Friday, October 13, 2017

President Trump on ObamaCare, Iran and North Korea - Trump Era

Trump on Iran - For the Historical Record

Trump on ObamaCare - Part 4 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

POTUS is placing the future of US care in the hands of Democrats, they are of course opposed to the latest moves by the Oval Office, well if they want to save aspects of ObamaCare then they should DEAL.    The base of the Democratic Party will not want any deals with a Trump Presidency, it will be interesting to see what the Democratic leadership do, they can be real politic or do something that actually helps Americans.   The Republicans are divided, this move by POTUS should force them to think can they get behind a united deal, interesting times on the Hill. 

Trump on ObamaCare - Part 3 - Trump Era

Guardian: Reports further on President Trump's knocking down of ObamaCare from within, " the president issued a surprise notice ....scrapping federal subsidies underpinning the system. "

Lets Get Real:

At first glance it looks like that POTUS is taking a wrecking ball to all things Obama, from Iran to ObamaCare, but that is too simple, on Iran he has pushed the issue to Congress, either do something that works or POTUS will withdraw from the Iran deal, while with ObamaCare the President has been very honest, he wants Democrats to make a deal, thus this pressure on them.  Whatever you think about POTUS is not a fool, he has made some money as a Hotel developer, are we are talking billions HERE, so do not think he is a fool.  ObamaCare was an over step by President Obama and LIBERALS.  This is an interesting development, we shall see how the US Congress reacts to this new developments out of the Trump Oval. 

The UK Chancellor and Brexit - Post Brexit Deal

Lets Get Real:

When one thinks of Philip Hammond, when one has to, you think about a BORING Bank Manager, that is the point, the Chancellor is the money man but also he is a politician, it seems Hammond has taken the Bank Manager routine to far, the Brexiteers do not trust him, his own PM does not like him, and he has to deal with the EU.   A good PM needs to be a good political butcher, it is time that Hammond went back to the backbenches, you need a bit of charisma when your Chancellor, why not Borish Johnson for Chancellor, that should keep the leavers happy, the remainers will have to find a new standard bearer in the Cabinet. 

Trump on Obama's Iran Nuclear Deal - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This decision by President Trump is a two step process, he has refused to certify the Iran deal, and has pushed the issue to the US Congress, the general feeling by commentators is that the Hill will do NOTHING, if this is the case the President has stated he will walk away from the DEAL.   The Allies and the EU  do not matter, if Trump imposes sanctions on Iran, and makes it clear that companies that deal with Iran can not deal with the US then there will be limited business transactions between the EU and Iran.    This blog has stated in the past that is supports the view of the US Defence Secretary, if MAD DOG is for it, then this blog can live with it, of course it depends on the reaction of Iran, what will they do, thus more tensions over the next few months before either Trump or the US Congress has made a decision. 

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Trump on ObamaCare Part 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is one headline on CNN that President Trump will like, he wants the base of his support to know that he is following through on his election pledge to get rid of ObamaCare, tomorrow it's Obama's Iran deal, this will show Democrats what happens when you lose power, thus they will try ever harder to regain either the House or Senate in the 2018 Mid Terms.   ObamaCare was a liberal over step, since the US Congress is stalled on the ISSUE, Trump is using his powers as President to attack ObamaCare from within, liberal Democrats and the elite press will be seething. 

Trump on ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In essence President Trump is trying to destroy ObamaCare from within, the repeal and replace bill in the US Congress is stalled by moderates Republicans who want to keep ObamaCare and those on the right who just want to replace ObamaCare and for the market to run the US Health industry.   On the political side the Trump Oval can say to its base that it tried with Congress but was opposed thus the President will use an executive order to reshape and replace ObamaCare.   On the legal side expect liberals to take the Oval to Court over this move,  they will argue that only Congress can change ObamaCare. 

