Sunday, January 15, 2017

President - Elect Trump and the Obama Administration - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The new Trump Administration is doing a clean sweep of the Obama Administration, politics can be brutal, the Donald WON, thus HIS Administration.  The new Administration should expect to be tested by Russia and North Korea.   On Asia North Korea could try its ICBM to see how Donald Trump reacts, in Eastern Europe Russia could try something on the Baltic States.   As Trump takes Office there will be WARS going on in Iraq and Syria, how will the new Trump Administration deal with Daesh in Syria and Iraq, what about the Iran nuclear deal, is it dead in the water.    Foreign Policy could be a minefield for Trump, let us hope he is up to the job.

ObamaCare Repeal and Replace - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is a good move by the Congressional Republicans, the LAW has never been popular and its costs have risen every year.   The new plan should allow those with pre existing conditions to have the same rights as before, also it should allow those under 26 to stay on their families health cover.   The Republicans should be careful with a replacement, better to take their time and get it right, than to just vote on anything as a replacement.    This will be a good start to the new Trump Administration.

Congressman Lewis vs. President - Elect Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is what happens when the US voter loses his/her mind and elects someone like Donald Trump, the point being that they did ELECT HIM, this blog has great respect for Congressman Lewis, he is an American Icon, one would like to think that both men will reconsider their views, that Trump will say sorry for his twitter remarks and that Congressman will attend the transfer of power on Friday.   The US needs to be united after Friday, as one suspects either North Korea or the Russians will try something early to test the new Administration.