Thursday, June 29, 2017

Obey Rule of Jeremy Corbyn - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

It seems that the constant revolter Jeremy Corbyn has forgotten his time of rebelling, he expects his MPs to do as they are told, that is why you never give a left wing any power, they are alright if they are protesting, but once they are in power they expected their orders to be followed.   The next two years are going to be fraught in the House of Commons when it comes to the matter of Brexit, in those two years there could be By - elections, thus the House of Commons maths will differ over time.  The British loath the EU, so any time there is a row between the UK and the EU, those wanting a HARD Brexit will gain support.  Of course the question is can the May government last for five years, one has doubts. 

Labour Divisions over Single Market - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

This shows the divisions in the Labour Party, its leader Jeremy Corbyn has always wanted out of the EU, a minority of this MPs take a different view, even Shadow Ministers have been sacked.   The issue of the EU divides the Conservative Party and the Labour Party, it will be interesting to see over the next two years how Labour votes, they will try to cause problems but will not want to be seen as thwarting the will of the Voter in the EU vote of 2016.  This blog noticed that the BBC did not mention the sackings, they might later on, as the readers of this blog are aware this blog does not trust the BBC, the left of the Guardian and the BBC do not represent the UK voter, they represent a small minority of an elite.   There will be more votes in the House of Commons, more close votes.

The Queen's Speech Passed - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus most interesting vote of the Queen's speech was the Amendment by a Labour MP for the UK to stay within the EU Single Market, it was defeated,  this is not the policy of Labour leadership, the Labour Leadership instructed their MPs not to vote for the measure.   This asks an interesting question, as we go through the Brexit process what is the Labour Policy, will they vote for the UK to leave the Single Market and the Customs Union, if it is it could cause a split within the Labour Party as well as the Conservative Party.   It is great to see the House of Commons back in charge. 

Monday, June 26, 2017

A VICTORY for Trump over Travel Ban - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is a partial victory for President Trump, it will make his base happy and show that he is keeping his promises made during the 2016 election.   The left liberal elite will blow a haystack, they will argue that the move is racist, that it is not in the spirit of the US, the usual left wing rubbish.    At the end of the day of the President of the United States has to decide who comes in to the US, his job is to secure the US, and make sure no terrorists get through, this is a victory for common sense over political correctness.  

The RIGHTS of EU Citizens in the UK after Brexit - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The offer of rights for EU Citizens is VERY fair, the UK wants the same rights for UK citizens abroad as we give EU Citizens, also British Courts should be the final decider in legal matters not EU Courts.  An ID card for EU citizens would make it easier to track them through the system, and make sure they get ALL their rights, legal, health, etc.   The point of Brexit is to make the House of Commons and the Courts sovereign again, the UK voted for OUT, the Government has to follow their wish. 

The DUP and Conservatives sign DEAL - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus the deal has been between the May Conservative Government and the DUP, this should last a few months, its gets the Queen's speech out of the way, and the UK Government can start the Brexit talks on firmer ground.   One can expect that the Labour Party and other Parties will try to thwart the Brexit talks through votes in the House of Commons.  The Conservative Chief Whip will need a firm hand with those MPs that are remainers.   The House of Commons has two years of hard work to start to repeal EU laws and make the UK Courts sovereign again, this is what the leavers want, it what this blog wants to see happen in the future. 

Sunday, June 25, 2017

UK - EU Free Trade Deal - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

One has to be tough in any talks, one has to say one will walk away if the deal is not good, the Labour Party, LibDems, SNP would take any deal they were given, no matter if it was a bad deal for the UK.   The UK has to be firm with our EU friends, we shall not pay for the pensions of the fat cat EU civil service, when we are out why should we still fund the EU.  It will be interesting to see how the DUP jump next week, will they vote for Jeremy Corbyn to become PM, interesting times ahead. 

World Enough and Time - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

This was a cracking episode, pre clip of the Doctor regenerating and not wanting too, then we see the TARDIS land on a large ship that is caught in the event horizon of a black hole. The Doctor being a good man and fool sometimes allowed Missy out to see how she would solve the problem and not to kill anyone.  Missy comes out joking we think, that the Doctor's real name is Doctor Who, it sounds as if it could be true.  Then we head straight in the adventure, Bill is ( spoiler ) and wakes up with some new equipment ( spoiler ) she makes a friend ( Spoiler ), the Doctor as usual finds away to get to his companion, but finds that she has been turned in to ( Spoiler ), then another old enemy turns up without disguise.  The we see the Genesis of the ( spoiler ).  This blog can not wait in till next week.

