Tuesday, February 07, 2017

MPs to get Final Vote on Brexit Deal - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

This should buy off the Conservative rebels and those within other Parties, its seems that No 10 was afraid it did not have the votes in the House of Commons or the Lords.  On the whole it seems like a good idea to have the Houses of Parliament have a vote on the final result, in that time the Conservatives can make sure they have their own votes in the hat, also it should mean less pressure on the Labour Party.   As this blog has noted its the Queen in Parliament that is sovereign, not the Judges! One expects less rebel attacks now that the above decision has been made.

Will there be more Shadow Cabinet Resignations ? - Labour Party

Lets Get Real:

There might be some pro EU Conservative MPs who might rebel, then you have the SNP, LibDems, and other Parties who will oppose the Government, it is too early to say if there will be no amendments, we shall how far MPs are ready to rebel, for some its a matter of principal for others it could define their career or lack of career in the House of Commons.  An interesting two days of watching the House of Commons.

Is the Labour Party falling apart ? - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

The issue of Europe is tearing the Labour Party apart, there are those who want to remain, a majority within the Labour Party lead by a leader who is half hearted about the EU at the best of times, and this is the worse of times for Labour.   If Corbyn can not hold his Shadow Cabinet united under his policy, there will be those in Labour who will try to topple his again, not a good time to be a Labour MP.