Monday, May 15, 2017

Taping the White House - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus the main question in Washington D.C at the moment is, did President Trump tape himself when he had dinner with the former Director of FBI James Comey, the President has refused to say and his staff can't say or do not know.   IF this blog was Trump, it would destroy any tapes, so far the Democrats have not found something that would make the Courts force the Oval to hand over tapes.  Thus the President should invite press to the Rose Garden and destroy them in public, or destroy them himself, and tell no one, that will drive the Democrats up the WALL.   Of course the President could be joking, winding up the liberal elite press, who will spend countless days discussing something that might not be real, that would make Trump laugh.  One can only hope that Trump is no Richard Nixon and keeps the tapes and the whole mess goes to Court. 

New Poll - Conservatives LEAD by 20% - Campaign Trail 38 - GE2017

Guardian - Live Reporting: Reports "

Lets Get Real:
This is a BIG lead, the question is can the Conservatives keep this lead up in till the election on June 8th.   The Manifestos are out this week, the Labour one was leaked, thus no great news on that front, it will be interesting to see the Conservative promises for the elderly and those out of work and on benefits.  It has been argued that the welfare states benefits the OLD while the young gets whats left, will both Parties keep to that line or will the Conservatives be brave and say that the young and ill also need help. 

Latest Poll - Conservatives 18% LEAD - Campaign Trail 37 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

One wonders if the hacking of the NHS will have an affect, will voters accept that nothing is 100% secure, the hack was around the World, and greatest victim was Russia, one can be sure that the FSB will be looking under every PC it can find to check.  The question is who would hack Russia, that is a long list, also who is stupid enough to allow that attack to hit the NHS and other important services around the World.  One can say for sure the FBI in the US, Scotland Yard and MI6 will be looking for the criminals.   It has been reported that the hack as of yesterday has only earned the hackers about 20K.  Thus there will be  a lot of HEAT out there, as there should be, the NHS is part of the heritage of the UK.   Thus far no impact on the polls. 

Oxygen - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

This was a great episode, it started with the start with death, then had the Doctor lecture as what happens if you go into SPACE without a spacesuit, then the Doctor with his friends go travelling in the TARDIS, the Doctor does get a lecture about leaving the VAULT, but the Doctor likes to TRAVEL, thus they go to Space Station dead in Space, the value they need is not money but Oxygen, that is a new concept, if you do not work hard enough your oxygen is cut, British Industry could have done with that in the 1970s!! ( The Guardian readers should throw a wobbly about that )  The Doctor saved the day by saying that that those left behind should die well ( spoiler alert ) before that the Doctor has to give his head of his suit to Blil as she was walking  into space with a faulty suit, the Doctor paid a cost, he went blind, but still saved the day.   That would have been good ending, but then the Doctor said he was really blind without telling Bill, next week should be  a great episode. This series just gets better and better.  Those that are watching reality shows, what is the matter with you, grow up and watch Doctor Who!!