Thursday, March 16, 2017

HM Queen signs Article 50 in to Law - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Who would have thought we would have see the day when the UK started the long walk out of the EU, it was seen that the UK was forever tied to the EU, but the UK voter looked at the results of the EU membership and decided it was not good.   There are still some in the Conservative Party, Labour Party and the whole of the Liberal Democrats would rather join up to the Euro, and be lead by the EU.    They know now hot it feels to be the political wilderness, some have made careers on supporting the EU, and what for, NOTHING at the end of the day.   Reality has arrived with the UK voter.  God Save the Queen.

SNP Falling Apart - Part 2 - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The Scottish FM thought she could play PM May, that the PM would give way, but when you compare May to Thatcher you might be missing the point, when did the Iron Lady ever give up.   The SNP has thrown its only political weapon, calling for a 2nd Independence vote, the game comes under London rules, they have to say yes, otherwise any vote would not be binding or legal.   The tone from the BBC News is of shock, they have been egging the Scottish FM along, past commentary had the view that May would have to give way, well she has not, and good for her, the elite liberals appeasers at the BBC and the Guardian will never defend anything if its in the interest of the UK.   The May NO was  good for Democracy and it saves the Scottish people having to form an opinion on a 2nd vote.   The Queen will be happy.

May says NO to 2nd Scottish Vote - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

This is an excellent move by the PM, she controls the board when it comes to a 2nd Scottish Vote, she has not ruled it out in the future, but first the UK must get a Brexit deal with the EU, and then see the results.    This move out foxes the Scottish FM, when the UK is out of the EU, so will be Scotland, Spain and others have made it clear that Scotland would have to re - apply, the question is on the relationship, there is a strong anti EU vote in Scotland, do Scots want to be run by the jack boots of Berlin, or will they take the NORWAY option, that is following all the rules of EU without being a the table for talks, do not see the Scots falling in love with that option.   Thus the EU vote is off the table for the near future, the SNP will blame London, but at least you can bet to London and protest, how many Scots are going to go to Berlin and protest the fish policy, how many speak Germany is the question.  The men and women of Scotland who died in WW1, WW1 and other battles must be turning in their grave at how phony the Scottish FM is and how bad that is for Scotland.   A good day for the UK.