Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What is Brexit ? - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The question is what is the softest Brexit of a real Brexit, if the UK wants to control its border and Immigration it has to be out of the single market and the custom Union, of course the UK could stay in the Custom Union, that would allow business access as before, but it would mean that the UK could not do trade deals with other Countries.   The Conservative Party has to worry that any backsliding by the PM could lead to UKIP coming back in force, even Labour has MPs that want a HARD Brexit, thus its complicated.   This blog would support a soft Brexit if it means staying in the Custom Union, that means that the UK COULD not do trade deals with countries outside the UK,  but the UK needs to control its own laws and immigration, than means leaving the single market,  otherwise the 2016 would have been for nothing.  Interesting hours, days and weeks ahead. 

The DUP ask for 1 Billion pounds in investment for Northern Ireland - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The price of one billion pounds is cheap to keep Jeremy Corbyn from 10 Downing Street, as the Government is going for less austerity it should say to the EU, that its 100 Billion is going to the Countries that make up the UK.  This is also a trick Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland can hardly have a SOFT Brexit if the costs are being  sent to them to spend.   Are those leaders really going to give up billions to the EU or keep them for their voters. Politics is an art, the PM has to make the EU the enemy, that is not that hard in the UK, make the remainers look like sellouts.  Of course the question is does PM May have the wit to carry out such a plan. 

The DUP deal with the Conservatives - Post Election 2017

Lets Get Real:

The Northern Irish DUP want clear wins, more money is a given, less austerity over all would be a good thing for all parts of the UK.   Increasing wagers in the public sector would be good, amnesty for British Soldiers for action during the troubles would be a great idea. The question is what about Brexit, what kind of deal can May do with the DUP that allows the UK to leave the single market and the customs unions while making sure that there is no border between the North and the South.   It will be interesting to see the small print of the deal.