Trump and NAFTA - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The trade deal between the US, Canada and Mexico is liked by business, on the other hand main street US has seen jobs leave and entire towns become empty, the deal was developed under Bill Clinton, at the the all former living Presidents supported the deal, nothing lasts forever, it can be argued that voters in the rust belt States have seen no improvement in their lives, in fact it can be argued that their standard of living has gone down, while the richer and business has gained most from NAFTA.   As the article notes, some US Unions, and left wing Democrats support the US getting out of NAFTA, it will be curious to see what Trump decides, a good economy with NAFTA or play to his rust belt base, I think the base will be happy, the Washington Elite less so by the decision. 

Deadlock at Post Brexit Talks - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The EU is playing HARDBALL, they want billions from the UK as a divorce settlement, the UK should just walk away, the Conservative Government should dare the Labour Party to support giving billions to the EU, make it a choice, billions to the EU or the NHS, take the smirk off the face of the Labour leadership.   It has been reported in the UK press that the EU has had talks with the Labour Opposition, one has to wonder what Labour behind closed doors have offered.    The Government should fight Labour on this issue, what matters more to Labour, the EU or the NHS. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

The UK PM is a Remainer at HEART!! - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

It is time for the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to wield the political ax and remove May from power, the PM has shown that she has no idea when it comes to communication, from the bad conference speech to the latest letdown in an radio interview.   The Brexit Ministers and MPs should tell the Foreign Secretary if he wants the job he has to take it,  politics is not fair or decent, it is about who can wield power and be ruthless, who can be a good political buchter, can Boris wield the ax, DOES he want the prize, well time for him to get off his political backside and ACT for his career and the future of the UK. 

North Korea HACKED US War Plans - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

At some point the balloon has to go up when it comes to North Korea, if it is not talks then it's War, it would better if the US hit North Korea hard, taken all the force they need and get it done, hit the conventional weapons that are trained on South Korea and take out the nuclear structures and the leadership.   At what point does North Korea become to HARD to hit, do they have to develop a Neutron bomb before the US takes action.   The North Koreans if they are smart will never take the first step, that would be the end of them, but as they gain more nuclear weapons they become a threat to the US and its Allies.  It time for President Trump to get off his backside and do something!!

Catalan Update - The Spanish Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Madrid Government should just do nothing, no talks with the regional Catalan Government, not take a blind bit of notice, should the Catalan Government try to go for broke the Madrid should call in the Police to arrest the plotters as traitors to Spain.  The Scottish vote was different, the people of Scotland wanted it, and they showed they wanted to stay in the Union, the SNP has gone very quiet on the subject since.  If you allow ALL the regions of the EU to have a vote you will have chaos, Madrid has to be FIRM, even send in the Army if needed to bring Catalan firmly under control. 

Monday, October 09, 2017

The SELLOUT of the UK Voter by the UK PM - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus the sellout starts, you can see the process NOW, we give billions to the EU, more than the 30 billion, we follow THEIR rules and the European Courts have the final say over UK Law, also immigration is not STOPPED, the Conservative Government is selling out the UK voter, time for the Brexit MPs under the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson to call for a leadership VOTE, if the Foreign Secretary wants to be PM this is his last chance, he must come out against the present course of the Government, it's sellout to the UK Treasury and to business. SAD DAD FOR BRITISH DEMOCRACY. 

No Brexit Deal ? - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The speech to the House of Commons by the PM shows how weak she is, the remainers are winning the post Brexit Debate, the PM stated that for two years during the transition period the European Courts would have the final say of legal matters.  This is a surrender by the PM, the hard Brexit MPs should get together and get a new leader.   The PM has no intention of not getting a deal with the EU, it's sell out of the UK voter.   The UK VOTER wanted OUT of the EU, not some copy deal that keeps the UK in the EU, shame on the PM. 

