Friday, April 14, 2017

The North Korean Crisis - North Korea

Lets Get Real:

Is China really worried, one still doubts that the US would strike first, that was the report on NBC News last night, but reports from Fox News states that there is no plan for a First US Strike should North Korea do another nuclear test.   The question is who is bluffing, the Trump Administration has shown a firm hand over the past few days, it has struck Syria as a warning to the Assad Regime over the use of WMD, and has bombed Daesh in Afghanistan with the Mother Of All Bombs, so would it strike North Korea, lets recall the South Korean Capital is close to North Korean border, the North Koreans have a million man Army, does the US want to fight a land war in Asia, while it is fighting Daesh in Syria and Afghanistan.   One suggests that the leaders in ALL Countries read the excellent Guns of August about the lead up to WW1.  Out of ten this blog thinks there is a 2/10 chance of War. 

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