Friday, May 05, 2017

The Local Elections and the General Election - Campaign Trail 28 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Conservative supporters should not think the election is in the bag, as a wise PM once said when asked what could go wrong, events, events!   The BBC and the Guardian will try to make it out that you do not need to vote as to give a Labour a chance, its not a united pact by the two, its in their DNA.   The Conservatives have to carry on with the message, that only the Conservative Party can give the UK a stable and secure government, that a Corbyn Administration would be supported by the SNP, thus another vote on Scottish vote to leave the UK.   A Corbyn Administration would leave the UK without a nuclear defence as Corbyn has stated that he would never press the button.   The a left wing Labour Government would rise taxes on the middle class, the very rich would have left the Country.   The EU would be in charge of a Labour Government.   Then there are the un-knows, what if a War breaks out between the US and North Korea, a event that can not be controlled.    Thus the Conservative Party and its supporters have to fight as if they 10 points behind. 

Local Elections - Review - Campaign Trail 27 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

IF the Conservative Party wins the General Election it will have mandate for a tough Brexit should the EU be tempted to make the UK pay for leaving the EU.  The UK voter will never agree to pay a 100 billion euros to LEAVE the EU, in fact it can be argued that the EU ows the UK money.   The Labour Party should it lose will have to find a new Leader, the present leader, Jeremy Corbyn is a disaster on the doorstep, in some areas he is seen a Communist, even the UK Communist Party is not standing candidates as they see Corbyn as one of their own.   The question is how to get rid of Corbyn, if the Unions carry on backing him then those elected Labour MPs will have to think about forming a new Party, that is the only way to avoid the UK becoming a one party State. 

The National Vote in the Local Elections - Campaign Trail 26 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The Local County elections was good for the Conservatives, they won more seats and Mayoral contests, quite bad for Labour, the Conservatives won Mayoral elections in Labour Areas.   The Conservative Party has to get the message out to its supporters and voters that they can not think that the election is in the bag, they must carry on knocking on doors and telling voters that if they do not vote on June 8th they could have Corbyn Administration.   The thought of a Corby Administration should worry the Voter, taxes would go up, there would be no defence for the UK, the Labour Party would give in to any demands by the EU. The Economic markets would fall through the floor.  The Labour Party always spends more than is in the bank, let us recall that the Last Labour Government nearly bankrupted the Country.   Thus voter must remember to vote on June 8th for the Conservative Party.