Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trump and the Press - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THE press relationship between a President Trump and the press will be below frosty, the President will be angry at the allegations against him have been published by the press without confirmation.   The press will want him to be tougher with Russia and will see any weakness as a confirmation of the press stories, Moscow should expect the relationship to stay cold to frosty.   The JFK, Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan Administrations will look like love ins compared to the next four years, the press hate Trump and Trump hates the press, but also needs them, like LBJ and Richard Nixon he wants to be loved by them and the public.   Press ethics will be tested by Trump, and that is good for Democracy. 

More on the Trump Allegations - Part 5 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THE question that has to be asked, should the main stream press have gone with this story, once they went with it, ALL those that comment on US politics had to follow suit, or they would like they were rejecting the news cycle.  As noted above there are errors in the document, if these errors can be sustained then the WHOLE work could fall apart.   The incoming Trump Administration must be in shock, now they will have to be harder on Russia if only to to prove that they can be and that Russian does not have a hold over Trump.   One does wonder if this is the new warriors of the new Cold War 2 are making sure Trump does not go off the reservation.   It is an interesting idea. 

More on Alleged Trump Scandal - Part 4 -Trump Era

Guardian - Live Reporting: Reports on more allegations not proven in there 11.03 post, " 
Lets Get Real:

The problem with the allegations is that that they can not be proven either way, the Russians have denied the story and thus will not help move the story on, the Russians will balk at helping the press bring down Trump, they see him as a friend.  As the sources are in Russia are they going to confirm any part of the allegations, one has doubts.   This is the kind of story that can never be proven either way, so why publish, well to hurt Trump, thus again what are the links between the Clinton Campaign and this story. 

More on the Alleged Trump Sex Scandal - Part 3- Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Either the Intelligence Chiefs told the President - Elect or they did not, that should be easy to get the information on, the press has to careful with this story, it sounds what a anti Trump body would want to hear, the question is it the truth.   Of course the Russians bug those of importance who come to Moscow, the old KGB in the shape of the FSB is still doing such operations.   The question is did they catch the Trump and what are his financial interests in Moscow.  The press one one level with love this story, its pure 100% anti Trump, the question is it reality.

More on the alleged Trump SEX Scandal - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The more one reads of the allegations, one comes to the decision, either they are true or its a fit up job, and considering that the allegations came from opposition research one has to question are they of any value.  IF true the Russians have lost their hold on Trump, they either confirm or deny the story, so far its clear NO from Moscow and Trump.  IF the allegations are false then Trump should go after the press, if one can find a connection between the information and the Clinton Camp then it looks like a witch hunt by bitter failed campaign.   ONE does wonder how the elite liberal press will deal with the story, they do not  like sex stories, same the FRENCH really on that subject.   Thus we wait the press conference by the President - Elect.

The Compromising INFO on the President - Elect - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This was a bad day for the President - Elect to chose to have a press conference.  The elite liberal press will be in full battle cry, all they will want to know is about the sex, as we know sex sells papers, web clicks to news sites will go through the roof.   IF the allegations are not true the President - Elect should be clear and bold and reject the allegations, if any of it is true we might have a President Pence faster than we thought.   Of course the background is important, the information was part of a opposition research ( OR) in to Trump and the information comes from Russia, one has to have suspicions of the product, OR is supposed to be negative, that is the point, also why would Russia want to the information to come out now, Trump has been supportive of Russia, could this be the secret hand of the Clinton Camp, one final swipe at Trump, politics can be a dirty business.