Tuesday, January 24, 2017

President Trump vs. The Green Lobby - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The liberal elite and Green lobby will go nuts over this executive order by President Trump, the Obama Administration stalled the process, they threw a bone to their base, well the Trump base is not the liberal elite or the green lobby, it is the American workers who needs good paying jobs.   These moves should increase the support for President Trump, let us be honest he could not go down any further in the polls.   Another good day for Trump. 

The House of Commons vs. The UK Government - Brexit Era

Lets Get Real:

The UK Supreme Court should recall that its the Queen in Parliament that is sovereign not a bunch Judges, the Judges are there to run the Court system based on Acts of Parliament, not the other way around.  This blog would have supported the Government telling the Supreme Court to get LOST, and to remember their place with the unofficial UK Constitution, they are to keep the Queen's peace and Justice, not the other way around. The Conservative Government should place pressure on ALL Tory MPs to vote for the Government, this is the time for the Party to be united and support Brexit. 

UK Parliament must VOTE on Brexit - Supreme Court Verdict

Lets Get Real:

IF the Conservative Party stays united, and can bring a few Labour MPs over in combination with the Unionist members from Northern Ireland, they should get a YES to Brexit through Parliament.  One can expect the liberal elite with Labour and Liberal Democrats to oppose. The Conservative Government should try and get a high majority, that should close down the Opposition.   It will be a great day when the UK formally states it is leaving the EU.