Friday, March 31, 2017

The US vs. North Korea - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

WOULD the US really strike North Korea first, if you're going to TOUGH on North Korea you have to follow through, when President Obama didn't attack Syria after stating they had broken his red lines he looked weak and so did the US.   Let's recall that that North Korea has the bomb and a million man army, would they not react to a strike?   Also is the tough language a message to China to get it's act together when it comes to North Korea.  When it comes to North Korea one gut tells one that it will not end well!

Gibraltar is ALWAYS British - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK Government should make it clear to the EU and Spain, that Gibraltar is not open for discussion, any deal with the UK takes Gibraltar and Northern Ireland as the same as Wales.   As long as the good people of Gibraltar and North Ireland want to be British they will BE BRITISH.  The May Government has to be tough with the EU, we will not give them a farthing, the UK will decide TAX RULES and Immigration rules not the EU.  At the  end of the day the UK might  have to take a HARD BREXIT, then we will control all part of UK law. The EU should remember that the UK voter does not react well to blackmail, WW1, WW2 does not have to be mentioned. 

The EX NSA and the Russian Connections - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The US Congress should appoint a Joint House and Senate Committee to look at the Russian connection between the Trump Campaign and the Russians.   The fact that former NSA Flynn is looking for immunity is worrying when it comes to the national security of the US, what has he to say that could cause him legal trouble.  The FBI should look deep at the Flynn record while in the Trump Campaign and at the White House just to see if everything is on the up.   It would not shock this blog if the US found that it has a President Pence in the near future, it depends IF the connections lead to President Trump.  Moscow must laughing, the US leadership on foreign policy will be weak while Trump is under the Russian cloud, on the other hand, if Russia pushes it luck it could force Trump to act, show that he is not a Russian puppet.

Doctor Who and the Gay Companion

After Trump and the EU lets have something more uplifting:

Lets Get Real:

It is great to see that Doctor Who will get a full time gay companion, Pearl Mackie will have challenge to beat Captain Jack in the affection of the Who fan base, but you never know.  It is good that Doctor Who will push the envelope, the sexuality of the companion in the 21 Century should not matter, there will always be the Daleks and the Cybermen and the Weeping Angels.  And all those corridors to run, always fun.   This blog can not wait for the return of the Doctor. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

The UK vs. EU - The Timeframe Debate - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The EU will play games at the start, but 27 Countries is a lot ot heard, also the Eastern Countries know that it will be British troops who are helping them out against the threat of Putin's Russia, not the Germans or the French.   The UK FCO can start to act, have back channel talks with the Eastern block, remind them the security that the UK gives with the Americans.  If after a few weeks the EU is still playing games the UK should just walk out, not play games with them, declare WE are out, bin EU laws, make the Germans regret ever winning the peace.   The German tax payer will have to cover the UK costs, lets see how they like paying 60 billion Euros to help the Southern States.   Talks and Diplomacy is good, but the UK has the stick and we should use it, nothing gets movement better than FEAR.

The Nutty Remainers and the EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

THIS is a ruse by the left wing, they want to delay Brexit, make it takes years as a way to remain in the EU.   The Conservative Government should push the Great Repeal Bill through, and then start to see what can be junked in 2019.   The Conservative Government has to be wary that the elite left will try anything to prevent the UK leaving the UK, return to the Courts, delay in the Commons or Lords.   The UK Voter has decided it wants OUT of the EU, some in the elite, such as the Guardian will never accept the the EU Vote.   Thus Brexit supporters should keep any eye on what the media says and does, that goes from the BBC to the Guardian. 

50 Billion Bill - NO WAY - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

IF the EU really comes out with a demand for 50 billion pounds then the PM May should say NO, the Conservative backbenchers in the House of Commons will never support such a payment.  No 10 should be clear with the EU, that the UK will not pay a penny to them, a recent House of Lords report has confirmed that the UK should not pay a penny after we leave the EU.   At the end of the day the UK has the Ace of Cards, we can walk away, and become a business beacon with low taxes for business, a trading centre for around the World.   The UK Diplomats have to be TOUGH, and when the close their files and walk they must walk without looking back, the EU is the great loser, they are now under German control.

