Sunday, December 10, 2017

Slim Chance of a No Brexit Deal - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

As long as power comes back to the House of Commons and the Law Courts decide UK Law and that the UK Government can make trade deals then this blog supports the agreement, it is about the return of power from the EU to the UK.   The moaning remainers want overturn the vote of 2016, they do not believe in Democracy.   The papers have to keep an eye  on these moaning remainers, and when there is a general election the papers must make sure that the voters know how their MPs voted when it came to Brexit.  This will be a long year of politics, the talks on the trade agreement do not start in till March of 2018, and the EU wants it finished by October, so that means in FACT that the Government needs an agreement by September.    Interesting months ahead. 

Moaning Remainers TRY TO BLOCK BREXIT - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The moaning remainers do not believe in DEMOCRACY, that old thing by which the UK votes for something and it is done by Parliament, the people voted by 52 - 48 to leave the EU, the remainers are trying to block the UK from leaving the EU, they are using Parliament and its rules to reject the will of the British people.   Thus it is time for the voter to mail, phone text, Twitter or Facebook their MP to get them to follow the will of the people.   The Chief Whips have to be ruthless, they must have something on the MPs, they are MPs after all, just below 2nd hand Car salesmen IN TRUST.   The Government has to win, it might need to talk to Labour MPs who want to leave, get them to counter balance the moaning remainers in the House of Commons. 

The FUTURE of Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus we come to the hard part of phase 2 of the Brexit talks, in this phase we want to arrange a trade deal that will allow the UK to trade with the EU as of now, also granting the right of the UK to do deal with others Countries, POTUS has suggested we would get  a warm reception from the US if we want a trade deal.  Labour now states it wants to stay in the single market and the customs union, but also pay more to the EU.   The Chief Whip has to come down hard on those moaning remainers, they have to be told to get back in line or face being placed on the Boar War Committee ( we British never throw away a good committee ! )  or the most boring committee that can be found.  The heavy lifting for Brexit starts after the New Year, in March 2018 we will be a year away from leaving the EU. 

Friday, December 08, 2017

What happens in March 2019 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus the next phase is very important, it could be argued that we require a specific deal for the UK after the we leave the EU, in some sectors we shall need to follow closely the rules of the EU as to allow for free movement of products.   On the other hand we must be free to make a new deals and create more jobs after the UK  leaves the EU.   The cost of the divorce should be between 20 - 30 billion pounds, why should the UK pay for new EU policy decisions.   The firm Brexit supporters need to keep No 10 on its toes, they should make sure that the DUP remains firm with the PM May.  Thus a interesting year ahead.

Brexit and Phase 2 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

On the whole the Brexit members of the Cabinet have come out in support of the PM, but let us not forget that the real hard part of talks start now, well in the New Year.   In the phase 2 the final part the UK  has to discuss the final divorce bill, how long the European Court Justice has power over UK courts and its citizens, and of course the final trade treaty with the EU.  Any trade deal should keep us close the EU but allow us to make other trade deals, this policy could cause a major flare up.   Thus expect more heated discussion between pro anti EU Conservative MPs, even Labour is split on the EU.    This is just the start of the end, but there are still major fights ahead. 

Brexit - Phase 1 of the Divorce Agreement - Brexit Deal

BBC News: Reports " PM Theresa May has struck a last-minute deal with the EU in a bid to move Brexit talks on to the next phase.  "

Lets Get Real:

Thus phase 1 of the Brexit Deal has been achieved by the PM, the tone from Brexit supporters in the Cabinet is good, the monies to be given to the EU is down on published reports, the article states it is between 35 - 40 billion pounds, down from a 100 billion, and there is no border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.   The rights of UK Citizens and EU is protected.   If there is no deal after the year of talks for the Brexit date then the UK will follow the EU closely, but that is down for discussion in phase 2. 

Thus in phase 2 we come to trade talks and the final divorce bill and how long the UK follows the European Courts while the UK is in transition.   If there is no deal then the UK will follow the EU closely.   The Shadow Brexit Secretary was very clear, it is in phase 2 that we get the final agreements on the above, thus the importance of getting to phase 2.   It will be interesting to see the tone of the left and right as the day unfolds. 

