Tuesday, March 28, 2017

UK and the EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK PM should not give a d-m what the European Parliament wants or does not want, it is full of hacks could never cut in their home Countries.  The immigration rules for the UK will be decided by the UK Government, the UK should not pay a farthing, or 0.01p to the EU. In fact we want our 9  billion back from the European Bank.   The UK should walk away if the EU is being difficult, they need us more than we need them, so let them drown in the problems that are the Euro, also the constant Greek Crisis.   The nutty remainers and the hack politicians of the EU are owned nothing by the UK, we have been under their yoke for years, time as stated to but Great back into Great Britain.   Those Parties like the Liberal Democrats will cry into their elite coffee, the Labour Party is split, the SNP has started to read it own press statements, while the remainers in the Conservative Party can stand down in 2020.

E - Day - 1 Day to Go - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Tomorrow the UK will be putting Great back into Great Britain, the UK leaves the EU, the day should become a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, and a paid one at that, the UK after decades of being under the YOKE of the EU will be a Sovereign Independent State after 2019.   The BBC and the Guardian are acting as if it is the WORST day ever, well for the London Elite it is the worst day ever, the British people have spoken, we wanted OUR FREEDOM, and now the Government has two years to get a deal, a good deal not a bad deal, if necessary we should walk away without a deal, we will not pander to the EU and the nutty remainers.

Scottish Indy Vote 2 - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The SNP has no interest in keeping the Union with the UK, this latest gamble is based on the fact that without Independence the SNP is a pig with lipstick on, the SNP has not helped Scotland since it has been in power, it panders and has to be keept in power with the support of the Greens, give me break!!  The UK Government should say:


The Brexit talks are to important to wait on the SNP wants, their request should be binned with the rest of the rubbish.   The Scottish people made their choice in 2014, that should be rubbed in the nose of the SNP and the Scottish Government.