Friday, October 06, 2017

Trump on Iran - Part 3 - Iran Crisis

Lets Get Real:

Thus it starts by the liberal press, they are stating that President Trump is weak by throwing the issue to the US Congress, as stated Democrats will defend the deal, let's be honest here, its the only net plus of the Obama Foreign Policy.   On the other hand the Israeli Lobby can be expected to place pressure on Republicans to place sanctions back on Tehran and to threaten sanction on other countries who deals with the Iran.   The US banking system will not want to risk its money going to Iran and then a problem either with Europe getting it back or the US playing hardball.    One can NOW expect the liberal media and paper press to state that the deal is the best thing since Munich, that is joke by the way.    The base of the Trump support will be happy, the elite liberal establishment will do its nut. 

Trump on Iran - Part 2 - Iran Crisis

Lets Get Real:

IF President Trump does nullify the Iran deal this will mean that he will have two nuclear questions on his desk, North Korea and Iran.   The Tehran Regime will know that those on the left in the US and the West will scream that Trump wants to start a WAR with Iran.  One can see the tone of the Guardian, BBC News, CNN, NYT already.   The question is WHAT does Trump want to do with Iran and North Korea, either talk to them or go to WAR, this blog has no time for either Regimes, it can be postulated that it is better to deal with one problem at a time, Trump does like to cause news on a Friday. 

Trump on Iran - Iran Crisis

Lets Get Real:

It will be interesting to see how the US Defence Secretary reacts to this nullification of the Iran deal, he has stated before the US Congress that the US should carry on with the agreement, and he is  a General with the nickname of Mad Dog, what will the Secretary of State do, will he go along with such a decision.  IF and Trump is not playing games the issue of Iran will go to the US Congress, one can expect most Democrats to support the idea as it's the only achievement in the Obama Administration foreign policy record, while one can expect most Republicans to agree to new sanctions on the Iran.   Thus another Developing story.....

Another North Korean Missile Launch ? - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One can only hope that North Korea is playing games, any missile launch that comes close to the US or US interest or allies will be seen as a direct threat to the US, and President Trump is acting as if he has a itchy finger to start a War.   In the Election of 2016 he was interested in the use of nuclear weapons, one can only hope that China and Russia have placed enough pressure on North Korea that they will back down and be quiet for a while.  As to the Tehran problem the Trump Oval should listen to his Defence and State Department Secretaries, let's hope the Generals can keep us from War in Asia and the Middle East.  

What Storm Mr President ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The President could be joking, that is the thing with Trump, he comes from a reality show background and business, the way doe does business is to get attention, the thing he has not understood is the FACT that he is President of the United States, everything he says is taking as US policy, in North Korea and Iran there must be those thinking that the President is talking about them, thus they might take action, this blog is no fan of the Tehran Regime or North Korea but any military action should be supported by the US Defence Secretary who has the nickname Mad Dog, he has stated before Congress that the US should keep the deal between the US and Iran, as to North Korea there are the same problems as before, any first strike by the US will leads to millions of South Koreans losing their lives.  Developing story.

Wednesday, October 04, 2017

Secretary State Tillerson vs. The Washington Press Core

Lets Get Real:

One does wonder why Secretary of State Tillerson is hanging around, the Trump Oval has shown it will undercut the Secretary State at any time, of late it has been about North Korea.   In the modern Presidency foreign policy is done out of the White House, the State Department it can be argued using a British political term has house trained Mr Tillerson, any talks with North Korea is just the State Department appeasing the North Koreans, very much like our UK FCO, they appease the enemy and are anti Israel, No 10 on the whole never trusts the FCO as they have house trained the then Foreign Secretary.  One does wonder how much time Mr Tillerson has at State, one would guess not long before Trump places his own man at State to control the Department. 

Tuesday, October 03, 2017

The Catalan Crisis - Spain

Lets Get Real:

The Madrid Government needs to come down HARD on Catalan, it was an illegal vote, and is a threat to Spain and could cause other areas in the EU to demand they also get a Vote to become an Independent Nation.   The SNP in Scotland must be worried if they try for another vote the Spanish Government could place a block on it becoming a part of the EU.   Thus the Spanish Government has to be FIRM, if need be the troops should be sent in, it is treason to Spain and the Crown.  Madrid needs to send a clear message, this far and no further. 

