Monday, July 17, 2017

The SPLITS within the Conservative Party over Brexit - Post EU Vote

Lets Get Real:

The one MAJOR fault line within the Conservative Party is EU, it has long been so, EU waves caused problems for Lady Thatcher and Sir John Major.  The point of the 2016 Vote was for the UK voter to decide, and guess what happened, they told the Elite to get lost, the Remainers are those Elite that lost in 2016, to them there should be a 2nd Vote, and if that does not work, then another vote.   THE Elites never accept the spirit of Democracy, it is time they grew up and worked for the UK, not for the EU. 

The BREXIT Talks - Update

Lets Get Real:

The open warfare in the UK Cabinet shows that the UK Cabinet is divided over the issue of UK leaving the EU and how.   The UK PM needs a firm whip in the House of Commons, very much the like original UK version of House of Cards.   The Conservative MPs who want a leadership contest needs a good talking too, or the Chief Whip should have a world with the Chairman of the Conservative branch of the Seat of the MP.   The UK has decided on Brexit, those trying to stall are going against the Democratic will of the UK electorate.   Brexit should mean Brexit.