Friday, June 09, 2017

Sorry Dear Reader - Wrong Again!!!

Subjective Review:  This blog got it wrong again, last year it was HRC and the US election, I will not blame the Russians and the FBI, this year was the view that Comrade Corbyn could never get elected. The Labour Party had its highest share of the vote since 1945, it gained 40.0% of the vote and got the youth vote out and got older voters to return to the Labour Party after the OAP tax of the Conservative manifesto.   The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn has made a connection, how Labour got this vote will be looked at for years, but lets be clear, CORBY did NOT WIN the election.  As mentioned in previous post Corbyn got nearly the same level of Seats as Gordon Brown got in 2010. The BBC is treating the Corbyn surge as if he WON, they are so biased you need a sick bag.

This blog has to learn a major lesson, do not trust the polls, after the 2015 election, Brexit, the Trump victory, and now 2017. One should have learned that lesson, but then how are you to view the political landscape without polls, I found my local pub landlords were more accurate than the polls, and I DID NOT LISTEN, SORRY.


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