Monday, October 02, 2017

Trump on Las Vegas - Mass Shooting - Historical Record

Lets Get Real:

President Trump should use this moment to get Democrats and moderate Republicans to support strict gun control, there is no need for Americans to have easy access to weapons, the Founding Fathers would be appalled that innocent Americans are being killed daily by weapons bought in a local store.   Thus time for the US to come together and restrict guns, innocent blood is on the floor in Vegas, time for action and leadership from Trump. 

Tragedy in Las Vegas - Mass Shooting

Lets Get Real:

There needs to be tighter gun control in the US, the gun lobby is too powerful in the US, the National Rifle Association gives millions to US Politicians in the US, the US Supreme Court or the Congress needs to learn from Las Vegas, guns should be harder to come by, their selling should be restricted to the Army and Law enforcement and to Farmers and those that hold Cattle.   This kind of tragedy should be the last in the US, time the White House, Congress and the Courts got its ACT together.

Sunday, October 01, 2017

Trump on US Foreign Policy with North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Oval does not want to fail when it comes to North Korea like the previous Presidents he has mentioned in his tweet, they pushed the problem down the road, the end result is that North Korea has now has a ICMB and more than likely a H bomb.   The US has tried talks with the North Korea, and they have failed, North Korea always lies and then pushes along with its nuclear plans.   The US must be ready to take FIRM ACTION, send in the US fleet to blockade North Korea, check every ship going in, making sure that North Korea is not selling its technology to terrorists or other rogue regimes likes Iran.   The North Korean road has ended in the Trump Oval, lets hope that Trump does not appease or we could face a major WAR down the line. 

Catalan referendum and the reaction by the Spanish Government

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government should use this development in Catalan to its advantage, it should place pressure on Madrid to support our talks over Brexit, while we make sure that the EU on the whole says nothing about Catalan, it's good because the EU does not want to upset the Spanish, it has enough problems with the Greeks and the UK leaving, so they are hardly going to say anything that causes problems IN Spain, while we cut a good deal with the EU, who says foreign policy has to be ethical.   This above is real politics at its core.   As to Catalan one could care less, law and order must be upheld, thus the riot act should be announced and a curfew at night, that should get people off the streets, the Government of Catalan has not gone through the legal process, also the EU needs one Spain, does not want to fund another poor new Country, the Greeks are bad enough. 

Diplomacy with North Korea is a waste of time - President Trump

BBC News: Reports " US President Donald Trump has told his secretary of state that he is wasting his time trying to negotiate with North Korea over its nuclear programme. "

Lets Get Real:

The US President and the US Secretary of State are not speaking from the same page, either this is a thought out policy, the Mad Man Theory of Nixon and Kissinger or the Oval and State Department are running two different policy shops.  This must be confusing for North Korea and the rest of the World, why is Trump Oval allowing the Secretary of State to have talks with North Korea if the Oval things they will not go anywhere, for a businessman Trump does not seem interested in the details, the US Trump National Security Council should at least be behind the issue, the North Korean Crisis seems to have cooled, the question is will it get hot again or has NK learned that without China's support it has to back down. 

Thursday, September 28, 2017

The EU plays HARDBALL with the UK over Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government should walk away, the UK Voter will understand if the UK is being blackmailed by the French and Germans, the Country has been alone before and we came out alright with the help of the Americans.   As to the Americans they have placed a sanction on a British Company in Northern Ireland, the UK should remind the Oval Office, that when the US has it back to the WALL it's the British who always come through, not Europe.  The UK has to stand its ground with both the EU and the Trump Oval, we shall not be blackmailed or bullied be either, we did have the biggest Empire the World has ever seen, we know a thing or two about creating a World structure, we can outlast the EU and the Trump Oval.

