Monday, March 27, 2017

The EU and the UK - Post UK

Lets Get Real:

This is an interesting story, there seems to be a brain cell in the EU, of course the UK leaving without a deal would be BAD for the EU, the EU does not want to see the UK become a haven for Business, it does not want to see business from EU countries move to the UK.   Thus as stated in this blog the UK has to be a firm and tough when talking to the EU, the 50 billion request should be binned at the start, the rights of EU citizens should be respected in the UK and abroad.    Of course after 2019 ALL immigration to the UK will be decided by the UK and what benefits come from moving to the UK will be down to the UK.  Two days to the UK becoming Independent again.

E Day - Article 50 - Post EU

The GREAT day is only two days away, next year the Government should make March 29th a national paid holiday.   Those who have been anti Europe have been waiting YEARS for this day.   The REMAINERS or the nuts as this blog calls them want to turn the clock back, how can you have protesters in favour of the EU, there is delusion and then there is delusion.  The EU has done NOTHING for the UK, it has cost the UK, time to finish being a member of the EU, take the HARD Brexit and GET OUT.   There is more to the World than the EU, thus more trade deals, and better trade deals, sole interest will be the UK not what another 27 need or want, a fine day that will be to the UK voters. 

50 Billion Blackmail by the EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK as this blog stated yesterday should not pay a farthing to the EU, this is out and out blackmail, if the EU wants to play hardball, so be it, the UK should cut taxes and make the UK the only Country for business to come too, it should announce that it is making Trade deals now no matter what the EU thinks or says, in fact we should not bother with a talks, we should go for a HARD Brexit.   The UK does not need favours from the EU, in fact the EU needs UK more than it needs it, let us play hardball, the EU is a front for Germany, well let the German taxpayer pay 50 Billion, not one farthing I say.

The Trump Administration and the Russians - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Russian connection is getting closer to POTUS, it will be interesting to see what Mr Kushner says about his meeting with the Russians, of course the FBI and the US Congress will have to find some wrongdoing if the investigation is to lead anywhere, so far meetings do not make a crime.   The Democrats want a Special Prosecutor, they hope it leads to a fishing of the Trump Empire in the hope of finding something illegal.   The Republicans should agree to a Select Committee of both Chambers as to keep the investigation under their control.   This Russian ghost is having last effects on the Trump Administration in its first term.