Friday, June 23, 2017

The links between the Clinton Campaign and the Obama Justice Department

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans are being smart, they are looking in to links between the Clinton Campaign and the Obama Department of Justice, and how if ANY influence was used to cover for HRC while she ran against Trump in 2016.   The Democrats might regret opening up the Russian scandal, the Republicans can make it hard for the Democrats to win without shinning a light on any links between the Obama Attorney General and the Clintons.  It should be noted that Director Comey only went public when he found out that the US Attorney General had spent half an hour with Bill Clinton in airport tarmac to discuss their families.  HALF AN HOUR, does it take that long to talk about one's family.  Our American cousins might be more liberal about such issues, we Brits are more remote even with our own families. 

The EU Talks - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The EU is already starting to play silly buggers about the rights of the EU citizens.  The best play is to go in hard, if the EU says no to the fair UK offer the UK should go in HARD.  The UK should threaten to throw EU citizens out if the EU does not deal.   This is a hard policy to say or even take public, but it will get the message to the EU.   The UK wants a fair deal for EU citizens and for UK Subjects who live in EU Countries.   The left wing media would of course go crazy over such a policy, one can see the BBC showing families who would be split by the move, the Guardian would be ALL over it, its a policy move, play hard and then get a deal, if the EU thinks the UK is backsliding it will try to force the UK to take a even WORSE DEAL.  This is a time for Churchill not Chamberlain. 

President Trump and the Special Prosecutor - Post Election 2016

Lets Get Real:

The simple question is should President Trump sack the Special Prosecutor who is looking in to the Russian actions in the 2016 US Presidential election.   The answer is YES.   Thus far there is no real proof that there was a connection between Moscow and the Trump Campaign, in less the SP is keeping the information quiet, the D.C Establishment wants to hurt or make Trump resign, they will use any method, it seems that the former Director of the FBI created memos that could be used to push the US Justice Department to hire the Special Prosecutor, an old friend of the former Director.   The Oval Office should sack the SP and clear the US Justice Department of people loyal to the Democrats.  The Oval should take the fight to the Democrats. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

The House Seat Election in Georgia - The Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Think about this US voter, the main stream media wants to impeach Trump, and every day its the Russian matter or the lack of press answers, the liberal culture is having a go at Trump every day and the Republicans are still winning.   The MSM does not understand its viewers, they might notice its uber liberal reporting, but it does not mean they  trust it, CNN is constant anti Trump, if Trump discovered the cure for cancer they would run a hit job on the story. The late night comedy talk show hosts take the micky out of Trump ever night, but Republicans still win.  The is a cultural divide and age divide, Senator Sanders has made a connection to the young, but he is seen as far to LEFT WING, the joke being that he went on honeymoon to the USSR and never came back!!  The HRC campaign could never find its message, thus its loss.  In 2017 Jeremy Corbyn connected to the young, but he still lost, the extremes on both side of the Atlantic do not represent the whole, the moderates have to find a way of winning without the extreme right or left.   That is main question of this decade. 

What about the DUP ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

One can not see the DUP doing a deal with Jeremy Corbyn, it would cause a riot back home, so by default the DUP is stating it will either vote with the Conservatives or not vote.  The DUP is asking for 2 billion, not a lot, the Conservatives it could be argued  could give 2 billion to all the nations that make up the UK, show that austerity is over in a manner.   The question is will enough DUP MPs for with the Conservatives to make up for any Conservatives who rebel.  Thus House of Commons will be powerful again, interesting days to be a British MP. 

The LONG Battles of Brexit - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The Liberal Democrats in the House of Lords will try to thwart Brexit, in the House of Commons, Liberal Democrats, remainers in the Conservative Party and Labour Party will try to cause problems.   The next two years are going to be LONG, the Labour Party is divided on the issue, and it can not be postulated how it will vote on different Brexit Acts.   One can see another election been needed, if nothing else just for stable government, the DUP is demanding 2 billion in blackmail to get its support, even through they are a Brexit Party.  The question is how much Conservatives are willing to VOTE with the Labour Party and bring down the government, that could lead to Jeremy Corbyn becoming PM.   That would be a disaster for the UK, at all costs Corbyn must be kept from No 10.

