Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Manchester Terror Attack - Update - #WeStandTogether

Lets Get Real:

What can one say, one prays for those that have been killed, for their families and for those that are injured in Hospital.  The THREAT from Daesh has increased since the US/UK have started to target Daesh in Iraq and Syria, Iraqi Forces have taken half control of Mosul and in Syria there is an expected attack on the Capital of Daesh.  Thus one can expect more attacks, as has been said, Western Security have to be right ALL the time, while the terrorists have to be lucky just that once.   In future the security services and the Police will have to give advice to those holding concerts or musical festivals, how to be secure without terrorists holding the West to ransom.  If there is link to Daesh in the Middle East, the UK should increase its attacks on Daesh, this evil body has to be destroyed.  Our prays are with those in Manchester on this SAD day. #WeStandTogether