Friday, December 29, 2017

No Wall, No Daca Pass - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is pure blackmail by the Trump Oval, it is so un - American, the Great American President, Ronald Reagan support Amnesty along side new immigration rules, these young Dreamers were bought to the US when they were young, the US is all they know, to throw someone out who does not have ties to other Countries is VERY WRONG, on the other hand it might be great politics by President Trump.  The base of the Trump support would have 2nd thoughts if they saw him grant the demands of the liberal Democrats, thus this demand by Trump for the Wall.   It will be a sad day for the melting pot that is the US if the Trump Oval starts to throw people out just to meet political demands. 

Labour Peer Resigns from Conservative Government - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The moaning remainers start the Brexit War again before the year is out, Lord Adonis seems to forgotten that the reason that the UK is leaving the EU is down to the will of the British people.  The people are sovereign; well in fact that is wrong, the Queen in Parliament is SOVEREIGN; but lets not get stuck in ethical debates about that, the people have chosen, they want OUT of the EU, the uber left elite do no respect the will of the British people. they represent a narrow economic interest that is stuck in the in the EU.  The time for the PM and the House of Commons to get on with the will of the British people, BREXIT SHOULD MEAN BREXIT.  

Oil for North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The US at the UN has to push for the total blockade of North Korea, ALL goods with the exception of food for the poor North Korean people.  The Trump Oval has to place considerable pressure on China and Russia to support such a move, if they refuse the US should place US Naval Forces in the region to impose a total blockade of North Korea, it has to be made clear to NK that they have only one choice, to obey the will of the US, otherwise the US will bring down the North Korean Regime. 

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn and Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn is trying to have all ways, he is afraid that if he goes too far in to the Remain Camp he will lose Labour voters in the North, if does stress Brexit then heh faces losing Labour voters in Southern England who support keeping the UK in the EU.   Thus far the media has allowed Corbyn to sail his own path, without giving a clear answer to his policy view of Brexit.   The Conservatives have to keep to Brexit means Brexit, it can not afford lose the electorate who has kept them in power.   Those rebel remainers have to be kept an eye on by the Chief Whip, if he or she is a decent good Chief Whip the remainers should be slightly afraid of getting the whip withdrawn.  It is going to be a long and bitter battle for Brexit means Brexit. 

China CAUGHT giving OIL to North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

Thus the word of China can not be trusted, they have dishonoured themselves, their WORD is no good, the US Navy will have to move to make sure that China is not giving oil to North Korea.   The only way for a peaceful end to the North Korean Crisis is for CHINA to place ALL the sanctions on North Korea, this would force NK to come to heel.   By breaking their word to the UN and to the US the Chinese government has shown it can not be trusted.  The US must be at some point to take out the North Korean threat, tense New Year ahead.  This blog was wrong about one thing, it thought that NK would take some kind of military action after the new UN sanctions, it has not happened, it must be on some level that the sanctions are working. 

HRC vs. Vanity Fair - Post HRC Era

Lets Get Real:

There is something to be said for HRC running again, she is the most well known Democrat in the Country, Reagan had three attempts at the Presidency, he ran 1968 against Richard Nixon, he was  dark horse candidate, in 1976 he came close to unseatting a sitting President in President Ford, and he beat President Carter in 1980.  Of course the thought of HRC running again might dismay a majority of Democrats, there must be another JFK, Bill Clinton or Barack Obama in their ranks, someone new that can unite the different wings of the Democrat Party and can appeal to the rest of the Country, let us recall if it's Senators Sanders or Warren the combine age of the candidates would be over 140, not healthy for a Democracy. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

ObamaCare Plus Part 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As stated in my first post on this issue, the Trump move to get rid of the individual mandate means that those that are poor will be covered by other US Medicaid support, the anger about individual Mandate will no longer be an issue, the Democrats should not jump for joy just yet, if most people who are worried about the costs are on Medicaid then the problem goes away.   The problem with the individual mandate was that it forced Americans to buy medical cover, as these regulations no longer stand, then the issue will go away as people extend Medicaid to those that are in need, also for the most part employers give their workers medical cover, so you remove the need for the Government to create more worries for people.   The advice to be careful for what you ask for comes to mind. 