The Great Repeal Bill - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK House of Commons and Lords should pass the Great Repeal Bill in a quick manner.   Thus after the UK leaves the EU in 2019 it can start to repeal a mass of EU rules, Directives and Laws.   IF the EU does not give the UK what it wants the UK should play HARD BALL, cut taxes to makes the UK the place for business, open side deals with Eastern Europe, if they want to be defended against Putin and Russia they should be happy to support the UK in trade deals with the EU.   It will be interesting to see how the EU plays its hand, there are EU fanatics in the leadership, they might have to be shown the real world, if they want security support from the UK, they give us the deals we want, in less they are going to defend the Eastern block against Russia, and they never will!!   The UK at the end of the day should WALK AWAY if we do not get the deal we want. 

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Can ObamaCare be killed Off? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The money that would have been saved by axing ObamaCare was meant to help with major tax cuts, the fact that the House failed to pass a new Trump health Bill has come back to bite them on the backside, what is the point of having a majority in the House if they can not govern and agree between themselves.   Thus if this is going to happen the White House should keep away, let the Republican House members come up with a Bill that will pass and then get in to conference with Senate Republicans.  It will be interesting to see if the House Republicans can work together.   If the Republican House can agree a Bill and it is passed by the Senate then you can have major tax cuts, Republicans like TAX CUTS. 

Trump and the Leaks - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This shows that President Trump was right, he was under investigation by the Obama Administration.   The fact that officials from the Obama Administration did this must raise questions of how much of this was known by President Obama.   This blog has been wondering WHY former President Obama has been VERY quiet on the subject.  The FACT that the Obama Administration officials were breaking the law raises the issue who gave them the green light to place secret information around the Government so it could be leaked.   The House and Senate Intelligence Committee should investigate the leaks, and the Russian connections.   The Democrats might find it would have been better to let sleeping dogs sleep, you never know who it might bite. 

Jeremy Corbyn and the EU - Article 50 - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The Labour is ALL over the place, its leader, Jeremy Corbyn for most of his political life has wanted out of EU, his new line is an attempt to keep the remainers in his Party happy.  But as the above states he accepts that the UK will be out of the Single Market and the Customs Union, if the UK can not get a trade deal, and it looks like it would take years then the UK will take WTO rules, the rest of the World manages without a special deal with the EU.   The Labour Party is lucky its not in power, the political writers do not take Labour seriously with Corbyn in power, he is a LOSER, one can expect that closer to the election that Labour will find a way to ditch him and find a Leader more acceptable to the voters, otherwise Labour is finished as a political Party. 

The EU vs. The UK - Article 50 Day - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The French and the Germans will try to control the show, the UK should have back channel talks with the Eastern Members of the EU, the Eastern members can not count on Germany to come to their protection if the Russian Bear has his claws out, thus the UK will defend them with troops, the British method should be divide and conquer, get the Eastern block of the EU to back UK Exit, while doing side deals, EU is big, it does not have an intelligence agency or an army to enforce its will, that is the FACT lost on the extreme pro Europeans. The UK has played the Diplomatic game longer than most Countries, we have either fought or been allies with most of the Countries of the EU, the UK will out last the EU, we Brits are a stubborn lot!!

The UK and the EU - Article 50 Day - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Thus we start the process of DIVORCE from the EU, it will take two years, the UK red lines should be as follows, no money for the EU, not a farthing, a free trade deal with no payment, total control of Immigration, IF the EU turns down the offer then the UK should leave, a HARD BREXIT, the UK will be alright, we have been in tighter corners before and always come out fine, let us see how the EU reacts with its MASTER being GERMANY.  