The Brexit Speech by the Queen - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus it begins, the start of the UK's withdrawal from the EU, it will be interesting to see on which aspects of the New Brexit Acts will cause division within the Conservative Party and the Labour Party.   The Remainers see the 2017 election as a rejection of Brexit vote of 2016 and will try to stall any attempts to remove the UK from the EU.   Of course we still do not know what the DUP will do, would they ever support a Corbyn Government, that is hard to see, we could see another election, that would drive the UK voters nuts, it is going to be a LONG two years.   Let Brexit mean Brexit. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

The Bloody HOT Weather - Summer Madness

Lets Get Real:

This blog recalls the Summer of 1976, it was bloody hot, the people had to get water from old wells as there was no water.   The British as a people can not cope with very hot weather, or extreme cold, we can cope with constant rain and wind.  The climate is getting hotter, and the World Governments have to do something about it, on the other hand this blog does not believe that it all human actions that are causing the freak weather changes.   The Earth through the Centuries has gone through drastic weather pattern changes, the old Earth is OLD.  People are new!!! in the great scope of time.   I HATE THE HOT WEATHER. 

The Conservative and DUP Deal - Part 2 - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The DUP has to understand that the Conservative Party has had to deal with three terrorists attacks from Daesh supporting terrorists, one allegedly from the extreme right and also deal with a Tower block fire, it was slow to react, and now it has Brexit talks.  The DUP should not push its luck or it could have Jeremy Corbyn in power, that would not go down well with DUP supporters due to Corbyn's past IRA terror links.   The DUP has the votes thus it will get the money it wants, and other policy areas are open to talks, but it should not go too far, May is on the chopping block, it would not take much for there to be a new PM. 

Can the Conservatives strike a deal with the DUP ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

This is political blackmail, how much money does the DUP want for Northern Ireland, and what else do they want, the Conservatives have to deal up to a point, there is no way that the DUP will support Jeremy Corbyn, that would be to much of sell to their local supporters, so how far can the DUP push PM May, as stated more money, less cuts, no cuts in pensions or the winter fuel allowance, more agreement to help the DUP form a government in Northern Ireland.  The Conservatives can give way on the above, but they can not in danger the Good Friday Agreement.   Tough talks ahead, and its the Queen's speech on the State Opening of Parliament is tomorrow. 

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Will PM May get the CHOP ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The PM is like a broken recording, saying the same thing in a loop, it can be argued that the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson would make a better PM, he has the common tough but also went to the right public school, also he is for Brexit.   If PM May can be axed and BJ given the job that would be a good way to start, then have  a General Election after six months to a year.  The British people want to feel that there is a heart at No 10, the botched election and  reaction to Grenfell shows that May might have used up her get out of jail cards with the UK voter.  The Conservatives have to make sure that Jeremy Corbyn never gets the keys to No 10.

More Brexit - No Queen's Speech in 2018 - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

On Monday the Brexit talks start with the EU, it will be interesting to see what develops from that, also can the Conservatives get a deal with the Northern Irish DUP. Labour is deluded if it thinks that they could form a government with only 262 MPs, but then they do have a loony Leader.  If ALL the other Parties combined with the exception of the DUP the Labour coalition would still be short.  Let's recall Labour only has 262 MPs, were the Conservatives have 318.  The talks about Brexit have been off the news due to the Tower block tragedy in London, as the Queen has stated the UK is in a sombre mood of late, the Brexit talks are not going to up lift spirits, in fact it will create more division, that is the price of close election.   The young got off their smart phones to vote and what a mess they have done. 

The Eaters of Light - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

The Doctor was on a historical mission, to prove that knew what happened to the 9th Roman Legion, Bill thought she knew answer.  After the TARDIS arrived in rain swept Scotland, the Doctor and Bill split, allowing them to have their own adventures, Bill comes to understand that the TARDIS translates as to allow people to understand each other, and what was left of the 9th Legion was a few young Soldiers, fighting the locals and inter dimension monster.   It was nice to see Bill tell a Roman Soldier that she was gay, and how well the Roman Soldier took it, on gender issues the Romans were ahead of their times, they did not care, what ever was their view.   The Doctor and Bill meet up for the final fight, spoiler alert, then went back to the TARDIS, were Bill found that the Doctor had released Missy, or the Master as we old guys call her or Mistress, but that sounds so wrong.   Thus we are promised a meeting between Missy and the old Master, that should be a meeting of minds.  As to those that have not watched Doctor Who because of the SUN, shame on you, hot is bad, rain is good!!  Watch Doctor Who.