ObamaCare becomes more like the NHS - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

As stated by this blog in a recent post, it does not have a problem with the community tax being used to pay for those that need health cover, in fact it can be argued that Candidate Trump in many ways stated that himself, one does wonder did Candidate Trump really think about it, by removing the Individual Mandate in his tax cut bill the Trump Oval has removed one of the major negative aspects of ObamaCare, thus if you trust the uber liberal NYT might have helped ObamaCare morph in to a greater Medicaid scheme.   Of course time will tell with ObamaCare, on the international front there is the Obama's nuclear deal with Iran, what will the US Congress do about it, the Trump Oval has shoved the problem to them, will they confirm or revoke the deal, that should be an interesting debate next year.   Thus it can be argued that in his own way Trump has saved ObamaCare plus for the future. 

North Korea and WMD - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

One has to think that North Koreans Regime would be MAD to launch a WMD attack on US Forces in South Korea, any such attack by the Little Rocket Man would lead to the Trump using ALL FORCE to remove such a threat.   Thus far at the end of the year the North Korean Regime has been ALL HOT AIR over the UN sanctions, stating that it is a declaration of War but doing nothing, one has to think that the North Korean Regime is all sound meaning nothing, they would be MAD to have an above ground nuclear test for their nuclear device, the Trump Oval would have to ACT,   The best policy by the South Koreans and the West is to do nothing, let them roar, they annoy but are not MAD. 

Brexit Row BACK - Post Brexit

You Lucky people your favourite subject is back BREXIT 

Lets Get Real:

The uber elite of the left wants to remain in the EU, they want to reverse Brexit, the problem is that Jeremy Corbyn needs to be out of the EU if his left wing agenda is to work in government, there are EU rules about Central Government funding industries, as Corby wants to take water, electricity and communications under government control.   The Labour Party's success in the polls is down to the fact that both pro and leavers see the Labour Party as being on their side, if Corbyn comes out for stay in the EU he faces losing Labour voters in the heartland, also Wales VOTED OUT OF THE EU, so listening to the Welsh Assembly is not a good idea, well listening to them at any time is a BAD IDEA.   Thus expect hard Brexit fights next year, only a year and three months to go before the UK is out of the EU. 

Obama on seeing Trump take over - Trump Era

BBC News: Reports on former President Barack Obama being interviewed by HRH Prince Harry.

Lets Get Real:

I am not sure about well known people being interviewed be fellow Celebrities, the questions were hardly in depth, the former President just spinned his own thoughts.   I have to admit President Obama looks better to me than when he was in power, he did state that he could kill people rather well, that would have been my first question, he out did the Godfather with his drone strikes, it's hardly the liberal of reading someone their rights, it just giving the order and it is done.  This blog is looking forward to the Obama's memoirs, he is  a fine writer, but can he be in depth and  bellow the surface when it comes to himself, time will tell. 

Friday, December 22, 2017

New North Korean Sanctions - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This could be the straw that breaks the North Korean Camel, on the news lately was a report that North Korean shippermen are going to sea in boats that can not cope with the weather, the theory is that North Korea is starving, they can not even feed their own Soldiers as was found when a North Korean Soldier defected to the West, he had massive worms in him.   The North Korean leadership, rocket man is not that sane, he has killed people close to him and even his own family, if he sees that he losing control he might take action to divert attention, he might test a nuclear device above ground, that would force POTUS to take action.  It might be wrong, but look out for Christmas and the New Year for a nuclear test above ground by North Korea, let's hope I AM VERY WRONG. 