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

UK and the EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK PM should not give a d-m what the European Parliament wants or does not want, it is full of hacks could never cut in their home Countries.  The immigration rules for the UK will be decided by the UK Government, the UK should not pay a farthing, or 0.01p to the EU. In fact we want our 9  billion back from the European Bank.   The UK should walk away if the EU is being difficult, they need us more than we need them, so let them drown in the problems that are the Euro, also the constant Greek Crisis.   The nutty remainers and the hack politicians of the EU are owned nothing by the UK, we have been under their yoke for years, time as stated to but Great back into Great Britain.   Those Parties like the Liberal Democrats will cry into their elite coffee, the Labour Party is split, the SNP has started to read it own press statements, while the remainers in the Conservative Party can stand down in 2020.

E - Day - 1 Day to Go - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Tomorrow the UK will be putting Great back into Great Britain, the UK leaves the EU, the day should become a NATIONAL HOLIDAY, and a paid one at that, the UK after decades of being under the YOKE of the EU will be a Sovereign Independent State after 2019.   The BBC and the Guardian are acting as if it is the WORST day ever, well for the London Elite it is the worst day ever, the British people have spoken, we wanted OUR FREEDOM, and now the Government has two years to get a deal, a good deal not a bad deal, if necessary we should walk away without a deal, we will not pander to the EU and the nutty remainers.

Scottish Indy Vote 2 - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The SNP has no interest in keeping the Union with the UK, this latest gamble is based on the fact that without Independence the SNP is a pig with lipstick on, the SNP has not helped Scotland since it has been in power, it panders and has to be keept in power with the support of the Greens, give me break!!  The UK Government should say:


The Brexit talks are to important to wait on the SNP wants, their request should be binned with the rest of the rubbish.   The Scottish people made their choice in 2014, that should be rubbed in the nose of the SNP and the Scottish Government.

Monday, March 27, 2017

The EU and the UK - Post UK

Lets Get Real:

This is an interesting story, there seems to be a brain cell in the EU, of course the UK leaving without a deal would be BAD for the EU, the EU does not want to see the UK become a haven for Business, it does not want to see business from EU countries move to the UK.   Thus as stated in this blog the UK has to be a firm and tough when talking to the EU, the 50 billion request should be binned at the start, the rights of EU citizens should be respected in the UK and abroad.    Of course after 2019 ALL immigration to the UK will be decided by the UK and what benefits come from moving to the UK will be down to the UK.  Two days to the UK becoming Independent again.

E Day - Article 50 - Post EU

The GREAT day is only two days away, next year the Government should make March 29th a national paid holiday.   Those who have been anti Europe have been waiting YEARS for this day.   The REMAINERS or the nuts as this blog calls them want to turn the clock back, how can you have protesters in favour of the EU, there is delusion and then there is delusion.  The EU has done NOTHING for the UK, it has cost the UK, time to finish being a member of the EU, take the HARD Brexit and GET OUT.   There is more to the World than the EU, thus more trade deals, and better trade deals, sole interest will be the UK not what another 27 need or want, a fine day that will be to the UK voters. 

50 Billion Blackmail by the EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The UK as this blog stated yesterday should not pay a farthing to the EU, this is out and out blackmail, if the EU wants to play hardball, so be it, the UK should cut taxes and make the UK the only Country for business to come too, it should announce that it is making Trade deals now no matter what the EU thinks or says, in fact we should not bother with a talks, we should go for a HARD Brexit.   The UK does not need favours from the EU, in fact the EU needs UK more than it needs it, let us play hardball, the EU is a front for Germany, well let the German taxpayer pay 50 Billion, not one farthing I say.

