Monday, June 12, 2017

May on the Election - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The PM has gone for the humble approach, thus getting some more time as PM, the question is what will she do with the time, how will this effect Brexit, how far can she push the Remainers before they start voting with the Labour Party.   The Labour Party at present looks confused on the issue of Brexit, they left it vague in the Labour Manifesto as to attract votes, now they will have to be clear as to what they do support.   The Conservative Party has to hang on to power, what ever the costs, they can not afford to allow Jeremy Corbyn in to No 10.  Those that want to leave the EU will have to keep the PM's feet close to the fire, they should not surrender what the UK population voted for in 2016.   The next few days and weeks are going to be interesting. 

The Reasons the Conservatives LOST - Post 2017 Election

BBC News: Reports " Anger over Brexit and austerity caused the Tories to lose seats, Theresa May's new chief of staff has told the BBC. "

Lets Get Real:

We are starting to see the backsliding over a HARD Brexit, the Remainers will use the Conservative defeat to over turn the vote of 2016.   Those HARD Brexit MPs on the Conservative side will have to remind the PM that they can also cause problems should the PM be wobbly on Brexit.  One can expect Remainers will try to force the PM to withdraw her HARD Brexit and go for a soft Brexit.   The DUP and the Scottish Conservatives want this, how will the LABOUR Party vote.