Thursday, December 07, 2017

The SELLOUT - Part 2 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

So the PM wants to run to Brussels before hard Brexit supporters can read new deal, this is smart, the last time they had a deal it was leaked and the DUP was up in arms, let's hope the DUP and Brexit supporters in the House of Commons have seen the deal and support it, the deal is only good if the pro EU MPs do not like it, that would mean that PM May had followed the will of the British people.   This blog is projecting a sellout, the PM is weak and gives concessions without the fear that she will walk away.  The reader will know if it is a bad deal by the tone of the BBC and the Guardian, if they are happy it is a very bad deal. 

The SELLOUT of the UK - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

As of NOW, it looks like No 10 is about to sellout the UK voter for the sake of the Irish and EU, a deal worthy of the name should not be this hard, the moaning remainers want a SOFT DEAL, that will handcuff the UK to the EU for years.   The idea of Brexit was to allow the UK to decide it own laws and rules.   Thus expect the hard Brexit MPs to come out against the deal,  a good deal would allow the UK to decide it own laws, decide who comes in to the UK, a have different rules when it comes to business etc.   A good PM would have walked away by now, Lady Thatcher would have said NO to keeping the EU happy. 

The LAST chance for a Brexit Deal over Northern Ireland - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus it seems it will be a long night, the EU has stated that there will be news at 6.50am on Friday when it comes to a Brexit Deal that deals with the problem of the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland.    Thus can only hope that PM May does not sell out the UK Voter by going for a SOFT Brexit.   The Brexit Conservative MPs must be firm, they have to make sure that No. 10 is not selling out the UK to please the EU.   Projecting, one can see a deal that takes in the whole of the UK, it depends what the deal is, and how it is spinned and framed.    This blog is watching the latest developments. 

The BLACKMAIL by the EU and IRELAND - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

A quick deal is a BAD DEAL, with all the goodwill in the world there is no real solution to the border between Northern Ireland and Ireland, the UK of which Norther Ireland is part of is leaving the EU, any fudge would allow the EU Courts and EU to direct the UK, without the UK being in the room, also they would get billions from us, without us having a say about its edicts.   This is the time for the UK to walk away, we have tried, and it has not worked, the UK voter would love that kind of honesty, time for Brexit to mean Brexit. 

The most important 24 hours in the political life of PM May - Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The PM has a day to come up to the solution of the problem of Brexit when it comes to Brexit, the PM has to remember that she needs the DUP to keep her power, the Brexit MPs and Cabinet Ministers have public support for a firm BREXIT, the moaning remainers have nothing to offer, are they going to leave the Party and join Labour OR  Liberal Democrats one would think not, in other words PM May has to be ruthless, she tell the remainers that they either support the deal or the UK leaves without a deal, time to play hardball, would Lady Thatcher in her prime have tolerated these remainers, no she would have not, time for May to become the next Iron Lady . 

Moaning Remainers and Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The PM should just ignore the moaning remainers, her main concern should be the DUP, they support her Government in power, and if she does back track on what the Brexit MPs want she will find that she is out of No 10 in the new year.  The moaning remainers have no where to go, in less they want to join joint the Liberal Democrats,  they are attempting to stop BREXIT, the Chancellor is not helping, the idea he suggested that the UK would pay the divorce bill no matter the result was a political blunder, the PM should consider sacking the Chancellor, he has a tin ear for politics.   The PM has to be the next Lady Thatcher, she has to say no to EU and Ireland. 

President Trump on Jerusalem - For the Historical Record

Lets Get Real:


Wednesday, December 06, 2017

US to move US Embassy to Jerusalem - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In this idea President Trump is right, there will never a be a Palestinian State, it was never on the cards no matter what the EU or other Arab leaders want, the State of Israel is a Jewish State and its Capital is Jerusalem, the President has promised this move in the election of 2016, candidate Trump is keeping his word as President.    There have been endless talks on a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinian people, it has gotten nowhere, there was a chance in 2000 under Bill Clinton but the Palestinian people were stubborn and lost the chance of a State,  it is better to be truthful and real, and in the real World the security of Israel is too important to allow for a Palestinian State. 

