Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Even God might not be able to HELP - Trump Russian Crisis

Lets Get Real:

THE US President might have to wait for God to help him, the big man has other bigger problems to deal with in this World.  The President should follow the Reagan example, hire the best lawyers, make sure he is popular with the base, attack the uber liberal press and when asked a question by a lawyer he should say he can not recall, they can not get you for perjury if you can not recall, it might make you look foolish but if you can not recall that is a problem for the Special Prosecutor, the President should not think he is more clever than them, that leads to impeachment, just ask Bill Clinton.   The President has another problem, the smoking gun in the case could be his own son, did Donald Junior tell his father that he had meet a Russian lawyer acting for the Russian Government, if he says no, then the SP has to find information that is counter to that statement.   The President needs to play the long game like Bill Clinton, bore the Country with the story, and hope there are no other emails. 

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