Friday, June 16, 2017

Trump in the DOCK - Trumpgate 1

Lets Get Real:

The the latest in the Trump news cycle, the Democrats are never going to get OVER losing in 2016, they will fish for anything to get Trump, very much like the Democrats wanted to get Richard Nixon.   The President should FIRE the Special Prosecutor, the main job was to see if the Russians and the Trump Campaign worked together in 2016, thus far NO information has surfaced to say that happened.   The SP is fishing for anything to justify his salary, it is reported that his staff is made of lawyers who gave money to the Democrats.  The Oval Office should say to hell with it, fire the SP and the Deputy AG if he will not follow the order, then let's see what happens.  The US can not go through another three years of this kind of mess. 

Brexit Talks Part 2 - Update 2

Lets Get Real:

The UK should not pay a FARTHING to the EU, in fact we should get 9 billion back, the UK for years has been funding the EU, it about time we spent the money on the the UK issues, from the NHS to other important issues.   The EU bloated with officials who need their pensions paid, why do you think its the first issue on the table.   The UK should be firm and respectful and say that the UK has its own problems at the present and we need the money. That will force the pro EU parties to makes a choice, give the money to the EU or people of the UK.  Democratic politics is not nice sometimes but it is effective. 

The Brexit Talks - New Era for the UK and the EU

Lets Get Real:

IF the EU demands a 100 hundred billion Euros Divorce bill the UK should walk straight out, no getting in to talks, the UK should not pay one farthing for the EU.   The money would be spent on the pensions of the fat cats of the EU.  The best way for talks to work is that the EU has to know that the UK will walk away, any weakness and the EU will roll over us.   The Germans and the French want to punish us, well we should say NO, it will not be the first time we have said no to Germany.   We should try to side deals with other EU countries, weaken the core from the outside.  These are going to be long and complicated talks.

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is Brexit ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The question is what is the softest Brexit of a real Brexit, if the UK wants to control its border and Immigration it has to be out of the single market and the custom Union, of course the UK could stay in the Custom Union, that would allow business access as before, but it would mean that the UK could not do trade deals with other Countries.   The Conservative Party has to worry that any backsliding by the PM could lead to UKIP coming back in force, even Labour has MPs that want a HARD Brexit, thus its complicated.   This blog would support a soft Brexit if it means staying in the Custom Union, that means that the UK COULD not do trade deals with countries outside the UK,  but the UK needs to control its own laws and immigration, than means leaving the single market,  otherwise the 2016 would have been for nothing.  Interesting hours, days and weeks ahead. 

The DUP ask for 1 Billion pounds in investment for Northern Ireland - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The price of one billion pounds is cheap to keep Jeremy Corbyn from 10 Downing Street, as the Government is going for less austerity it should say to the EU, that its 100 Billion is going to the Countries that make up the UK.  This is also a trick Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can hardly have a SOFT Brexit if the costs are being  sent to them to spend.   Are those leaders really going to give up billions to the EU or keep them for their voters. Politics is an art, the PM has to make the EU the enemy, that is not that hard in the UK, make the remainers look like sellouts.  Of course the question is does PM May have the wit to carry out such a plan. 

The DUP deal with the Conservatives - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The Northern Irish DUP want clear wins, more money is a given, less austerity over all would be a good thing for all parts of the UK.   Increasing wagers in the public sector would be good, amnesty for British Soldiers for action during the troubles would be a great idea. The question is what about Brexit, what kind of deal can May do with the DUP that allows the UK to leave the single market and the customs unions while making sure that there is no border between the North and the South.   It will be interesting to see the small print of the deal.

Monday, June 12, 2017

May on the Election - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The PM has gone for the humble approach, thus getting some more time as PM, the question is what will she do with the time, how will this effect Brexit, how far can she push the Remainers before they start voting with the Labour Party.   The Labour Party at present looks confused on the issue of Brexit, they left it vague in the Labour Manifesto as to attract votes, now they will have to be clear as to what they do support.   The Conservative Party has to hang on to power, what ever the costs, they can not afford to allow Jeremy Corbyn in to No 10.  Those that want to leave the EU will have to keep the PM's feet close to the fire, they should not surrender what the UK population voted for in 2016.   The next few days and weeks are going to be interesting. 