The LEFT, LABOUR and BREXIT - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The LEFT wants to stay in the EU, even going against the will of the UK voter in 2016, the Guardian represents the left/liberal elite, the Labour Party is also split, there are hard Brexit supporters within its ranks.   The PM should read this article and face the fact that she has only choice, a HARD BREXIT.   The left would have gotten the UK in to the EURO, and we would have had a disaster in the UK.   The liberal elite thinks everyone else is stupid, they think Brexit supporters do not understand, they think they are better, TIME TO LEAVE THE EU, send a clear message to the elite left. 

The Conservatives SPLIT over Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Conservative Party is split when it comes to Brexit, there are small remainers who want to reject the will of the UK voter in 2016.  The PM has to make a choice, who can she annoy and get away with it, the simple answer is the remainers, are they going to bring the Government down and let Jeremy Corbyn in, one has doubts, the hard Brexit supporters have the numbers in the House of Commons, they should tell the PM to walk out of the talks, the PM should tell the EU that she has tried and given concessions, but enough is enough, the UK will leave at once, the we should place tariffs on the EU and cut our taxes and business tax down to ZERO if need to be to attract business, then do trade deals with the World. 

Follow the Money with POTUS - Update ( Trump Era 2017 - ? )

Lets Get Real:

IF this story stands up it shows that the Special Prosecutor is looking to nail POTUS, even if it means dealing with events before Donald Trump become President.   This could be a red line for POTUS, he could argue that the Special Prosecutor is going well outside his remit and thus deserves to be sacked. The sacking if it takes place should happen while the Republicans control Congress, the Democrats and Liberals will be up in arms, but they can not do anything if the Republicans are in control.  Thus it matters that the Democrats take the HOUSE and SENATE in 2018, they can start real hard investigations of Trump and the Trump Administration.   This is a developing story. 

Monday, December 04, 2017

Trump, Moore vs. Decency - Trump Era ( 2017 - ? )

Lets Get Real:

Thus POTUS has trashed the FBI, it suspects US intelligence when it comes to Russian actions during the 2016 Presidential Election, he has sexual allegations against him and now he supports Judge Roy Moore.  POTUS has no decency or class, no other President, Democrat or Republican would come out to support someone like Moore, what is Trump thinking, correction we know what he is thinking, he wants another vote in the US Senate.  This blog was willing to give Trump a chance, and he has done nothing to earn that trust, let us hope that the Democrats take the House in 2018 and start impeachment President Trump.  FDR,Truman, JFK,  Reagan must be looking down in disgust, their Oval is losing its moral authority. 

Follow the Money and Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

This is kind of rumour does not help, it would make the DUP like it could be bought, it only makes things worse for the UK PM, the rest of the UK would demand that it should get monies, the only place not wanting money would be the City of London.   It will take some great diplomacy and great good will to get a deal, to sooth the DUP, Prince Harry on his marriage could be made Duke of Belfast, to show that Northern Ireland is close the UK, its an idea.    One hopes the Department for Brexit can come up with some language that keeps everyone happy or least not angry,  but is vague, confused, a mystery, yes the kind of thing we got in Yes Minister and Yes Prime Minister TV series.   Interesting hours and days ahead. 

Northern Ireland and Brexit - Update 2

Lets Get Real:

PM May needs to sooth the nerves of the DUP and some of her Conservative backbenchers, any carve out of Northern Ireland would cause problems for her with Wales, Scotland, they will demand a carve out, thus No 10 and the EU have to find another way, one that makes both sides unhappy, but looks good to those that want a clean Brexit, the UK voter is tired of the debate, it wants it over, one way or another!!   The EU has to think hard, does it want to see the UK leave with no deal and no money in return, does Germany and France want its exports taxed high in the UK, the UK could start to make new trade deals with out countries.  PM May needs the DUP, thus she will have to be tougher, the EU has more to lose in the long run. 

WILL there be a BREXIT DEAL ? - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

PM May needs a better spin Master, the idea that Northern Ireland would be separated from the UK would be a hurdle to far for the Unionist DUP, and the Conservative Government needs the DUP in the House of Commons.   Also as the article states there are other problems, what about the power of the European Court of Justice, will they still outrank UK Courts.   The article states that about 20 Conservative MPs had a problem with the deal, thus No 10 faces problems with the DUP and its own backbenches, so what is the solution. One option find language that works for the DUP, also get the spin out if they agree, the devil is in the details, then take the deal to the EU and say, this is it, take or leave it, another option would be to get the Labour Party to support the deal, that would lead to the Government of May falling and a new Conservative PM or even Corbyn in No 10, that is not an option for Conservatives.   Of course we have the final option, the nuclear option, a hard Brexit, it would be tough, but at least it would be over.