China ACTS on North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

At last China is acting, it must be very concerned that with Trump in the Oval there might be a War in Asia, this is more  important than the worry that the North Korean Regime falling.   Thus far with the exception of sabre rattling by rhetoric the tensions seem to have gone down, of course it is important to understand a mistake by either side could cause a WAR.  When the sanctions are working at 100% this might cause the NK regime either to come to the table or to test a H bomb over the pacific, a test could lead to the US taking action, as it would be seen as a threat to the US homeland and interests.  The ticking clock might have paused at the moment, but that hour mark of 12 is not off by that much at the moment.   A developing story.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The COST of a New Korean War - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The above is the reason that American Presidents have not reacted, the cost in human life is so high and that is just an estimation.  The COST of doing nothing could be higher, the North Koreans have developed a ICBM, and it looks like that they can place a nuclear warhead on top of it, that makes them a threat in Asia and to the US mainland.  The US can not wait for North Korea to developed even more powerful nuclear bombs, it has to ACT and ACT now, otherwise North Korea will feel free to carry on with its nuclear plans, the Russians and China just want a quiet life, thus they want peace, it's not that they have suddenly found humanity, a WAR would be a threat to them, there would be millions of refugees coming over their borders.   The US should act and with speed, sometimes the hardest decision to take can be the easy, the lack of action can come back to bite you on the backside later. 

Monday, September 25, 2017

Deadlock in Brexit Talks - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government should drop its appeasement of the EU, and go for a HARD BREXIT, force Labour and Conservative remainers to support giving billions to the EU.  The EU is past its sell by date, the only people that do not understand that is the EU and moaning remainers in the UK.   The British Voter has made it clear, they want OUT of the EU, its only urban areas such as London that want to be ruled by the EU.  TIME for the UK to show pride and tell the EU to get lost and to take back our fisheries policy.   We had an Empire once and we managed it better than the EU. 

The US has declared WAR on North Korea - North Korea

Lets Get Real:

This is dangerous sabre rattling by North Korea, should North Korea try to shoot down a US plane it would be WAR and Pyongyang and the rest of North Korea would be removed from the face of the earth.   One gets the impression that NK is feeling worried, they face further sanctions and China is starting to place pressure on them to back off.   The US should increase sanctions with a naval blockade of North Korea, make sure that NK is not selling information or parts to other rogue nations such as Iran.   The NK is back on its heels, time for the pressure to be kept on, NK can either give up its weapons or face destruction, Trump is not fooling about when it comes to threats. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Trump places further sanctions on North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Telegraph: Reports that President Trump has placed new sanctions on North Korea, the article states the following, " has announced that further sanctions will be placed on North Korea as it continues its missile testing - a day after he asked Theresa May to increase pressure on the rogue regime.  "

Lets Get Real:

The sanctions go after people and companies that trade with North Korea, the point being these individuals can either trade with the North Korea and lose links with the US or cut links with NK and carry on their business interest with the US.   The UN has placed tough sanctions already on North Korea, and they have not worked, China will only go so far, it does not want the NK to fall, then it would have millions of refugees coming over the border in to China.   This gradual path is following the path of every other US Administration, it is pushing the can down the road, it seems that Trump is afraid of taking action, that has been the Oval Office view since President Clinton in 1994.  At some point the US either has to accept a nuclear armed North Korea and place nuclear weapons in South Korea and Japan or take action, it one of the two, either war or modern appeasement. 

The EU on UK Brexit Deal - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

THE LEFT WING GUARDIAN loves the EU, thus takes the side of the EU in all matters, its only role is to be critical of any deal, well in this this blogger agrees but for different reasons, the UK Government is giving way to much, in poker you do not allow the other players to see your hand, the Government is making clear that the EU can walk all over us, as stated in previous post the hard Brexit supporters in the Conservative Party have to make their voice heard, loud and fast.   The Remianers are winging the debate, time for the 1922 Committee of the Conservative Party to show MPs worries to the PM before she gives her disastrous speech tomorrow.  Democracy is at stake at the moment, the will of the UK Voter is being walked over. 