The Reasons the Conservatives LOST - Post 2017 Election

BBC News: Reports " Anger over Brexit and austerity caused the Tories to lose seats, Theresa May's new chief of staff has told the BBC. "

Lets Get Real:

We are starting to see the backsliding over a HARD Brexit, the Remainers will use the Conservative defeat to over turn the vote of 2016.   Those HARD Brexit MPs on the Conservative side will have to remind the PM that they can also cause problems should the PM be wobbly on Brexit.  One can expect Remainers will try to force the PM to withdraw her HARD Brexit and go for a soft Brexit.   The DUP and the Scottish Conservatives want this, how will the LABOUR Party vote. 

Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Empress of Mars - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

After the depressing Thursday it was nice to have Doctor Who back on form, the Doctor on Mars trying to stop a War between 1881 UK Armed Forces and the Ice Warriors, to be fair to the Doctor he was in awkward place, the British had invaded Mars, the local residents were not happy to say the least.  The Doctor spent most of the episode trying to make sure that neither side killed each other, of course both sides tried to do so.  What was excellent was the guest stars, they were given back stories, made you care about them, the Colonel turned out to be a hero of a kind, even if he did shoot his 2nd in Command, the Doctor did not seem that bothered on that subject.  It was nice see at the start and finish the lines, God Save the Queen, the Queen must think this 1974 again, when she faced having to have two elections!!!

Boris Johnson SUPPORTS PM May - Post 2017 Election

Lets Get Real:

The Foreign Secretary has learned one lesson, those that stab the PM in the back rarely get the job, thus BJ is doing the smart move, going all out to support the PM at the present, then in a few months time he can take over, although the Conservative Party is ruthless at getting rid of leaders, it also likes loyal Ministers, and BJ is being totally loyal, give it six months to a year then he can take over, with great applause from the Party.  The Foreign Secretary is a canny politician. Also Boris Johnson will wipe the floor with Jeremy Corbyn, BJ went o a better public school, not the minor one like Corbyn. 

The Conservative Party and the DUP - Post 2017 Election

Lets Get Real:

As long as the DUP supports the Conservative Party on Budget issues and security then we should have a stable government, one assumes that the DUP will demand extra money for North Ireland, that should not be a problem.  It will be interesting to see their take on Brexit, what kind of Brexit do they actually want, they might have only two choices, Brexit that takes the North as part of Republic or a hard Brexit that keeps the North as part of the UK.  Also lets recall that the Labour Party is for Brexit, it will be interesting to see how they vote on Brexit issues.   It was bad Thursday,  could have been at Titanic levels, except for the FACT that the Labour Party LOST, if they had visited more Conservative marginals they could have won, sometimes you only get the one chance. 

The FUTURE of PM May - Post 2017 Election

Lets Get Real:

The PM has to batton down the hatches, she should for for a HARD BREXIT, and dare the remainers in the House of Commons to vote with Jeremy Corbyn, it should be noted that the Labour Party is not united on Brexit, the Government can count on a few Labour MPs supporting the Government.   Also in all the praise for Jeremy Corbyn from the left it has been forgotten that he is not that great in the House of Commons.  They say a week is a long time in politics, six months to year is a lifetime.   The Conservative has to go popular, craft new laws that get the UK population to support the party again, keep the winter fuel allowance for all, keep the lock on pensions, cut back on austerity, someone else can pay the bill.  The young who voted for Corbyn will get peeved that they did not win, in six months time or a year and with a new leader the Conservatives can win again, nothing is over in till its over. 

The Clinton Failure - Post 2016 - Dems Post Clinton

Lets Get Real:

The Election 2016 Ghost, HRC is back in the spotlight, she is blaming everyone else for her defeat from Putin to the DNC, and by linkage the Obama Administration.   One gets the feeling that HRC wants to run in 2020, you can see the mind process, Trump is a disaster, I look good, I am a Leader, the US needs me as President.  In her soul she must be thinking, I stood by Bill, I am owed it by the Party and the Country.   In the real world, HRC is a two time loser, she lost to Obama in 2008 and to Trump in 2016, by taking up all the air in the room it is making harder for new faces to shine, at present the leaders and hopefuls for 2020 are in their 70s, more OAP Party than youth.  It seems that the dim young, prefer older leaders, that must be the sole reason for the success of Jeremy Corbyn in 2017.   At some point the powerful interests with the Democratic Party have to make it clear to HRC that  it is over, SHE LOST, there are no third chapters in US politics, she is no Reagan. 