The Trump Administration and the Russians - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Russian connection is getting closer to POTUS, it will be interesting to see what Mr Kushner says about his meeting with the Russians, of course the FBI and the US Congress will have to find some wrongdoing if the investigation is to lead anywhere, so far meetings do not make a crime.   The Democrats want a Special Prosecutor, they hope it leads to a fishing of the Trump Empire in the hope of finding something illegal.   The Republicans should agree to a Select Committee of both Chambers as to keep the investigation under their control.   This Russian ghost is having last effects on the Trump Administration in its first term.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Jeremy Corbyn vs. Brexit - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The REMAINERS have gotten to Jeremy Corbyn, he is spouting rubbish and must know its rubbish, the EU has made it clear that the UK will be out of the single market, this is an attempt by Corbyn to prevent another leadership challenge before the 2020 election.   IF there is no deal between the UK and the EU then the UK will HAVE A HARD Brexit, no agreement at all with the EU.   Let's see last time we were alone against Europe, there was a incidents, 1914-1918, 1939 - 1945, IF I recall, and we had the British Empire, the biggest Empire the World has ever seen!   Britain does its best when alone, the US will be there and the rest of the Commonwealth, this blog is not worried.

Trump and the US Congress - ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The failure of President Trump in the House is down to TRUMP, the deal maker does  not understand Washington D.C. he is no LBJ or Ronald Reagan, these Presidents understood the art of the deal, and how to sweet talk or bribe FOR VOTES in the House or Senate.  President Trump should read up on LBJ and Reagan, it has been said that Reagan has the best first term team in ages, they got his Agenda past, tax cuts, government cuts, defence buildup and in 1986 he got tax reform, so far Trump on the Hill has gotten ZERO, and it is his fault.  President Trump wanted to be POTUS, well he should have read up on the subject, making a land deal is not the same as being POTUS, even Obama did a better job, getting ObamaCare through the Congress.

Good Old King Henry VIII - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Good Old King Henry VIII I will have nothing negative said about him, he is useful in Brexit, thus good, in less married to him, then a bit of a bore and the will to use the axe on his poor wives.  The UK Parliament should approve these new measures, the will of the British people has been stated and the Parliament should respect them, and it shows how great the non written Constitution is, we can use laws that pre date the US etc.   The Labour Party and the Liberal Democrats well get their knickers in a twist, they always do, a great day for Democracy, our Independence gets closer.

The Labour Party and the EU - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The tone of this article is biased towards Labour and the EU, what is it with the BBC, which part of Democracy do they not understand, the PEOPLE voted OUT, and the elite and the nutty Remainers still ACT as if they know best for the UK.    The UK should not pay 50 Billion to the EU in Divorced terms, it should not pay one farthing, or in modern money 0.01p.   The EU has enough money, it can get it from the Germans, as they own the EU after we leave.  The power elite in this Country has to get over themselves, they LOST, what about the BBC being the British Broadcasting Company, not the Brussels BC.  One has feeling that the BBC is going to be like this for the next two years.

Friday, March 24, 2017

The Remainers are BAD LOSERS - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

One can only say with the distance of time, away from Government sources, having not stood for election in some time the former Deputy PM must be slightly confused by the issue of Democracy.   One has found that Remainers do not like Democracy much, they seem to think that the elite in London and the Lords of the Upper House have some special knowledge of WHAT is good for the UK, that their Lordships with their good allowance for turning up and many bars to relax have some right to overturn the view of the voters.   Those that voted remain have to get over the FACT that they lost, we are going OUT of the EU, the UK voter is not foolish, he/she do live in the real world, they see the benefits and the non benefits of the EU, and they decided, we are the UK, we do not do 2nd votes to please the elite or the EU.

Speaker Ryan and his House Failure - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

IF this is the best that Speaker Ryan can come up with the Republicans need a new Speaker of the House, a strong Speaker should be able to get his PARTY to support any major policy of the President if the President is the leader of that Party.    A WEAK leader allows this kind of mess, the members in some respects should be afraid of the Speaker, he decides who gets what Committee jobs, and who is in the leadership of the House.   It might be time for Trump to find a new Conservative Speaker, a strong leader, a leader who will put the fear the God OR Voter in to members.  As stated the White House should now go on to tax cuts or defence build up, that has worked in the past. 