As to postulate the path to be taken by PM May, it would be find better language that confuses hell out of everyone, get the DUP to agree to it, and let them spin as a victory for them as they are part of the UK, and then make a deal with the EU as to get to the next talks on trade.   Of course the devil is in the details, if it seen that Northern Ireland is getting a its own deal, then Wales, Scotland will ask for a deal, thus the Government has to control the spin and win, we shall be Friday if they can manage that trick. 

Sunday, December 03, 2017

The BREXIT DEMANDS - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The BREXIT supporters must come to the rescue of BREXIT, the Conservative Government wants to give between 40 - 50 billion pounds to the EU, this is a national disgrace.  Also the EU would still have control of the law courts after we leave in 2019.   The UK voter voted OUT, not a semi abortion, you are either in or out of something, half day is MADNESS, time for you to write, email, phone, Facebook, Twitter your MP to tell him or her to follow the will of the British people, that means OUT OF THE EU. 

North Korean Crisis - Update

Lets Get Real:

The WAR DRUMS are getting louder, the US and North Korea are heading to Midnight and War.   There are only two options as this blog has stated, talk or war, everything else has been tried and that is why we are HERE at this crisis point.   The US either talks to North and accepts it as a nuclear power and hopes it can contain the North, also that the North does not blackmail the West in to WAR, that would be on their terms, thus we have the only option, WAR, on our terms, a first strike against North Korea, this will the cause to left in both the US and the UK to go up in arms, well that is why they are the opposition and not the government.  The Trump Oval has to consider WAR, on its terms, a massive use of tactical nuclear weapons to take out North Korea's conventional forces as to protect the Capital of South Korea and then a land invasion.   THERE WILL BE DEATHS, if this route is followed, sometimes the hardest decision to take is the hard but best choice.  Then North Korea or what is left of it should be handed over to China, they will feel secure with North Korea under them, this will sound ruthless, sometimes that is the best choice, when there are no other options. 

POTUS vs. FBI ( Trump Era 2017- ?)

Lets Get Real:

One has to say that POTUS has LOST THE PLOT, you never go after the FBI if your Administration is under investigation.   The President is saying that the FBI is LIBERAL and supports HRC because they did not charge HRC with anything, that is a risky move in D.C, of course it could be a smart move if you want to undermine a Special Prosecutor and his case.    The President has the power to open an investigation in to HRC if he wants, he can order the Department of Justice, it depends if they threaten to resign over the matter, even then it can be done, it would confuse the issue, it would become a farce in a quick manner.   POTUS is either brilliant or crazy. 

Friday, December 01, 2017

Special Prosecutor gets close to POTUS - Trump Era ( 2017 - ? )

Lets Get Real:

IF the Son in Law knew then POTUS knew, no wondering that President Trump has being asking about his pardon power, one can see the deal now, Trump pardons those close to him and he resigns as POTUS, then President Pence can do what Ford did in 74 and pardon his former boss.   Of course that depends on grown ups being in charge.   As the US has become more partisan over the years it could go badly wrong and this scandal could last years.   The end result will be POTUS leaving in disgrace, that is not a word that Trump understands, he will blame the Washington Swamp instead. 

The END of Trump - Trump Era ( 2017 - ? )

Lets Get Real:

It would be a nice Christmas present to the US and the World if President Trump was to resign at Christmas time.   The Presidency under Donald Trump has been devalued, its Moral leadership thrown in the bin.   Of course one wonders what kind of President Mike Pence will be, how will the US change, the VP has been very loyal to Trump, does he have his own agenda, he is more right wing that Trump, the World awaits.   Also let us recall there is still North Korea and Iran out there, will North Korea try a above ground nuclear test while the US is diverted by a POTUS on the way out.   It would not come as a shock to this blog if NK tries a above ground nuclear test around the Christmas period. 

