Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The EU Divorce Bill - NAFF OFF EU

Lets Get Real:

IF the sum is anywhere near as reported the UK should just walk out and challenge Labour for its reaction, would they rather spend 36 billion pounds on the NHS or on pensions for the fat civil service in the EU.   The UK should not pay a FARTHING not a penny.   The UK has given billions to the EU over the years, we should ask for it back with interest.   IF UK voter will oppose any such sums, even die hard EU remainers would it find it hard to defend.  It time for the UK Cabinet to find its Churchill spirit, NO to Europe.   The Conservatives could call a snap election on the issue, should the UK pay that kind of sum to the EU, this blog thinks that the UK Voter would oppose such a move, let the UK stand up for its rights. 

President Trump on Obama Care and Taxes - US Domestic Agenda

Fox News: Reports " President Trump said Tuesday he's prepared “let ObamaCare fail” after the collapse of Senate Republicans' latest health care bill, indicating he's willing to move on to tax reform and other issues – and deal with an Affordable Care Act fix down the road. "

Lets Get Real:

The Trum Oval should move fast on to tax cuts, even moderate Republicans can not oppose tax cuts, this will help after the failure over ObamaCare.   The tax cuts should be deep and help the middle class, welfare also has to be cut, the Trump Oval has to recall who voted for Trump, they are Conservatives in Conservatives States now, they can go back to supporting liberal Democrats.   The Republicans need to push tax cuts down the throats of Democrats, make them oppose such a move, it might be liked by the uber liberal NYT, but the liberals of the NYT are not the fly over States, they want tax cuts and welfare cuts. 

Why Hillary Clinton LOST in 2016 - What people told Gallup

Lets Get Real:

The Trump should not have bothered going after political dirt on HRC, she created her own scandal by having a private email server and not getting out in front of the story, in fact it took time for the Clinton Campaign to get the fact that the Clinton " Truth " about her email was not quite the truth as found by the US Congress or the FBI.   If your the Russians it works either way, you support Trump and expect better relations with the Trump in the OVAL.   While if HRC wins she has made sure that the Republicans will take months if not years to investigate her when it comes to her email server, thus undercutting her first term.  The Democrats if they are SMART will chose a  moderate next time, liberal as you like on domestic issues, but to the right when it comes to Defence and terrorism.   If the Democrats chose a liberal on domestic and international issues the Republicans headed by Trump or Pence will beat them again in 2020. 

The ObamaCare Legacy - ObamaCare

Lets Get Real:

The failure of President Trump to repeal and replace ObamaCare undercuts his promise that he was a great deal maker, what ever you think about Obama, he got his legacy with ObamaCare, he worked with the Democratic leadership to get it through. The Republicans have the Oval Office, the House and Senate and they still failed, it can be postulated that the Democrats have a good chance of taking the House and Senate in the 2018 Mid Terms.   If the investigations by the Congress and the Special Consul drive Trump mad, the Democrats will make sure that they double the pressure.  Thus far what can Trump run on in 2020, he has placed a Conservative on the Supreme Court, he is cutting down on Obama regulations, he has walked away from the Paris deal on climate change.   Thus far he has done NOTHING on North Korea, the Russians think he is a push over, there has been success in Syria and Iraq when it comes to Daesh, but that is more down to the local forces not US forces.  A good moderate Democrat who is tough on Defence has a good chance against Trump in 2020.