Tuesday, July 18, 2017

The ObamaCare Legacy - ObamaCare

Lets Get Real:

The failure of President Trump to repeal and replace ObamaCare undercuts his promise that he was a great deal maker, what ever you think about Obama, he got his legacy with ObamaCare, he worked with the Democratic leadership to get it through. The Republicans have the Oval Office, the House and Senate and they still failed, it can be postulated that the Democrats have a good chance of taking the House and Senate in the 2018 Mid Terms.   If the investigations by the Congress and the Special Consul drive Trump mad, the Democrats will make sure that they double the pressure.  Thus far what can Trump run on in 2020, he has placed a Conservative on the Supreme Court, he is cutting down on Obama regulations, he has walked away from the Paris deal on climate change.   Thus far he has done NOTHING on North Korea, the Russians think he is a push over, there has been success in Syria and Iraq when it comes to Daesh, but that is more down to the local forces not US forces.  A good moderate Democrat who is tough on Defence has a good chance against Trump in 2020.

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