House Leadership BLAMES Conservatives - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Conservative members of the House who said NO to repealing and replacing ObamaCare will have to justify their votes to their conservative voters.   One can see the Trump White House leaving ObamaCare to fall apart, the Republicans will not grant quick fixes for Democrats, so Democrats will still have ObamaCare on their back, and when it falls, in part apart due to the insurance companies leaving the market or the costs going through the roof the Democrats will be asked for solutions.   The Trump White House should now go on to TAX CUTS, that should unite all Republicans. 

The White House and the House - Trump Era

CNN - Politics - Live Reporting: Reports " A GOP source said Speaker Ryan and President Trump spoke by phone at 3 p.m. They discussed the situation and it was ultimately decided on the call to pull the bill.
The GOP source said the President asked Ryan to pull it. However, two senior administration officials confirmed the bill was pulled, but say it was "Ryan's decision."
Lets Get Real:
This political defeat and it is a major political defeat will be looking for scapegoats, the White House will be looking for the House Speaker to take the blame for this political disaster.  It looks like the Trump, the deal maker could not even get his own Party to support him, the Republicans would have never done this to Ronald Reagan.   Even Bush 43 at a push.   The House leadership will be pointing to the Conservative members of the Republican Party who would not budge on their demands, the same can be said of the moderates.  The White House needs a diversion, MAJOR TAX cuts be an idea, even bigger cuts than the Gipper in the 1980s.  One can see why President Nixon was more interested in international affairs, politics of the House and Senate can be a odd, Conservative Republicans with liberal Democrats together when it comes to ObamaCare.

Trump FAILURE over ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THIS is a major blow for President Trump, he was supposed to be the deal maker, well with his first major domestic policy he has failed to get Republican support in the House.   The question is what else will be sunk, the next major policy issue is tax cuts, will the Conservatives Republicans want major cuts while the moderates will want a more balanced approach.  The Democrats should not be too happy, ObamaCare is failing, if Trump won't save it and the Democrats have no new policy the will also get the blame.   It has to be said that President Obama was better at handling the US Congress when the Democrats were in charge, the Democrats will run on the Republican failure in the 2018 Mid Terms.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The UK Government and the London Attack - Part 4 - London Update

Lets Get Real:

THESE are the days that test being PM, the Prime Minister after the Cobra meeting should come out a give a short speech on the incident today and what the security services are doing to protect London and the rest of the UK.    The actions of the PM will depend if the terrorist was a lone wolf or part of a cell, if part of cell it can be traced and the SAS can be sent it to clean house and remove the terrorist threat.   IF it is a lone wolf, it becomes harder, it is a cell of one, the Police and MI5 will be searching the history of the terrorist, his family, links and friends.   This is a developing story.

London Update - Part 3 - Terror Attack

Lets Get Real:

The UK should be grateful that its has a great Police Force and Hospitals on hand to deal with terror incidents.   There is the planning for such acts but you never know if they are going to work on the day, if the Police and Doctors and nurses and other Staff had not acted as quick as they did there could be been more deaths.  #PrayforLondon

4 Deaths and 20 Injured in London Terror Attack - London Update

Lets Get Real:

Thus far it looks like it was one lone wolf terrorist, the images shown on TV and in the Daily Mail look like the terrorist was of Middle Eastern origin, of course that is speculation, and the picture might change when the Police gain more information.   Western Europe has seen an increase in lone wolf attacks, the intelligence networks can only do so much, the public have to keep their ears open and report anything suspicious to the Police.   As noted by the Police themselves they have thwarted many attacks, but the lone wolf is the hardest to catch, as it is cell of one.   Also with the success of Iraqi  and Western forces in Iraq it could lead to Daesh pushing its followers to attack Western Countries, there is an increase in the threat because the West and its supporters are pushing in to the Capital of Daesh in Syria.  Thus MI5, Police in the UK, and the FBI in the US have to keep their eyes and ears open, thus the need to bug people, security comes at a cost.

