Sunday, May 07, 2017

Another US Hostage held by North Korea - North Korean Crisis

BBC News: Reports that North Korea has arrested another American, the article states the following, " Three other US citizens are currently held in North Korea, including Kim Sang-duck, who had taught at PUST. "

Lets Get Real:

The new Trump Administration will act badly if North Korea takes more hostages and goes ahead with a nuclear test.   The North Korean Regime is playing with fire, the Trump Oval might decide that this game of cat and mouse has gone on for long enough.   The Pyongyang Regime has to understand that the game has changed, Obama is no longer in office and Trump has the ego to press that nuclear button on North Korea if it does not abide by the rules.   China needs to place more pressure on North Korea, it only needs a mistake to start a LAND WAR in Asia. 

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