Thursday, May 11, 2017

The Labour Manifesto under Jeremy Corbyn - Campaign Trail 34 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports " The draft document is seen by some senior Labour figures as the most left-wing manifesto since the party was led by Michael Foot in 1983. "

Lets Get Real:

The leaked Labour Manifesto could be the the 2nd longest political suicide note in history. The first and the most infamous was the 1983 Manifesto, that saw the Party beaten by Lady Thatcher.   The left wing fingerprints are ALL over this note, the Unions would have the return of the powers pre Thatcher Era, the tax payer would pay more, no matter what LABOUR says, a Corbyn Administration would take over privatised business, that would cost billions.   Jeremy Corbyn has stated that he would never press the nuclear button, thus the UK would have no nuclear defence.   If the Country buys this BS, this blogger will move Country, anywhere but the shame of being British under a Corbyn Administration.  The end of the Labour Party can be seen from this leaked manifesto. 

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