Houses of Parliament Terror Update - Terror Update

Lets Get Real:

It strange, you watch these terror attacks abroad but never think it could happen here after 7/7, BUT the terrorist only have to get through once to cause three innocent deaths so far and the death of the terrorist.   The thoughts are with the family of those killed, to be attacked on Bridge outside Parliament, a Police Officer doing his duty on  a normal day, it is such a shock.   The blog will not go in to the details, this is a developing investigation and the picture can change with more information comes in to the Police and Media.  It is a very SAD World.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Will ObamaCare be Repealed and Replaced ? - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

THIS is the first real domestic test for the Trump Administration, the Oval Office needs all hands on deck to get the new health care bill passed in the House.   The Republicans have promised for years that they would replace ObamaCare, if they failed it could damage the Trump Agenda in the future, what about tax cuts, an increase in defence spending, the Great Wall to cover the border between US and Mexico.  The politics of this is interesting, can Trump be a FDR, LBJ, Ronald Reagan, Bill Clinton, and President Obama and get his Agenda through the the US Congress.   Donald Trump sold himself as a deal maker, well this is the big test, is Trump ALL talk and no action, or talk and real action. 

North Korea and the Trump Administration - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

ANY effective sanctions against North Korea needs China to follow through, the problem is that China does not want to see North Korea fall apart and millions of North Koreans coming over the border to China, or a united Korea with the US on the border with China.   A complex case in many ways.   The US policy towards China has failed, every Administration since Bill Clinton has tried to do a deal with North Korea and the NK has let down every deal.   Thus what next, the Trump Administration has stated that the military option is on the table, but that is also a problem, NK is a nuclear armed and has millions in its Army, the fear is that any attack on NK would lead to ramifications for South Korea.  When diplomacy fails, and the military option is costly what is the next path, let's hope the Oval Office under Trump can come up with a solution.

The Supreme Court and President Trump - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

If Judge Neil Gorsuch is approved by the Senate he will return the Court to the hands of the Conservatives on the bench.  The voters who voted for Trump will see that he has kept his promise to appoint a Conservative Judge.   Thus far the Democrats have not found a good reason to oppose him, being a Conservative is enough for most Democrats.  It will be interesting to see how Judge Gorsuch rules on the cases before the Court.

Monday, March 20, 2017

Trump's Shifting Conspiracy Theory - Part 3 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The more that Trump tries to divert attention, the more this blog thinks that the Democrats might have a point, it just might be better for a Select Committee of both Houses be formed to investigate ANY or ALL links between the Trump Campaign and Russia.   Also it might be interesting to see Trump's tax returns, does he have any holdings in Russia, are there any loans from Russia, of course the Trump Campaign could be clean as snow or it might be dirty ice under the snow.  The Republicans might need some distance between themselves and Trump, all politics is local.

Trump and the FBI - Russian Links - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Any LINKS are bad, let us recall that Watergate happened when a few Cubans were arrested breaking in to the DNC, from those links it lead to the Oval Office and the forced resignation of Richard Nixon.   BEFORE Democrats start to jump for joy lets recall that the Watergate investigation took two years, we shall see if the Democrats have the patience to wait, there might be a there there, of course there might not be a real strong link to Trump.   The Trump Court is large, thus this investigation will and could lasts for years, the fact that the White House Press Secretary is calling them hangers on is bad, let's see where the hangers on lead too.

Trump and Russia - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

Thus there will be more leaks about the FBI investigation of the links between the Trump Campaign and the Russians.   As noted by the article, the Republicans are stressing the illegal leaks while the Democrats are looking for Reds under the bed.   IF there is real information that the Trump Campaign broke the law the US Congress should set up a Select Committee to see where the information leads.   Thus far the Republicans have said NO, so it depends what the FBI digs up, a 5 second hell is not a conspiracy, the Democrats will press that, let see what the FBI finds.

The EU and the UK - E Day - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

IF this is the policy path that the EU is taking the UK should just walk out NOW, the EU thinks we are going give them 50 billion for leaving the EU, they are out of their minds.   The UK will not be blackmailed, the EU has to learn its not the only club in town, there are more Countries outside the EU than in the EU.   The Euro is killing off the EU, it is sinking inch by inc, one can see in the future that more EU countries will leave, when a club becomes rotten at its core its time to leave.   After the UK leaves the EU will be a front for Germany, they have the money, they are keeping Greece going so far, but at some point even the German tax payer will have enough of helping the poorer Countries of the EU.