Have the Democrats gone CRAZY ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats are making themselves nuts and look bad by stating something that will not happen this year, one never knows with President Trump, his lawyers will be telling him not to sack Mueller, the more he does nothing the more that the Democrats will go crazy.   This blog does not think that Putin has something on Trump, even if he did, all Trump has to say that he was peeved and took it out on a Russian bed in Russia.  HARDLY an impeachable offence.   Also even if there is something to the dossier, POTUS was a private citizen and was not running for President, thus Democrats have  40 winks and return to the battle in 2018.  IF Trump does SACK Mueller this blog can not be right all the time. 

Trump on ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Former President Obama must regret tacking pot shots at Donald Trump at the White House Press Party, it has been stated that these attacks on Trump by Obama was the reason that Trump decided to run for the Presidency.   It seems that from night that Trump has been seething and wants to erase President Obama from history, when the portrait of President Obama is done for the White House, the former President should not be shocked to find that Trump places it is in the cellar of the White House or by the public toilets!!  It is lesson all, do not taken on a billionaire who has a very thin skin. 

Tax Bill and Obama Care Tax revoked signed int to LAW - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus POTUS has kept his word and given the people a large, the largest tax cut ever, also he has revoked the Obama Care tax that every American had to buy health cover.   The Republicans used the same Parliamentary trick that the Obama Administration used to get ObamaCare passed.  The blog does not have a problem with the US Government using tax revenue to pay for health cover, the same as done in the UK, it was the individual mandate that was an flawed.   Thus the Trump Oval should think about keeping the rest of ObamaCare, as a Candidate Trump stated that ALL Americans should have health cover, thus that  is now how it is set,  POTUS can call it Trump Care if he likes.  Thus a good end to the first year of Trump Administration, and thus far POTUS has not sacked the Special Prosecutor in to the Russian scandal, let's hope Trump does not revoke his good work so far with a sacking.

The Return of the UK Blue Passport - Post Brexit

BBC News: Reports on the return of the Blue Passport to British Subjects. 

Lets Get Real:

British Subjects see the return of the BLUE  British UK Passport after the decision to leave the EU.  The news as shown seems to have gone down well with most people in the BBC interviews on the subject.   The return of the passport shows that the UK has returned to its roots, we are still a major power and no longer member of the aged and declining EU.   A good story from the BBC about the EU, have the BBC found out that we are British!!!

Thursday, December 21, 2017

US - You vote against US at the UN = Lose US Money - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US under President Trump is being tough with the UN, about time, the UN is no friend of the US or of Israel.   The monies that the US gives to foreign countries could be spent on home problems, new roads, bridges, buildings, you get the idea.   The UN Countries should think hard about getting on the wrong side of President Trump, he hits back harder than the first punch.    The UN is full of liberal elites, who have no time for the US and have a negative view of Israel, about time the US got tough.  Jerusalem will and shall always be the Capital of ISRAEL. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017

The Democrats LIKE TAX Hikes - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats are shouting now, but it shows they are hypocrite's, the Republicans used the same Parliamentary tricks to push their tax cuts through as the Democrats used to place ObamaCare on the backs of the American people.   As the tax cuts works through the system the Republicans should see a bounce in the polls.  The US Voter will see that they have more in their wallets and purses after this tax cut.   The Republicans have to return to the old but trusted strategy of making the Democrats call for tax hikes.   It will be interesting to see how Democrats call for tax hikes, not a good strategy to win elections. 

President Trump Celebrates the Biggest Tax Cut in History and the end of the ObamaCare Tax

Lets Get Real:

This is a BIG victory for the President, it's the biggest tax cut in US history, more than Reagan's 1986 tax reform, also it ends the ObamaCare tax on the US voter.    On the whole President Trump is keeping his campaign promises, whatever you say about him, he keeps his word.   The minus from the Oval is that his job approval ratings are in the toilet, will the tax cuts help, they should in normal times, but POTUS is not a normal politician.   A good day for the Trump Oval.

