Wednesday, January 11, 2017

The Compromising INFO on the President - Elect - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This was a bad day for the President - Elect to chose to have a press conference.  The elite liberal press will be in full battle cry, all they will want to know is about the sex, as we know sex sells papers, web clicks to news sites will go through the roof.   IF the allegations are not true the President - Elect should be clear and bold and reject the allegations, if any of it is true we might have a President Pence faster than we thought.   Of course the background is important, the information was part of a opposition research ( OR) in to Trump and the information comes from Russia, one has to have suspicions of the product, OR is supposed to be negative, that is the point, also why would Russia want to the information to come out now, Trump has been supportive of Russia, could this be the secret hand of the Clinton Camp, one final swipe at Trump, politics can be a dirty business.

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