The British Government sells out the UK Voter - Part 2 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real: 

The UK Government is willing to give the EU 20 billion of the tax payers money as a divorced deal, this is the not the money of the Government, it's the money of the tax payer, the UK tax payer would rather the 20 billion went to the NHS or anywhere but the EU.  The hard Brexit supporters have to come out against this deal, this is a way that the remainers will keep us in the EU.   IT'S A SELL OUT OF THE FIRST ORDER.  The Brexit hardliners should threaten to bring the Government down if it does this deal, this is the worse deal since Munich of 1938.

UK Government Betrays UK Voters over Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The PM and the UK Cabinet are betraying the UK voter, the UK voter for OUT, not in two years time, not to give EU 20 billion UK pounds.   One can only hope that the right wing of the Conservative Party will attack the idea and that that the PM will change her mind.   This is the kind of deal you would expect from the firm remainers, they will try to sabotage Brexit by any way they can, the UK voter has had his/her say, Out won, it's about time the remainers in the Conservative Party got their heads out of their backsides and respected Democracy. 

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Trump at the UN - Trump Era

US considering shooting down North Korean Missiles - Part 3 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is what the US should have done when North Korea started its missile launches, either take them out on the ground or in the air, and make it clear to North Korea than any reaction by them would be considered an attack on the US and thus to back off.   The North Koreans are pushing to be a nuclear armed power, Iran is not far behind, would not be shocked to learn that North Koreans have been helping Tehran will their missile and nuclear structure, the idea that IRAN is following its deal with the UN is very naive.   North Korea made deals in the past and then broke them, Iran and North Korea only understand one thing, a big stick and a President who will use it, the President is the leader of the free World, while North Korea and Iran represent terrorists and rogue nations. 

Trump on Iran at the UN - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Bush 43 took care of Iraq on the whole, Obama pulled out too early, it took the election of Trump for the handcuffs to come off the US military, and thus the success of the Iraqi forces in Iraq with the help of the US to remove Daesh as a threat.   Thus we know come to North Korea and Iran, the tensions in Asia are high, the speech by Trump on NK could risk NK taking the next step in escalation, while Iran might break the deal before Trump gets to act. One only hopes that China can control North Korea and makes sure they do not react, while Iran can be expected to increase its terrorist support, helping the Taliban in Afghanistan as way to thwart the US new strategy, of staying the course and winning. 

Liberal/Left Wing reaction to President Trump's speech - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The liberal/left with castgate Trump for his speech, think of the 1930s and the age of appeasing Hitler, and you get the idea,  the left only know how to appease, if the World has listened to this lot the Berlin Wall would have not come down, they never want to fight for something, God forbid you support your Democratic elected PM or President.  Listening to CNN this afternoon one almost got the impression they almost prefered North Korea or Iran to their own US President.   It will be interesting to see what happens should things get very hot in Asia, will CNN blame both sides, or just Trump.  This blogger misses Fox News, they were fair and balanced, the CNN and BBC News of 24 news cycle are so predictable, it's not even funny any more. 

Trump on North Korea - Part 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US Military should be on ALERT for the North Koreans to react to the UN speech by President Trump, as stated it can be either or both a nuclear test and a missile launch over Japan.   The US military has to decide if it will take out the missile while they are on the ground, this could lead to escalation by North Korea, but even they are not crazy enough to attack South Korea, as this would give Trump the reason to destroy North Korea.  China and Russia have to place pressure on North Korea not to react, of course there is a question of how much influence they have with the North Korean Regime.   Thus expect Asia to get hot over the next few days, this blog thinks there will be sabre rattling by NK but no action, Trump looks ready to press the button when it comes to NK, he is not kidding about the fact that he will destroy North Korea. 

President Trump on North Korea and Iran - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

North Korea will react to this speech, either another nuclear test or missile launch over Japan in the direction of Guam to make the point.  As to Tehran the hard liners will argue that Trump is never going to honour the deal and thus Iran should follow through with its nuclear plans, of course this blog assumes they have done that already and that the Iran deal is a way to get attention away from them.   If Trump does does decide that the Iran deal is BAD, then he should be ready to place the US Fleet in the Persian Gulf, once the deal is dead in the water, the US should hit all the nuclear sites in Iran, just as a warning, if IRAN reacts then the US can take out the regime and place a new leadership in Iran.  The UN speech by President Trump was tough, he thanked Russia and China over their help with North Korea, but they need to do more or Trump will take action.   The left wing press will have a nervous breakdown, they always do when it comes to Trump.