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

How Trump's Tax Bill Helps YOU - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans must now start to CUT WELFARE, tax hikes have to be paid for, thus the Trump Administration in the New Year must cut welfare to the poorest of people, handing out money to the poor does not help, the idea is to allow them to help themselves, thus new training schemes, making it harder not easy to create a family that lives off welfare, it should be tax benefit NOT TO HAVE LARGE FAMILIES.   This will look mean to readers, it is not, welfare is mean, it needs there to be poor people, the left love poor people, that is how they get elected.  Help people to help themselves. 

Brexit Update - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

In the transition period this blog supports the right of the UK Parliament to decide what laws are required for the UK, that UK Courts should be the final say on UK Law.   That the UK Government can decide what trade deals it want, that the UK borders limits immigration, and more money can go to the NHS.   The UK voter in 2016 voted out of the EU, it did not vote for the UK to become the colony of of the EU.  One will be interested to see what is the Government's plan is in the transition period.

The Effect of the Tax Bill on ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The damage of ObamaCare is somewhat revoked by this bill, before people has to pay a fine if they did not have healthcare, this bill revokes that, it does not fix the damage of ObamaCare, the individual Americans found that if they liked their Doctor under the previous system they face losing their Doctor with ObamaCare.   The Obama Oval used Parliamentary tricks to get ObamaCare through, now part of it has been revoked, let us hope that it teaches future Presidents not to go down the road of hubris.   The US is a big country, it's not Europe.    With this victory President Trump has attached his name to Reagan's who also reformed the tax system. 

Tax Overhaul in the US - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is a good day for President Trump, this is the biggest change in business and personal taxes since the reform of the Reagan Administration.   These cuts to taxes should allow business to bring profits home and allow them to invest in the US market, more jobs, more tax for the US Government.  This is a MAJOR WIN for the Trump Oval, let us hope in political terms that the Oval does not spoil message, keeps its view on the tax reform, not a another tweet upset at the Special Prosecutor. 

Monday, December 18, 2017

Trump on the Rival Powers to the US - America First - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

One has to say that President Trump is very self centered, his speech on national security was more in praise of Donald Trump than anything, everything before him was BAD, hold on, that what President Obama did, he spent most of his first year being critical of Bush 43, he only knocked it off when he was coming to end of his term, the President's Club has a limited membership, also being smart Obama must have thought that the next President might take his path and be critical of him, so he toned it down.  But then it is his fault that we have a President Trump, he mocked Trump at a press gathering, that is said made Trump run for President.    As for his America First policy Trump is going back to his base, is he thinking he might need his base in a few days if he sacks the Special Prosecutor in to the Russian influence in the US Presidential Election of 2016.  Also reader did you notice that in some words POTUS slurred his speech and also the odd and careful way he took sips of water, is POTUS ALRIGHT?  Let us recall that POTUS is in his 70s, one might start thinking that Oval Office might get a new POTUS if Trump is forced out of office due to ill health.  Just a thought.

POTUS on National Security - America First - Trump Era

Jerusalem BELONGS to Israel - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has shown her political steel with this veto to a resolution that was critical of Israel and the US.   The UN should keeping being  a talking shop, it does not solve problems, it can be argued that it causes more problems.   The Palestinian Authority will know go to the UN General Assembly with its critical resolution, the US can not block that, it just shows how much hot air comes out of the UN.   One thinks Nikki Haley has a chance at the Republican nomination in 2020 or 2024.   The Israeli state is Jewish, and must be kept Jewish, its capital is Jerusalem, that is something that the World must learn. 

Sunday, December 17, 2017

The Left Press, Moaning Remainers vs. A hard Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

This is the real face of the Guardian/BBC types, they want to reverse Brexit and their views can be seen as anti democratic and elite, WE KNOW BETTER, the same mind set that got us in to EU at the start.   The PM has to rebel borders, as stated this is the time for the Chief Whip ( FU , in the UK version of the House of Cards ) to whip the rebels, make them pay for their disloyal action, invite the Chairman of the local Party of the MP, drinks in the House of Commons, the PM could happen to come by, discuss the need for Party loyalty and the need for fresh new blood and loyalty for their local MP.  YES DE - SELECTION, it keeps Labour MPs under control.   The left elite has to be stopped. 