The Conservatives and the DUP - Post GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The left wing BBC News and Guardian are loving this, they see it as a way to rollback Brexit, also having a go at the Conservative Party.  The basic facts are that either the Conservative Party or the Labour Party would need the support of the DUP to get laws passed in the House of Commons.   The DUP are firm supporters of Brexit, but they do not want a hard border between the North and South, in this the Party could be on dodgy ground, they might be forced to chose between keeping the North in the UK or see as part of the Republic for Treaty talks, one can assume that they would support a HARD BREXIT if means keeping the North in the UK.   The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is deluded, the one thing needed to keep the Conservatives in line is the threat of Corbyn in No 10.   Those remainers in the Conservative Party should put a sock in it, it can be stated that it is the same people turning up all the time, some are remainers and have been sacked by PM May.   The PM should say SORRY to the Conservative members of the House of Commons, for the bad campaign and her fault for going for an early election, but also she should be firm, its her or Corbyn.   Let's see of May can fight with her back against the WALL, that is when a leader is defined. 

Friday, June 09, 2017

Sorry Dear Reader - Wrong Again!!!

Subjective Review:  This blog got it wrong again, last year it was HRC and the US election, I will not blame the Russians and the FBI, this year was the view that Comrade Corbyn could never get elected. The Labour Party had its highest share of the vote since 1945, it gained 40.0% of the vote and got the youth vote out and got older voters to return to the Labour Party after the OAP tax of the Conservative manifesto.   The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a connection, how Labour got this vote will be looked at for years, but lets be clear, CORBY did NOT WIN the election.  As mentioned in previous post Corbyn got nearly the same level of Seats as Gordon Brown got in 2010. The BBC is treating the Corbyn surge as if he WON, they are so biased you need a sick bag.

This blog has to learn a major lesson, do not trust the polls, after the 2015 election, Brexit, the Trump victory, and now 2017. One should have learned that lesson, but then how are you to view the political landscape without polls, I found my local pub landlords were more accurate than the polls, and I DID NOT LISTEN, SORRY.


The STORMY PRESENT - The Future of PM May - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

PM May will have to make sure that the has the DUP on side for her most important votes, also the Chief Whip should make it clear to Conservatives MPs if they play about they could end up with Jeremy Corbyn in power.  The next few weeks and months will be stormy, some House of Commons votes will be close, but and here is the but, the Conservatives if they have any brains will make sure that they are on the winning side.  PM May has to develop a close working relationship with the DUP, try to keep close to their views when it comes to Brexit and make sure that her Cabinet is loyal, that might be difficult with the exception of the Fixed Term Parliament Act, this means that if the Government fell the Labour Party would get the chance to form a government.   The thought of that should keep Conservative MPs loyal for the present.  Of course we could be back to 1974, when there were two general elections, the UK voter is tired of elections, one can only hope that the Conservative Party does not mess this up as they did the general election. 

The Revenge of the Brexit Young - GE2017

BBC News: Reports on the final results of the General Election, with one Seat outstanding, Conservatives 318, Labour 261, Liberal Democrats 12, SNP 35, DUP 10.

Lets Get Real:

This was a shocking election, ALL the polls got it wrong, with the honourable exception of Survation, even this blog got it WRONG.  The General Election of 2017 saw the young get active in politics, okay they voted for Labour and without a smartphone could not find themselves out of a paper bag!!!  The Conservative manifesto on a tax on the old really hit the Conservatives HARD, it will be interesting to see how many older voters voted Labour or returned to Labour.  It has to be said that Jeremy Corbyn had a good night, but he only gained a few seats more that Gordon Brown got in 2010, the BBC are acting as if he WON the election, he did not, and the Conservatives should make sure that they keep the DUP on side as to keep themselves in power and keep Corbyn out.  The Conservatives should try to wear down the young vote, once they get the FACT that Labour will not be forming a Government they might lose interest.  On Brexit the Conservatives should be tough, NO ONE wants to see a land border between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, thus on this the both the DUP and the Conservatives are on the same side, also after that the DUP and the Conservatives want the same thing, the UK controlling its laws, leaving the single market and allowing the UK to make its own trade deals.  The BBC are acting as if a coalition between the Conservatives and the DUP is the worse thing that has even happened, we shall see.  The next few weeks and months will be interesting. 

