Sunday, May 07, 2017

The Hillary Clinton Question - What NOW?

Lets Get Real:

This blog has already ordered the recent release of a book on the Clinton Campaign, it was sold out, thus blog has to wait a week.  The book shows the flaws of the Clinton Camp, how data Campaign was more important than going to the rust belt States.  As a Pastor said on CNN, Data does not vote, it is election science when politics is about the art of the game, that was a major flaw by the Clinton Camp, also they did not listen to Bill Clinton, he told them that they needed to go after the WHITE VOTE in the rust belt States, what ever you think about Bill Clinton he is a great politician, he lives and breaths politics.   Thus HRC is going to write her own book, lets hope its HONEST, that the major flaw with with the HRC Campaign of 2016 was HRC, she is not a good candidate, it was the same problem when she lost to Obama in 08, the Democrats and HRC are pushing the view that it was down to the FBI, the Russians, everyone else, at the end of the day Hillary Clinton did not connect to voters.  In the view of this blogger she seemed to think she had the right to the Oval Office, that defending Bill over the years was a VIP route to the Oval.  Just become the share the same surname does not mean that Bill could transfer his political gift to HRC.   

The Sunday Polls - Campaign Trail 30 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

These are good leads in the polls for the Conservatives, but we have a few weeks to go, the Party HQ must have the PM out there, she is strongly supported, every day she looks better than Jeremy Corby.   The Prime Minister should be tough on the EU, that the UK will never pay a 100 billion Euros to leave the EU, we would rather a hard Brexit than pay that kind of blackmail.   The Conservative Party also has to stress that the Labour Party would leave the UK with no nuclear defence and taxes will go up for everyone.   This is the time for the Conservative Party to help the Labour Party bury itself.

The REAL Marxist in the Labour Leadership - Campaign Trail 29 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

The above shows how of touch the Modern Labour Party is, the present leadership does not seem to understand that Communism NO LONGER works, it never worked, even China has moved to a market economy, the only MARXIST State is North Korea and Cuba.  The Labour Party after its defeat on June 8th needs new leadership otherwise they can forget being the official opposition, they will be  laughing stock.   Even this Conservative thinks there should be an Opposition, otherwise we will become a ONE PARTY State.

Another US Hostage held by North Korea - North Korean Crisis

BBC News: Reports that North Korea has arrested another American, the article states the following, " Three other US citizens are currently held in North Korea, including Kim Sang-duck, who had taught at PUST. "

Lets Get Real:

The new Trump Administration will act badly if North Korea takes more hostages and goes ahead with a nuclear test.   The North Korean Regime is playing with fire, the Trump Oval might decide that this game of cat and mouse has gone on for long enough.   The Pyongyang Regime has to understand that the game has changed, Obama is no longer in office and Trump has the ego to press that nuclear button on North Korea if it does not abide by the rules.   China needs to place more pressure on North Korea, it only needs a mistake to start a LAND WAR in Asia. 

Knock , Knock - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

The above was a fantastic episode, it was creepy, it hard horror and humour.  Did any notice that the Doctor told Bill he was a Time Lord and he bought up regeneration.   Then when Bill moved in to the House, he was miffed that her friends thought he was her grandfather, he stressed FATHER, of course these could be red hearings, after two degree's you read the small print.  The House creaked, took over those stuck in the House, a great guest visit by David Suchet, he was creepy, made you scared of wood, but at the end it was very moving, what we do to protect those we love.   The prisoner in the basement, well we know it likes Chinese food, is rather good on classical music, the Doctor cares about it, what a MASTERFUL writing this is, I think we know who is beyond the prison door.