Sovereign State or EU COLONY ? - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

This is a fight between Chancellor Hammond and the Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, the RIGHT view is the one stated by the Foreign Secretary, the UK did not vote to get out of the EU to become its colony.  The UK Parliament should decide UK laws, not the EU.  Any trade deal between the UK and the EU, should allow the UK Parliament to say yes or no, the UK should be allowed to do other trade deals, decide who comes in to the Country, UK being the final say on UK law not the EU, and the Irish border should not be a problem.  The only people who want to create a problem are the EU.   This fight must be won, text, phone, email, Facebook your MP to get them to support what the UK  people want, control of their futures. 

The Special Prosecutor WILL be SACKED - Trump Era

BBC News: Reports " A lawyer for a group set up to help Donald Trump's transition to the White House has accused special counsel Robert Mueller of unlawfully obtaining thousands of emails.  "

Lets Get Real:

Image is everything, if Trump can see an opening he will sack Robert Mueller, this latest incident could be perfect for Trump, there is the impression that the Special Prosecutor is anti, this has been blown up by Fox News and those who support POTUS.   Recent release of texts from a FBI official who was on the Mueller staff shows very anti Trump views, this and this recent story could be edge that allows POTUS to sack Mueller.   Also if POTUS sacks Mueller now he can be sure that the US Congress under Republicans will allow the story to die a natural death.   The Democrats could take the Congress in 2018, thus the BEST time to kill the story.

Friday, December 15, 2017

Preventing another Conservative Defeat in the House of Commons - Post Brexit

One is surprised that the above has taken this long to come about, it hardly brain surgery, one wonders about the Chief Whips, are they up to the job, the above should have around last week.   The Conservative Party needs to be united, the moaning remainers need to be controlled, as stated the Chief Whip has to be like FU in the UK version of House of Cards, ruthless, the whips are the eyes and ears of the PM, they should be aware of any problems in the House of Commons.   The PM has a tough year ahead. 

Brexit Supporters worry about the Transition Period - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The UK PM has to clear with the EU, the UK Voted out in 2016, the will not support any attempt to keep the UK in the EU for two years and accept the EU rules without the UK having a say.   The PM should be clear that IF the EU plays silly buggers they get PM Boris, that would be a nightmare for them, thus they need to listen to her DEMANDS, and they are not open for debate.   The 2nd phase will be difficult, as the first phase agreement stated, nothing is agreed in till everything is agreed. 

Phase 2 of Brexit - The Transition Period - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

It is important in the two year transition period that the UK can seek any new trade deals, can control its own borders and that the European Court has limited rights to act of UK law.   If this blog understands the process this could be a tough sell on both sides, as of March 2019 the UK voter wants to be OUT of the EU, not still in but minus a vote to change a new odd ideas by the EU.   The PM has to state that she can not sell as stated in the article the following, The three-page document says the UK will remain under the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice and be required to permit freedom of movement during any transition period. The PM should state that if they do not agree to her demands then they bet Boris as PM, a hard Brexit PM.   The PM must be happy  for the Christmas holidays. 

Thursday, December 14, 2017

The PATH to Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Foreign Secretary is trying to calm the ship after the defeat yesterday in the House of Commons, the Government has stated it could try to reverse the defeat later on, there is a long way to go on Brexit.   The Chief Whip must place the fear of God in to those MPs that voted against the Government, remove the MPs from Committees, especially those Committees that MPs want to be on, threaten to remove the whip, also bring up the local chairman of the Seat of the MP for talks with the PM, about the need for loyalty and not to stab the Government and Party in the back.   In the UK TV series House of Cards, FU would have been putting the whip about and using the dirt on the MPs, everyone has some dirt on them, in less they are Saint, even Saint Augustine said to the Lord, do not make me a Saint yet.   Chief Whip start whipping!!