Monday, September 18, 2017

That BOOK Tour, HRC on the road - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As you read about the HRC book tour, think Gothic horror music in the background, she never goes away, HRC is not helping herself or other Democrats, she should think of running as Mayor of New York or Governor.  One might have doubts about her character, private web EMAIL server anyone, but she has a fine brain, okay she lost the Presidency twice, no mean feat considering she was seen as the nominee all but the title in 2008 before then Senator Obama defeated her, then she lost to Donald Trump, a reality star and businessman, that must hurt. In the past defeated candidates or pols who had become Establishment figures were made Ambassador to Japan, this blog can not see Trump giving Clinton any role for the next four to eight years.   The next generation of leaders have to come through, and they can not be in their 70s, there must be another JFK or Obama in the wings, otherwise the Democrats are stuck in political hades. 

The French on the Iran Nuclear Deal - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This blog could care less what the French think, let's recall its us Brits who have saved France twice, something that they will never forgive.   The Trump Oval should ask what the Israeli intelligence Mossad thinks of the deal, they will know if Iran is breaking the deal, Mossad is feared for a reason, its bloody good at what it does, and has eyes and ears open when it comes to Tehran.  The left press will always want to appease, they assume that Tehran is telling the truth, let's recall North Korea agreed to deals then broke them, thus the present problem with North Korea.   The Trump Oval should ask the US Defence Department for options, from covert to overt action if the intelligence is that Iran is breaking the deal, this blog assumes they are already. 

UK Government to Pay 30 Billion to EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government is selling out the UK voter, the vote to leave was about LEAVING the EU, it was not to give them thirty billion that they might want, they might want more, the UK has to be firm, when we leave that IS IT, we are out, the transition period should only be  for a few months, not years.  Those in the Cabinet that oppose the deal should resign if they an not support the May policy, the Conservative Party might need a new leader, a strong leader, who understands that Lady Thatcher would never agree to such a deal.  LEAVE should mean LEAVE.

Trump at the UN - North Korean Crisis - Latest

Lets Get Real:

The UN is full of hot air when it comes to North Korea, there have been endless meetings, and North Korea has not backed off, in fact it has pushed its nuclear structure along, with a new nuclear test and another missile over Japan.   The US has to decide, is it going to appease or take action, if you're NK you must not take the US at its word, the UN and US warnings have not been backed up by real ACTION, at the end of the day President Trump has to decide does he want to be Neville Chamberlain or a Kennedy/Reagan type of President. 

Friday, September 15, 2017

The UN and the North Korean Missile Launch - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The UN either solves the problem of North Korea or it just becomes another talking shop, as it was during the Cold War, the US has to get another resolution up, this time tougher, force Russia or China to veto the resolution.  If EITHER do then the US can go it alone, it would have showed that  it had tried with the UN and other powers.   The Trump Oval has to react or it becomes another laughing stock.  It seems that the leaders of today have forgotten the lessons of Munich 1938, when the powers then did not stop Hitler, this lead to WW2, the West has to react or face a disaster down the line, it time to chose for the US and the West. 

Trump informed on North Korean Launch - North Korean Crisis Part 3

Lets Get Real:
Thus what can we expect from the Trump Oval, not a lot, some scathing tweet about NORTH KOREA, more promises to the US allies in the region, and then NOTHING.   The military has house trained the Donald, they scared the tea bags out of him with the results of him taking any action.  The lack of action is a policy, and thus we are heading for more threats from North Korea.  The clocking is ticking for War when it comes to North Korea, the lack of action by the US means that NK will push its luck too far, and the we have WAR.