Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Russian and FBI Update 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This undercuts the LIBERAL message of the day that Deputy Attorney General is the last man that can hire a special prosecutor.   It is clear that the matter is complex, one day the DAG is seen as Trump hatched man, then the story comes out that he threatened to resign if the White House was not clear on who wanted to sack Comey.   Then Rosenstein says he did not threaten to resign over the matter.  It will be interesting to see how CNN and Fox news run with the story.  One can almost think they are on different planets when they discuss the issue, CNN uber liberal, while Fox news attacks the liberal media.  This blog is calling for a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR, not that it matters, we need end this mess, the US and the World has bigger problems. 

The Liberal Media smell blood - The Russian Probe - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In this case the uber liberal NYT is right, the firing of FBI Director Comey shows that Trump has something to hide, what is the Russian connection between Trump and Moscow.  What are in the tax returns of Trump when it comes to Russia.  Did the Trump Campaign in someway have a connection with Russia, and can it be proven.   The great if is, what if there was no connection, and ALL this media anger is made up as they can not stand the thought of Trump in the Oval Office.  Those in the Trump Justice Department and FBI have to careful that they do not fall for the noise and find nothing there, this would drive the left insane.   And give Trump a free hand to fire anyone!!!

The HEAVY COSTS of the Labour Manifesto - Campaign Trail 35 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Manifesto would be a  DISASTER for the UK, it would return the UK back to the 1970s, the UK would again become the ill man of Europe.  There would be tax hikes, if you think you wont get any tax hikes, think again, the RICH would have flown away, thus YOU will be left with the bill.   The Labour Party would give the Unions the power to have strikes and control entire Industrial sectors.  The UK would become the laughing stock of of the World.  Even the US would laugh at us, we would have are own Donald Trump but worse. The Russians would be laughing with glee, a Corbyn Administration would be a threat to NATO.  It is important YOU vote on June 8th, otherwise you could have PM Corbyn. 

The Labour Manifesto under Jeremy Corbyn - Campaign Trail 34 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports " The draft document is seen by some senior Labour figures as the most left-wing manifesto since the party was led by Michael Foot in 1983. "

Lets Get Real:

The leaked Labour Manifesto could be the the 2nd longest political suicide note in history. The first and the most infamous was the 1983 Manifesto, that saw the Party beaten by Lady Thatcher.   The left wing fingerprints are ALL over this note, the Unions would have the return of the powers pre Thatcher Era, the tax payer would pay more, no matter what LABOUR says, a Corbyn Administration would take over privatised business, that would cost billions.   Jeremy Corbyn has stated that he would never press the nuclear button, thus the UK would have no nuclear defence.   If the Country buys this BS, this blogger will move Country, anywhere but the shame of being British under a Corbyn Administration.  The end of the Labour Party can be seen from this leaked manifesto.