The Problem of North Korea - Update - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

To use a UK civil service term, the Secretary of State has been house trained, that means that the Secretary states what the State Department wants, not the other way around.  In D.C the power of a Cabinet Minister depends on his/her influence with the President.   In the Obama period, there were a few Secretaries of Defence due to the fact that President Obama didn't want to use America's power on the World Stage.  The Secretaries found it hard to get the President to listen.   Also President Obama thought he was the smartest man in the room, as the mistake of Syrian red line shows, he wa not.  In the New Year this blog expects that the Secretary will retire, POTUS wants HIS Secretary of State in the State Department. 

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The need to PASS Tax Cuts - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Republicans in the US Congress have to ram the tax cuts through before the Democrats get their new Senator.   The Democrats let us recall played Parliamentary games when it came to ObamaCare.   The Republicans must play the same game.   The reason that tax cuts are good is that it allows the wealthy to spend more thus it comes to down to the Middle Class and the poor.    The Democrats want issues to run on 2018 in the Mid Terms, the Trump Oval has to make gains that look like he has worked with the Republicans in Congress.    President Trump needs to STOP TWEETING and get some success under his belt.  US Politics never ends, it is an endless cycle!!!

What the Moaning Remainers WANT - More Rebels - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Opposition to the Brexit Bill is based on wanting to stay in the EU, they want to overturn the will of the British people.   The attempt to change the Brexit Bill is about creating blocks to stop the path of the UK leaving the EU.   The Labour Party has its own problems with rebels when it comes to this issue, its own leader, Jeremy Corbyn is hardly a 100% remainer.   The Government Chief Whip has to be on guard for rebels, the MPs who voted for the House of Commons to have the final say should feel the wrath of the Conservative Party, removal of the whip for starters and other sanctions.   The REMAINERS will use anything to block Brexit. 

Brexit DEFEAT - Update 2 - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The rebels MPs who defeated the Government should lose the whip; they are no longer Conservative MPs, their local chairman should be asked to tea at No 10 and told not asked to de - select the MP who has betrayed the Party, if they say NO, the Party should set up another local committee to represent the area.   The Government has to be firm, the MPs have to learn that vote have results, and those results are END OF POLITICAL CAREERS! Bad day for Brexit. 

First DEFEAT for Brexit Bill - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

As predicted by this blog and others the UK Government lost a key vote on Brexit, in essence it gives the House of Commons a final say on Brexit, 12 Conservative MPs broke ranks to vote with the Opposition.   The point they are missing and as this blog understands it, if the House of Parliament REJECTS the Brexit Deal then the UK falls with a hard crash out of the EU, on Word Trade Rules, the House has already voted on Article 50, telling the EU we are leaving, thus we have had 12 Conservative MPs grandstanding, the EU will think that PM May is a pushover and we get a deal that a majority of Conservatives will not support.   Thus the moaning remainers might force a hard Brexit by their actions. 

The UK Government faces defeat on Withdrawal Bill - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Conservative moaning remainers need to be taught  a lesson, the Chief Whip should ask the Chairperson of the local Party of rebel MPs to have tea at the House of Commons, and place pressure on the local boss to warn their MPs that they will face a tough re-selection meeting if they vote against the Government, also warn MPs that the PM has had enough and will call another General Election if they vote against the Government, make clear that its the end of their career, of course if they vote the way the Government wants then they might get a job in Government.   The extreme/fanatic remain MPs are just grandstanding, if there is no deal then it does not matter, they UK would follow World Trade Rules, the PM does not the House of Commons for that measure. 

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Alabama Senate Race - Latest

Lets Get Real:

This is the only time this blogger has supported a liberal Democrat to win anything in a US election.   Judge Roy Moore has serious sexual allegations against him, he should have dropped out of the race, but he didn't and then he was supported by POTUS.   This was a mistake by POTUS he should have kept quiet and placed pressure on Moore to drop out.   By POTUS taking the wrong side he has bought up his own problems, never a good idea.   This blog will raise a cup of tea to Doug Jones when he wins tonight, the good people of Alabama will do the right thing this blog hopes. 