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Vote Conservative - Election Day June 8th - GE 2017


For Brexit 

For Lower Taxes

For Security 

Labour Vote

Higher Taxes

The UK the Laughing Stock of the World, worse than Trump in the US

No Security for the State

Terrorists would have a field day with Labour in Power

Think PM Corbyn Nightmare and Home Secretary Abbott

Vote for the only Party that is for YOU and the UK

Vote Conservative

The Abbott Drama rolls on - Campaign Trail 73 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Call me a Cynic but after a few car crash interviews the Labour leadership has decided to bench Ms Abbott.  This blog wants to see a sick note, then followed by a lie detector and in Doctor Who Terms, the MIND PROBE.  Of course if Ms Abbott is really  ill this blog hopes she gets better and returns to the political fight, she gives a few votes to the Conservatives every time she is on the TV.  The election is nearly over thank goodness. 

New UK Polls - Conservatives LEAD - Campaign Trail 72 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus between the two polls you have a Conservative LEAD of 2% to 7%, none of the polls have had Labour ahead, the main difference is on how much of a lead the Conservatives have.   Thus my projection is a Conservative victory with about 370 Seats.  It could go few seats up or down.  As to the chance of Labour winning the election, that is down 0.  Of course the UK voter could do something odd and vote for a hung Parliament.   That could allow Labour with the support of the SNP to form a Coalition of Chaos.  The domestic and security of the State would be under threat, let's hope the UK voter has not joined the left wing loons that that lead the Labour Party at present. 

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Corbyn vs. UK Security - Campaign Trail 71 - GE 2017

Lets Get Real:

The TRUTH is out there, Jeremy Corbyn as stated by the UK Foreign Secretary has been a supporter of every adversary the UK has had in his lifetime.   The links with terrorists at the height of the Troubles, his support for CND, Mr Corbyn will never give the order for our Nuclear subs to counter strike should the UK come under nuclear attack, he will never give the order to drone a terrorist, does he really approve of the fact that the Police had to shoot to kill the terrorists in London.  Also would the Falklands still be secure under British rule, at any point it must be stated that Corbyn is a threat to the national security of the Country.   The UK voter has no choice but to vote Conservative or see the UK a laughing stock and under threat. 

The Abbott Fisco - Campaign Trail 70 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Thus another disaster for the Shadow Home Secretary, Diane Abbott could be the Home Secretary after June 8th, do you want someone who is clueless in charge, someone who is as loony as Corbyn, any else would have gotten the chop, but then Abbott is the former girlfriend of Corbyn, we are going very French.  Thus it's important that voters think of the actions of their Labour, you get Corbyn in No 10, no nuclear security, terrorists would be laughing, NATO would come under threat, Russian could take action in East Ukraine.   The US thought it was the laughing stock after Trump, well the UK would be a laughing stock if it elects Corbyn.   Tax would go up for those in the MIddle Class, the rich will be on the way out, the EU would direct how the UK leaves the UK.  Think before your vote, lose votes get you Labour. 

New UK Poll - Conservatives LEAD - Campaign Trail 69 - GE2017

UK Polling Report: Reports " ICM’s weekly poll for the Guardian..CON 45%(nc), LAB 34%(nc), LDEM 8%(-1), UKIP 5%(nc)  "

Lets Get Real

There are two polls out, the above on has a 11% lead for  the Conservatives, a Survation poll has the Parties tied, thus one of the polls companies will have a LOT OF EGG on its face on June 9th.  This blog is predicting that the Conservatives will be the biggest Party or a small majority.  In the polls they weight the responses of those that have agreed to be polled, do they have a enough older voters or younger voters etc.  If they get that wrong then you have the above.  It is only two days to go voter, then it's over for five years, in less you give the UK another hung Parliament, then we could be back to the polls in a few months.  Politics never ends, good if you're a political geek.

Monday, June 05, 2017

May vs. Corbyn - Security Debate - Campaign Trail 68 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

It is a simple question, who do you trust to press the trigger if they faced a terrorist, would May or Corbyn shoot first, we know that Corbyn will not okay the UK nuclear subs to counter a nuclear strike on the UK, so why would he kill a terrorist, can you see Corbyn using a drone on a terrorist.   The answer to the question is simple, PM has the balls to do what is needed, while Corbyn would like to talk and use the UN.   The UK does not have a choice, do you vote for the Conservatives under May who will make the UK secure and follow the lead of the UK voter when it comes to Brexit, or Corbyn will not secure the UK and will never press the button or the trigger.