Friday, May 26, 2017

Corbyn REFUSES to support UK's Nuclear Defence - Campaign Trail 54 - GE2017

BBC News: Reports " Jeremy Corbyn has refused to give his personal support for the renewal of Trident nuclear weapons, despite it being in Labour's manifesto. "

Lets Get Real:

The above shows why Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn can not be trusted as Prime Minister, he has been a firm supporters of CND all of his political life.   As PM he would have the final say if the UK would keep its nuclear weapons, he has made it clear that if WW3 did break out he would not give the order to launch nuclear missiles in the defence of the UK.   This morning Corbyn stated that the foreign policy of the UK had lead to terrorism, giving the terrorists what they want to hear.   The UK voter would be out of his/her mind to vote for Corbyn, we would become a laughing stock.   It would be a THREAT to NATO as the Russians would see Eastern Europe as open to pressure and invasion.   The Conservatives have to fight HARD, Corbyn is a threat to the security of the UK. 

Corbyn Condemns Our Troops and appeases Terrorists - Campaign Trail 54 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above is the LEFT out of control, think if they were in power, the UK Armed Forces would become laughing stock, the UK's leadership role in the World would vanish.  The Americans and the EU would not bother with us, the US would not trust our word and the EU would know that a Labour Government would do as it is told by the EU.  The remarks to be given by Corbyn is an affront to those UK troops that have lost their lives in Afghanistan, Iraq, and to the people of Manchester.  Also the timing is suspect, as stated in previous post those killed in Manchester have not been buried yet, and what does Corbyn do, in essence take the side of the terrorists.   In a interview Corbyn was asked five times to be critical of the IRA and he would not respond.   The Conservatives who thought this election in the bag, have to get out and ask people for their vote, otherwise it will be Jeremy Corbyn going to Palace to be asked by the Queen to form a Government. 

Corbyn the TERROR APPEASER - Campaign Trail 53 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

IF the UK elects the Labour Party as its a new Government, it would be making a disastrous mistake, the US would pull out of any support, the US and its allies would be worried about giving any secret information to the UK, the shoe would be on the other foot.  The EU would be laughing, they could push any BAD deal they like and a Corbyn Administration would take it, the stock markets would hit the floor, bankers would be on their planes out, taxes would go up for everyone, the rich never get taxed as they can leave.   The UK would no longer have a secured nuclear system, as Corbyn has made it clear that he would never give the order to launch.  The UK would be weak, the target of terrorists, the Russians would push harder to gain back the former USSR.  In fact a Corbyn Government could lead to World War 3.  It is time for the UK voter and smelled the coffee, votes as serious and so are the results. 

Corbyn vs. The War on Terror - Campaign Trail 52 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above how out of touch Jeremy Corbyn is with the real world, those killed in Manchester have not been buried yet and here is Comrade Corby exploiting the deaths of children for political advantage, Corbyn has always been a loon, it was all right on the backbenches but  now it could be a THREAT to the security of the State.   The Conservatives have to get in to the trenches, no longer being nice, just say that Corbyn is a appeaser to bullies and terrorists, that he has opposed UK military action, and if elected he would make the deaths of our armed forces in Afghanistan and Iraq mean NOTHING.   The UK would become a laughing stock, our lost heroes in Iraq, Afghanistan and Manchester deserve a better postscript. 

Jeremy Corbyn EXPOSED as Appeaser - Campaign Trail - 51

Lets Get Real:

The Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn could WIN the election, the terrorists would have WON THEN, there is no way Comrade Corby would carry on with the fight against Daesh in Syria and Iraq, the Russians would see it as a green card to take the whole of Ukraine, NATO would be under threat, the US would have no time for PM CORBYN, that is what the UK voter could thrust upon the UK.   The old fashioned Labour supporters one hopes could not vote for Corbyn, he would take the UK back to the 1970s, UK Foreign Policy would be done by the extreme left of the Guardian. The new polls should shock the UK voter, we have ALL been sad over Manchester, but we are not appeasers, the UK is better than that, so if its going to be a tough election, lets get in to the trenches, the Conservatives have to take the fight to Corbyn and Labour, otherwise would could get PM Corbyn in June 9th.

Labour making General Election very NARROW - Campaign Trail 50 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

In election terms this is DEFCON1, the Labour could have REAL chance of winning the election, it reported that tomorrow that Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn will blame UK wars in the Middle East and the bombing of Daesh in Iraq and Syria for the Manchester attack.   The Conservative Party has to in political terms, throttle him, show what a loon he is, there is his refusal to be critical of the IRA, his statements that he would never use the nuclear bomb in the defence of the UK.  The right wing have to destroy him over the weekend, the UK Voter surely could not be that DAFT or CRAZY to vote for Labour and someone like Corbyn.  The security of the State is at risk, the Conservatives and the press have to nail Jeremy Cook to his left wing door, there are still two weeks to go, I am waiting for the polls that says Labour is ahead.