The LEFT and BLOCKING Brexit - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

What the moaning remainers seem to have forgotten is that they have voted for Article 50, that being to leave the EU, if there is no deal the UK falls under World Trade Rules, the process would show to the EU that the UK is weak and moaning remainers are using the their minority to block Brexit.   It time for the Conservatives have a tough Chief Whip, a ball breaker if parden the use of such extreme language, FU from the House of Cards ( UK Version ) comes to mind.  The UK has made its mind up, time for the moaning remainers to understand the will of the UK Voter. 

May faces DEFEAT in House of Commons over Brexit Vote - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

As this blog understands process, IF the above is approved by the House of Commons, the Commons would have a final say on the end on any trade bill, if they say no then the UK falls in to World Trade Rules, in essence the Government is saying take or leave it, of course it is complex, it could be a ploy by the moaning remainers to stay in the EU.  The Chief Whip has to firm with rebel MPs, THIS IS THE END OF THEIR CAREER if they vote against the Government on this issue. 

The rush in Phase 2 of Brexit Talks - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The phase 2 of the Brexit talks start in March of 2018, thus the UK and the EU has in till September of 2018 to reach a deal.  The reason for September is simple, the UK Parliament needs to approve the deal, the EU institutions need to approve and then the 27 Parliaments of the EU must give the okay.    The 2nd phase is more difficult, as in that phase the UK and EU must come to a deal over trade, as the UK is already a member of the EU, the problems should minor in less the EU plays games.  It is in the interest of the UK and the EU for there to be a deal, but the devil is in the detail. 

Monday, December 11, 2017

The Conservative Government standing TOUGH on leaving Date - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Conservative Government should stand tough on the above, the UK voter voted to leave the House of Commons should not try to overturn such a vote.  The moaning MPs have to understand a NO vote on the Government agenda means that they will NEVER serve in Government, they will get the most BORING House of Commons Committee, IF they get a Committee, no Knighthoods or a place in the other Chamber when they retire, it has to be made clear, this is IT, their political career is in their own hands. 

Defeat in prospect for UK Government by EU Moaning Remainers - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

The Government should not give in to the moaning remainers, they should stand hard, and threaten a General Election and have a word with the Chairman of the local Party of the MPs, tea at No 10, the suggestion that they Seat might need fresh blood, a new younger candidate.   That the MP is past his/her sell by date and the Seat would be better represented by a new MP, one who is loyal to the Party, and understands what the Government is trying to do, if Labour can do so can the Conservatives. 

May on Brexit Deal - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

Thus the hard work starts now on phase 2 of the UK exit from the EU.   The Cabinet has not decided yet on what kind of deal it wants, the PM has to make sure that she is on the winning side of the argument, who she can annoy without major political impact, the Blog thinks she will go for a semi hard Brexit, one can not see the moaning remainers leaving their cushy jobs or wanting a General Election.   The trade deal should allow the UK to control its borders, and its own laws, anything else would be betray the vote of 2016.   As a Cabinet member stated the UK vote can his/her vote at the general election of 2021. 

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Slim Chance of a No Brexit Deal - Post Brexit

Lets Get Real:

As long as power comes back to the House of Commons and the Law Courts decide UK Law and that the UK Government can make trade deals then this blog supports the agreement, it is about the return of power from the EU to the UK.   The moaning remainers want overturn the vote of 2016, they do not believe in Democracy.   The papers have to keep an eye  on these moaning remainers, and when there is a general election the papers must make sure that the voters know how their MPs voted when it came to Brexit.  This will be a long year of politics, the talks on the trade agreement do not start in till March of 2018, and the EU wants it finished by October, so that means in FACT that the Government needs an agreement by September.    Interesting months ahead.