Friday, April 14, 2017

North Korea on US Military Threat - Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

This blog has predicted that the US will not take action this weekend, as stated the President is in Florida without his national security backup and the Vice President is in South Korea.  The North Koreans could test a nuclear device, combined with a ICBM test to see how the US reacts, IF this blog is right there will be no reaction this weekend, the following week could be a different story, POTUS will be back at the White House.   China must TELL North Korea not to push its luck, this is not Obama, this is Trump, and he likes getting praise for bombing things, so North Korea has to be VERY careful, let us hope no one miss reads the tea leaves. 

Prediction - No Strike on North Korea THIS Weekend - North Korea Crisis

I hope I do not regret this prediction: 

Lets Get Real:

THERE will not be US strike this weekend, based on the above report a US President would not leave Washington D.C at a strike time that could lead to a full scale War in Asia, a US strike would lead to a strikes by North Korea on the South, while also targeting Japan.   Another factor is that the US VP is in Country, to visit the US troops who are there to protect South Korea.  Thus we should be able to have a quiet Easter Weekend.  Of course should North Korea test a nuclear device or try an ICBM then the US could react after the weekend.

China and North Korea - North Korean Crisis

Lets Get Real:

Thus WHAT will China do, it does not want a united Korea under the US influence, on the other hand does it want to bail out North Korea in till the end of the time, its buying US bonds, and we are talking of trillions in debt, and it must now fear that it could  have a mass refugees crisis on its hands.   The question that China must ASK, is a united peaceful Korea, a power house for business not a good outcome.   The North removed as a poor brother and united with the South could make Korea and China more richer.   One is sure that China has thought about this, they think in Centuries not just next Friday.   Thus one can only hope that Beijing is thinking forward not backwards. 

The North Korean Crisis - North Korea

Lets Get Real:

Is China really worried, one still doubts that the US would strike first, that was the report on NBC News last night, but reports from Fox News states that there is no plan for a First US Strike should North Korea do another nuclear test.   The question is who is bluffing, the Trump Administration has shown a firm hand over the past few days, it has struck Syria as a warning to the Assad Regime over the use of WMD, and has bombed Daesh in Afghanistan with the Mother Of All Bombs, so would it strike North Korea, lets recall the South Korean Capital is close to North Korean border, the North Koreans have a million man Army, does the US want to fight a land war in Asia, while it is fighting Daesh in Syria and Afghanistan.   One suggests that the leaders in ALL Countries read the excellent Guns of August about the lead up to WW1.  Out of ten this blog thinks there is a 2/10 chance of War.