Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Trump on Trump Junior, Part 3 - Trump's Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Democrats have to be careful that they do not make the same mistake the Democrats did in the 1970s when they went after Nixon over Watergate, that lead to Congressional investigations that found that JFK had affairs and this damaged the Kennedy legend.   The press and political elites knew about the Kennedy affairs but the general public were not told. Thus the Democrats have to careful what they ask for, if there is any damaging information on the Clintons it would come out, both political parties are using scorched earth policies, they can come back and bite. 

Trump on Trump Junior Part 2 - Trump's Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The uber liberal NYT thinks it can get Trump senior through Trump junior, the NYT has to be careful that the reading public see such a move as iffy to say the least.   The NYT would have to have information that Junior told senior, either through email or through a witness being there.   The NYT does not want to make people have some sympathy with the Trump Oval.   The readers are not fools what ever the uber lite in New York think, they know that the TV and liberal press are after Trump and will use any method.   The Trump Oval can make this a VERY long game, in less there is more to this story, so what that Trump Junior meet with a Russian lawyer, meeting and getting negative information are two different things.   The Trumps are new politics, they might not understand the legal small print, also who is foolish to but something in email that gets them in to legal trouble.

The Uber liberal press has to make sure it doe not bore the reader, there has to be a connection between the President and Russia, going after his family is low ball politics and is seen for what it is, dirty political pool for the sake of dirty political pool.   This is going to be a long game, after all this one has a soft spot for President Underwood!!! 

Trump on Trump Junior - Trump's Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The President is going for the Nixon approach when dealing with Watergate, fight the Uber liberal media, never give in on anything in till they can prove it's wrong and go for the long haul.   The President should fight and fight, make it a  VERY LONG FIGHT, while using the Clinton method by stating that he wakes up every day fighting for the American people, it might not be true, but it is a good way to combat the press.  The President might need to fire his son, send him to run the European branch of Trump Empire, somewhere it is hard to get too and the media would hate having to go there.    Also hire the best lawyers, it going to get harder, let us hope there are no more meetings that happened in the past, or email trail, who in their right mind puts something down in email!!

Even God might not be able to HELP - Trump Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THE US President might have to wait for God to help him, the big man has other bigger problems to deal with in this World.  The President should follow the Reagan example, hire the best lawyers, make sure he is popular with the base, attack the uber liberal press and when asked a question by a lawyer he should say he can not recall, they can not get you for perjury if you can not recall, it might make you look foolish but if you can not recall that is a problem for the Special Prosecutor, the President should not think he is more clever than them, that leads to impeachment, just ask Bill Clinton.   The President has another problem, the smoking gun in the case could be his own son, did Donald Junior tell his father that he had meet a Russian lawyer acting for the Russian Government, if he says no, then the SP has to find information that is counter to that statement.   The President needs to play the long game like Bill Clinton, bore the Country with the story, and hope there are no other emails. 

EU Citizen Rights after Brexit - After EU Process

Lets Get Real:

The point of Brexit for the UK voter was that British Courts would decide what British law meant and how it affected individuals and companies, the EU want two levels of UK law, UK and EU Law, thus meaning that the same case would be judged in different ways, that is a legal nightmare.   The UK has to be firm, UK law only.  As for giving the EU money, the can get stuffed to be diplomatic.   The UK should demand money back, the EU is for civil servants with fat pension pots, the UK should not give a farthing.   Time for the UK to be tough.