Blackmail THREAT by the EU - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK as this blog has stated should walk out of the EU, they are a bunch of bullies and out to get as much money as they can for the EU.   Firstly they want nearly 100 billion euros, that is about 40-50 billion pounds, now they want to impose sanctions on the UK if we change EU rules.   This is enough, we have tried to be FAIR as is the UK is at all times, but this is ENOUGH.   It is time to play hardball, walk out and keep out money, make the UK the best place for business, cut taxes, allow the UK to become the place to be do business, low taxes, less regulations, a hub of the possible not the place wer business comes to dies.

Could the Ireland STOP a BREXIT DEAL ? - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Irish have to understand they are not on top of the totem poll, their main neighbour for exports is  the UK is not the EU, if need be the UK should force the Irish to build a dam customs border if they want to please the EU so much, or the Irish could come with the British and leave the EU, let us recall who is the major power here, it is not the Irish.  The British Government has to be firm with the Irish, they are small nation, we could place high taxes on Irish exports to the UK.   It is time to play hardball with the Irish!!

Is Donald Trump FINISHED ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

In one word POTUS is FINISHED, it is just a matter of time before Vice - President Pence becomes President, it really depends how badly Trump wants to stay as President.  Let's recall the Watergate break in took place in 1972, Nixon lasted in till 1974 when Ford became President.  Those with a brain within the Trump Administration will try to move their support to Pence, the Cabinet will be wondering who will stay in a Pence Administration.   This blog made a mistake in 2016 in predicting that HRC would win and who would be in her Administration, in this case this blog would place a heavy bet on that PENCE will be President before the end of 2018.

Thursday, November 30, 2017

A New US Secretary of State ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

At the end of the day, a President of the United States must have confidence in his Secretary of State, if for nothing else as to allow the Secretary to his job!! Of course in the modern era foreign policy comes out of the White House, with twitter it is more of a problem, a President like Trump causes massive problems for the State Department, they like clear communication, diplomacy not the ravings for a bored President.  The President should be able to chose his own Secretary of State and sack him or her if they are no longer of use, thus the point with Tillerson.   D.C will be full of gossip to see who shall be the next Secretary of State. 

Democrats still have problems with Bill Clinton and 1998 - Bill Clinton

Lets Get Real:

Democrats and those on the left still have a HARD TIME when it comes to being critical of Bill Clinton and his personal actions, the above article finishes the thought that policy is more important than personal actions, by that theory Democrats could or would support Jack Ripper as long as he was for abortion.   The Democrats if they are to go forward must axe the Clinton link to the Party or they face going down to defeat in 2018 and 2020.   The liberal elite are as toxic as the far right, GROW UP LEFT. 

The Moral leadership of the Presidency is too important to trade for some policy, no matter the left or the right, neither Bill Clinton or Donald Trump should have ever gotten to the Presidency. 

The UK Government, DUP and Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government has to be clear to the EU and the Irish Government that Northern Ireland goes the way of the rest of the UK, that the North can not be treated as part or separate from the UK, there can not be two deals when it comes to the North.   The DUP will bring down the Government should PM May try to please the EU and Dublin, the UK population of the North has made it clear it wants to remain part of the UK, thus for the sake of democracy of both the North and UK the EU deal has to be about the whole of the UK not parts.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

57 Billion to the EU - The Shame of the British Government - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The HARD BREXIT MPs of the Conservative Party should reject this blackmail of a deal.  In essence we are giving EU neary 60 billion pounds just for a trade deal.   That sixty billion could have helped with a HARD BREXIT, this is nothing more than appeasing the moaning remainers of the Conservative Party and half of the Labour Party.   One can only hope that Conservative MPs call for PM May to go if this is the best she can come up with in talks with the EU.  The LEFT WING media, as is the Guardian and BBC News will be overjoyed, they can suckle again at the chest of the EU, while the rest of the UK has to go through austerity.  IF the PM was tough she would walk away with honour and tell the EU to get stuffed and force Labour to vote to give 60 billion to the EU, this is shameful day for the UK. 

