with a Tower block fire, it was slow to react, and now it has Brexit talks.  The DUP should not push its luck or it could have Jeremy Corbyn in power, that would not go down well with DUP supporters due to Corbyn's past IRA terror links.   The DUP has the votes thus it will get the money it wants, and other policy areas are open to talks, but it should not go too far, May is on the chopping block, it would not take much for there to be a new PM. 

Can the Conservatives strike a deal with the DUP ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

This is political blackmail, how much money does the DUP want for Northern Ireland, and what else do they want, the Conservatives have to deal up to a point, there is no way that the DUP will support Jeremy Corbyn, that would be to much of sell to their local supporters, so how far can the DUP push PM May, as stated more money, less cuts, no cuts in pensions or the winter fuel allowance, more agreement to help the DUP form a government in Northern Ireland.  The Conservatives can give way on the above, but they can not in danger the Good Friday Agreement.   Tough talks ahead, and its the Queen's speech on the State Opening of Parliament is tomorrow.