Sunday, January 22, 2017

POTUS and the Intelligence Agencies - Part 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Fox News is more sympathetic to a Republican President, thus has a different view than the Guardian.   The Trump Administration wants to bury the hatched with the Intelligence Community, it needs them, if the IC feel it has been let down by a President it can leak that causes great damage, thus wise move by President Trump.  The Oval Office should allow the CIA to be the CIA, do what needs to be done to take down terrorists groups, be the right  hand of the President.  Thus a good day for President Trump.

I am following WHO? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

People really get their knickers is a twist over the slightest thing, would it be so bad to hear a different point of view, this blog follows both Presidents Trump (45) and Obama(44).  This blog hardly ever agrees with 44 but read his tweets, while with Trump one just has a smile, people take him to seriously, they need to look at the bigger picture, he wants to be bigger than Ronald Reagan, that takes some doing, Reagan/Gorbachev ended the Cold War, in the modern age it would be taking down Al - Qaeda and Daesh,  in that 44 used drones to reduce both terror bodies. Thus open your mind and read, even the Guardian!! 

POTUS and the Intelligence Agencies - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The press will slant EVERY story when it comes to POTUS, that is because they have to keep their readers happy, also news sites want clicks on their web pages, thus the skew the stories to the major readership.   BBC News/Guardian/New York Times are liberal left wing papers and sites, they opposed Brexit, do not like Trump, and think if your a right winger that there is something wrong with you, as you must be a racist, anti trees, support big business, you get the idea.   Thus the next four to eight years could be very long reader.   This blog is a Conservative site, but it likes to throw readers sometimes, its liberal, very liberal on social issues, but is firm that taxes going down is good, taxes up is never good, and the EU is a nightmare, sooner we are out the better. 

PM May to meet POTUS - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the UK/US is back on a firmer footing, in the Obama years the US looked at Germany for leadership, the lack of a relationship was shown by the removal of the Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office by President Obama.   It would be great to see the a return to the special relationship that was held by President Reagan and Lady Thatcher, they shared the same agenda and were firm but open to a talks with the then USSR.   It was Lady Thatcher who famously said that she could do business with President Gorbachev.   From there we saw Reagan and Gorbachev bring a close to the Cold War.   One just hopes that POTUS behaves himself, that is a big ask!!

President Trump and the Press - The FIRST FIGHT!

Lets Get Real:

THUS we have the first fight between the Trump Administration and the mainstream media, the press are going to miss Richard Nixon, the Trump does not back off, reality and the truth are different for President Trump.  The press should not needle POTUS with these kind of stories, its small fry, there will be bigger stories and the press has to regain the trust of the American people, the voters know Trump and still elected him, the press with its kissing the behind of President Obama lost the trust of the US voter, it they that should consider what is a good fight, POTUS wins these kind of arguments, who cares about size at the end of the day, the Middle East is a problem, Russia is a problem, Daesh is a problem, how many viewed POTUS is nothing.

The Inauguration of President Trump - For the Historical Record