Hillary Clinton on the North Korean Crisis - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This easy for HRC to be critical of President Trump, if she had won in 2016 would she be so easy on North Korea, the first woman POTUS, one has doubts.   It could be that HRC is thinking of running again in 2020, this time as more of a LEFT WING candidate, what else left for her to do, my suggestion that she run for the House seems to have fallen on deaf ears.   The Oval Office should no nothing with North Korea, this is just NK wanting attention, if you give them that they will make money demands, as they have in the past.   The Oval Office should only react if North Korea launches a missile that gets close to Guam or the mainland US.  One last reason that the Oval Office should react should NK test a above ground nuclear missile, that would be a stark escalation, the best thing to do is just ignore North Korea. 

North Korea FIRES Missile - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This is North Korea showing off and wanting to get attention back on itself, it looks from early reports that it could have gone over Japan but there is no confirmation.   As long as no missiles are in range of Guam the rest of the World can rest easy.   Any perceived attack on Guam, thus the US would see the US react.   This is a developing story:

Trump and the US Congress - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

POTUS is playing to his base, he wants any Government closed down to be the fault of the Democrats, he knows that the bases wants TAX CUTS not TAX INCREASES, the Democrats always want to increase taxes, Bush 41 promised no new taxes in 1988 and then folded once in power, this cost him his re-election in 1992.   The Oval has to try and get the Republicans in the Senate to pass a tax cut, that would be a great victory.

The Republicans are always on safe ground when they support tax cuts, limited government and being tough on Russia, on this last part the Trump Oval is far to nice to the Russians, whatever the reason.  One does wonder if the old FSB, the successor to the KGB has anything on Trump, otherwise why is POTUS so nice to the Russians.

HRC needs something TO DO!! - Post 2016 Election

Lets Get Real:

I must admit in advance that supported HRC vs. Donald Trump, the first time this blog has ever supported the Clintons, and was shocked at the result, even if my political gut made me place  a £5 bet on the Donald winning.  Also I have bought the book " What Happened " as my Christmas read.   HRC should think about running for the House in 2018, something for her to do, IF she has any thought of running for the Presidency in 2020 someone needs a quiet word with her, she is a very talented lady, she could do a lot of good work in the House.   The Charity idea might not be a good idea, the Clinton Foundation caused her problems, also people and countries gave money on the idea that HRC would win in 2020, a new charity would not have that problem.  HRC might become a President of a Univeristy, something like that, it would be loss to politics if HRC went quiet. 

US Presidential Election in 2020 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the endless cycle of the American Presidential election starts now, expect POTUS to target Warren a lot, the view from the Oval is that Warren or Sanders will be the leading candidates for the Democratic nominee, that surly is the sole reason that this news was the main story on NBC News.    The Democratic Party of Bill Clinton has gone VERY LEFT, the voters in the Democratic Primaries are on the left, and they think their candidate was robbed in 2016 by the Democratic elite, thus this time they will want a left wing candidate, that would be a disaster for the Democrats, that kind of candidate will fail badly in the rust belt States.   Also we have the 2018 Mid Terms, the Democrats should take the House and the Senate after the failure of Trump to ge this agenda through this year, if they fail in that then they will have a hard time in 2020.

President Trump and Roy Moore - Senate Seat Race

Lets Get Real:

At least POTUS is showing some decency by not campaigning for Judge Roy Moore, the Judge has various sexual allegations against him by women who you tend to believe.   The Trump Oval should have forced Moore out when it had the chance, the President has his own sexual allegations, that is not a reason for not doing anything.  One can only hope that the good people of Alabama write in a Republican name do or do not vote.    The politics of the US has become very partisan, that is no reason for there not to be decency in US public life. 

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

HRC BLAMES Obama for 2016 Defeat - Post 2016

Lets Get Real:

Thus far Hillary Clinton has blamed everyone from the FBI to the Russians for her defeat, it is not fair to blame President Obama, this blog had issues with the Obama Administration but it has to be said that President Obama stated his legacy was on the line in 2016 and supported HRC as best he could.   Let's recall that in modern history only one VP has been the successor to his boss, the President, that was Bush 41 who took over from President Reagan.   In 2000 Al Gore the sitting Vice President lost to Bush 41, in 2008 Senator McCain lost to President Obama, and it can be argued that Bill Clinton and Obama are rather good politicians.   It would be interesting to study what President Reagan did different from his successors that allowed his VP to win, a Ph.d of worthy of study.