Article 50 - E Day - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

The triggering of Article 50 for leaving the EU will be the most important period for the UK since the end of the Cold War and the end of the Empire.   The move will be a test for the UK, can it cut it outside the EU after decades of allowing the EU to decide trade policy, it will not be tied to the EU, thus can develop a trade policy that HELPS the whole of the UK, not just LONDON.  The PM should have a free hand, the Labour Party has no effective leader, the Liberal Democrats have still not gotten over the FACT that the UK is leaving the EU.  The SNP will just go about a second INDY vote, that they are not going to get in till 2021 at the earliest, thus time for the No 10 to get a good deal out of EU.

Friday, March 17, 2017

Trump and ObamaCare - Part 2 - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The White House is making the replacement for ObamaCare more friendly to hard Conservatives, this is the first major fight of the Trump Administration, the entire domestic agenda hangs on the House and the Senate passing a new health care Act.   The Democrats will just oppose any attempt to get rid of ObamaCare, it's the only notable achievement of the Obama domestic record.  The next Obama policy that should be removed is the nuclear deal with Iran, this blog would bet on the fact that Tehran is cheating, one could see Tehran making a deal with North Korea for them to test the nuclear side of things, while Tehran gives them missile technology.  That what comes when you lose elections, and President Obama knew that when making campaign trips for Hillary Clinton, his record was on the line, and the Democrats lost, thus move to repeal and replace ObamaCare.

Trump and ObamaCare - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

This is a priority for President Trump, if he can axe ObamaCare and replace it then he will have a good chance with the rest of his Conservative agenda, but there is always the chance that hard Conservatives could block the the move, this would put the entire Trump Agenda at risk, the President wants tax cuts, the increase the spending on the military, get better trade deals, the Oval has no better chance than now, next year will be the Mid Term Elections, the House and Senate members will be more worried about getting elected that helping their President.   The Oval Office has to win this, otherwise it could be a failed Presidency. 

The WAR in SYRIA - Trump Era

Lets Get Real:

The Air war in Syria has become a free fire zone, you have the Syrian Air force, Russian Air force, the US Air force, Turkey Air Force, also Israel.  The War in Syria and the upgrade of US action has not been reported that much by the Western press, while White House press is obessed as to if President Trump was wiretapped by either the Obama Administration or by the UK.   The press should be watching the latest developments in the Middle East, the problem is that the American viewer does not want to hear about the Middle Easter after Iraq and the failure of the Obama Administration to keep troops in IRAQ after 2011, this failure lead to the rise of Daesh, thus the present fighting in Mosul by Iraqi and US forces to drive Daesh out, also Syria has seen an increase in US troop presence as they will be needed to take out the Daesh Capital in Syria. 

The US and North Korea - The North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

The Trump Administration is showing its teeth to North Korea, the US has sent an aircraft Carrier to the region and now the new US Secretary of State has stated that nothing is off the table.   This should be a warning to China, the Government of China should place pressure on North Korea to back off, in these tense times it only takes a wrong order or movement to cause a WAR.  As a back channel the US should have secret talks with North Korea to see if there is a way out for both Nations, otherwise one day a major WAR could start in the region.

Thursday, March 16, 2017

HM Queen signs Article 50 in to Law - Post EU

Lets Get Real:

Who would have thought we would have see the day when the UK started the long walk out of the EU, it was seen that the UK was forever tied to the EU, but the UK voter looked at the results of the EU membership and decided it was not good.   There are still some in the Conservative Party, Labour Party and the whole of the Liberal Democrats would rather join up to the Euro, and be lead by the EU.    They know now hot it feels to be the political wilderness, some have made careers on supporting the EU, and what for, NOTHING at the end of the day.   Reality has arrived with the UK voter.  God Save the Queen.