Friday, February 03, 2017

US Destroyer off Yemen Coast - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

It would be a big MISTAKE for Iran to attack a US vessel or an allied ship, this would give the US and President Trump the reason he wants to revoke the US/Iran nuclear deal and take out the Regime in Tehran.   One does wonder if Tehran has gotten the message, this is not appeasing President Obama, who wanted a deal at any cost,  this is TRUMP, he likes to win and he tends to follow through with his threats, this is an area to keep eye on, more trouble in the area likely.   Tehran will want to see how far it can push Trump, thus expect more missile tests and attacks on US Naval vessels in the region.

Trump and Financial Regulations - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This blog takes the view that the Government should not over regulate the markets, yes the markets took the Western economy the edge in 2008 but it has returned to balance, if you over regulate you kill the spark that makes money, the US/UK need a health financial sector, it creates jobs and brings in good taxes to fund the other polices of the Government.   Bankers are not 2nd hand car salesmen, it is a tough job, endless hours facing a screen full of numbers, and the World events having an effect.    Thus a good job by President Trump to get government out of the financial sector. 

US vs. Iran - Part 2 - Trump Era

The White House: Has released a statement by the US National Security Advisor, 

Lets Get Real:
The Tehran Regime should understand the fact that the appeasing days of the Obama Administration is OVER.   The new US Administration and its allies in the Middle East will be looking very carefully at Iran, looking for any way to strike them should they cause problems for other Countries or attack allied ships in the Gulf.   THIS is a good start by the Trump Oval, let us hope that Trump remains this strong when it comes to Iran.

US sanctions on Iran - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Administration has come out hard against Iran its early days, but has not scrapped the US/IRAN nuclear deal.   Tehran will take note of this and push further to see what it can get away with in the Middle East.   IF Iran tests another missile the US should be ready to take out the missile sites and warn Iran that if it does anything else the US and its allies in the region keep the right to take out their nuclear buildings around Iran.  This is the only way that Iran will behave.   The US and its allies have to be strong.