Friday, March 24, 2017

The White House and the House - Trump Era

CNN - Politics - Live Reporting: Reports " A GOP source said Speaker Ryan and President Trump spoke by phone at 3 p.m. They discussed the situation and it was ultimately decided on the call to pull the bill.
The GOP source said the President asked Ryan to pull it. However, two senior administration officials confirmed the bill was pulled, but say it was "Ryan's decision."
Lets Get Real:
This political defeat and it is a major political defeat will be looking for scapegoats, the White House will be looking for the House Speaker to take the blame for this political disaster.  It looks like the Trump, the deal maker could not even get his own Party to support him, the Republicans would have never done this to Ronald Reagan.   Even Bush 43 at a push.   The House leadership will be pointing to the Conservative members of the Republican Party who would not budge on their demands, the same can be said of the moderates.  The White House needs a diversion, MAJOR TAX cuts be an idea, even bigger cuts than the Gipper in the 1980s.  One can see why President Nixon was more interested in international affairs, politics of the House and Senate can be a odd, Conservative Republicans with liberal Democrats together when it comes to ObamaCare.

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