Sunday, June 04, 2017

The Lie of the Land - Doctor Who Review

Lets Get Real:

The good Doctor was hit by a popular reality show on ITV, why people watch these kind of shows is not within the scope of this blog.  It was the Doctor vs. The Monks, he tricked them in to thinking he supported them, gave Bill near heart attack when she thought the Doctor had gone bad, and she shot him, ( Spoiler ).  The Doctor and Bill then escaped the prison that held the Doctor and tried to cut off the Monks at their base, Bill was willing to sacrifice herself as to save the World.  Let's just say the Monks can not defeat pure love.  Next week the Ice Warriors.   Those that have not seen the episode should catch up on BBC I player. In this depressing time we could ALL do with hope. 

The PM on the London Terror Attacks - UPDATE - London

Lets Get Real:

Those that spout terrorism have to be charged, communities have to come together and report when they see a perceived threat, the liberal tolerance of the UK can not be used as a place to spout and create acts of terror.  The UK has to come together as ONE Nation, protecting rights but also making sure that human life is protected.  Terrorism has to be thwarted in homes, on the streets and on the World Wide Web.  The RAF is taking on Daesh in Syria and Iraq, it has to be routed out and removed.

New Polls - Labour CLOSING the GAP - Campaign Trail 67 - GE2017

Lets Get Real:

Democracy goes on after the London terror attacks, are thoughts are with those killed and injured last night.   The best way to thwart terrorists is to carry on with Democracy, thus we have polls which have the Conservatives and Labour at neck and neck, while others show a bigger Conservative LEAD.   As a mark of respect the Political Parties are not doing national campaigns today, but will restart tomorrow, it has to be assumed that the terror attack will have some impact on the polls.  It will be interesting to see the polls on Wednesday night, and after the result to see which polls were close or had it completely wrong.